My AEs haven't

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

My AEs haven't

My AEs haven't really been introduced, so here they are.

Hi! I'm Cairi! I'm very happy to meet all of you! Please don't listen to anything Yi says about me...

Oh yes. I'm Yi. I am not very happy to be here.

Shut up.


Oh gosh, I'm Quelle. They made me go to AE therapy so I'm a bit nicer now then I was on Nano. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, Abcde. 

Hm. So it worked!


I'll be opening AE Therapy here too!

no you won't. If you do, I won't go. 

If she does, I'll make you go. 

No you won't.

yes I will.

*appears out of nowhere* Hee! Bye! 

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Wait, why didn't the underlines on Quelles words work? 

@Admins do you have any idea? 


Sorry, no idea :( --admin

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Hi guys! 

Why am I here?

because you're getting therapy!

but i dont want therapy!!!

you want talk to me about stuff, so I thought another AE would help.


okay, I'll talk to her and come back later. 

thanks! AE therapy is a great idea! 


Tomru agrees- ikxnb. ik atleast, but xnb? wha 

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Hello hello! Nice to meet you, Cairi, Yi, Quelle! 

Hi! I'm Blaze, very please to make your aquaintance. Did I spell that right, Luminescence?

I think so? 

Hey. So you're SBB's crew? Cool. Blaze doesn't usually talk like that.

Ugh, I know I don't usually talk like that. I'm just trying out a new style. Oh, and Cairi, Yi, Quelle, this is Midnight, my-

Older brother. And why do you always introduce me? Everyone thinks you're the one in charge now!

That's 'cause I am. And I was going to say twin. You're only older than me by-

Five minutes, blah blah blah. Five minutes is still five minutes, Blaze!

*rolls eyes*


Yep. Those are my very argumentative AEs.

I am NOT argumentative.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Ahem. And this is-

Kiwii, Cuwee inCAP TCHAs speak.

Yes, that's Kiwi, my slightly less argumentative sugar glider CAPTCHA.

Well, nice meeting you!  

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