AE Therapy! 

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AE Therapy! 

AE Therapy! 

So Quelle wanted to start AE Therapy... I let her.

Here's how it works! You fill out the form and I'll just reply to your comment. One rule- you must be an AE. Also, other AEs can't sign up for you. That means you, Cairi. I know Yi has problems but STILL. Here's the form. 



Nickname if applies:

Why do you want AE Therapy?:

And anything else. No CBers! Only AEs! Anyway, can't wait to make you a better AE!

Catch ya later!


Oh wow! Beau? You just said gdpher!? Gopher? Are you half pug half gopher?  

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Ooooooo! Lemme see... Who's the most traumatized...

Oop-! You will do perfectly my dude (◔◡◔✿)

Name: Alexander Rìoghochad

Gender: Male

Nickname if applies: Alex

Why do you want AE therapy: 

He doesn't know he's doing this yet, so I'll just put down what I know.

Eheheheh... This is a long list....

• He barely talks to anyone. (When he does, it's painful to watch.)

Definitely has social anxiety and paranoia.

• He never meets people's eyes, and he has a notebook filled with observations of people so he would know their personality without talking to them.

He's always watching people, but would never meet their eyes. (Which used to be endearing, but now it's just creepy and annoying.) 

• He's had a pretty rough childhood-

{Sammy... What are you doing...?}

Oh Fazoli's unlimited breadsticks!! Don't  sneak up on me Alex!! You're so quiet.

{Why are you filling out... Sammy? A-are you seriously signing me up f-for therapy!?}

◦◦ YES!!! ◦◦

☁︎ IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! ☁︎


Oh, hey Zach, Leo, Luka! Anyway, it's for the best. I don't like your lurking. >:(

{You wrote me this way...! H-hey! Leo! D..don't click  the 'Submit' bu-}

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Hello Alex! Welcome. Have a cupcake.

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Umm, I'm pretty sure I posted more then that....?

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Sorry Im lateeeeeeeeee :'( 

CricketMag's totally glitching out on me 



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*glances around* good she's gone...
*grabs form*
*quickly fills it out*
Name: Starlig HEY LET ME DO IT! but Star you dont want therapy! I decided it would be fine. Now gimme the pen. *starts writing*


(The following is a form filled out in loopy, small writing with the i's dotted with stars)

Name: Starlight

Gender: Female, she/her

Nickname if applies: Star

Why do you want AE Therapy?: Well. I would like to, um, maybe control my anger and get used to talking to people? Thats it for now? 

 below is a a picture of DoodleGirl's drawing of me...

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.32.58 AM.png
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Hello Quelle! Alex's therapy didn't go as expected. Hopefully this one is better. So, how's your day going? I love your hair! Sooo, everyone gets angry sometimes. I recommend to take deeeeep breaths with your nose. Did you know that the human body was made for breathing with the nose, but people got used to using their mouth? Well, it's better and it calms you down. Anyway, Star, you seem pretty cool. Wanna be AE friends? Thanks for coming to AE Therapy!

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(July 31, 2020 - 4:16 pm)

T-thanks, Quelle. I, um, Im doing fine- Sky went on a boat trip and kept sending us MindPictures which was really annoying but then Felix and Pine took Tomru to the park so I got to be alone for a while which was nice. 
That was more then I think Ive ever said in one breath.

Pine was teasing me about the romance novel I was reading and I got angry so I tried the deep breath thing... it worked I guess? Thank you for the help and sure, I-I would love to be friends...

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(July 31, 2020 - 8:41 pm)

Amanda asked for this but I still don’t get why.


•¥• because I want to. •¥•


well, ok. 


Name: •¥• Amanda •¥•

Gender: •¥• Female •¥•

Nickname if applies: •¥• Anda •¥•

Why do you want AE therapy?: ¥•¥ um, because I feel self conscious about what I wear, because no one else wears it. •¥• *blushes*


•¥• thanks Quelle! •¥•


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(July 31, 2020 - 12:53 pm)

Hi Anda! So. Why, exactly, do you care about what other people think? Your opinion is the only one that matters. Because no one else wears what you wear, you are unique. Amanda, the one and only. Do you want to be like everyone else? I don't! That's why I'm so happy, being myself!

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(July 31, 2020 - 4:40 pm)

Name: Abcde

Gender: Female

Nickname if applies: NO!!! Nicknames are evil. They take away the perfect, pure power of my name. Never mention the word nickname to me again, unless you are talking about why they are bad.

Why do you want AE Therapy?: I need therapy because my brother is driving me insane with quotes from Jane Eyre. I don't want to be insane, so I need therapy, because therapy was invented to help insane people.

That is all, thank you very much. I sure hope you can help me, but I somehow doubt it.

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(July 31, 2020 - 4:18 pm)

I guess this is a good idea...?

Yes, it is!

Name: Harper

Gender: Female

Nickname if applies: You can call me Harp if you want to.

Why do you want AE therapy?: Um, well, I'm not very good with people, and I'd really like to be better at starting conversations? I don't know how to do that.

Thanks, Quelle. 

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(July 31, 2020 - 4:36 pm)

•¥• *wispers in Quelle's ear* well, first, because so meny people thing that Abcde is the prettyst AE on earth, but it's ovoius i am. so thats when i started beingself contious about my clothes. so then i wondered if i change them, would people start to think that i'm the prettiest AE? •¥•

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(July 31, 2020 - 8:39 pm)

I gotta do this fast Kitty will be back from Kitten Kingdom Store in a few minutes!!!!


Name: Kitty

Gender: Female

Nicknames: I dosen't have one...

(Howab) (outEx) (plosi) (vethi) (ngyma) (doodl) (eeeee???)

BRADLEY!!!!!! Put a cork in it, will ya, dude?!?! Anyway...

Why do you want AE therapy?:Oh, Em INSISTS I need it, because I REALLY love explosives.





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Name: Dynasty 

Gender: female (why do you need to know?) 

Nickname: n/a

Why do you want AE therapy?: I don't want stupid therapy, Strawberri is making me do it.

What else do ya want me to do? 

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Ah this is a great thread! I haven't pulled out my Æs in quite a while and I feel like they might just be altogether too messed up for this thread...or just to exist? Idk. Arwen is deep in depression and heartache because she hasn't seen the love of her life for actual years, and they were supposed to get married at one point and it didn't happen, and she's always trying to keep up a facade of happiness for others but she's a complete mess inside, and then Jarnen was a playboy who actually truly liked another Æ (I think? Maybe? Sort of?) but his wayward personality tripped him up into kind of ditching her the moment she turned her back and dating someone else, and then they had a whole tragic feud thing, and now she's not around anymore, and now he doesn't know what to do with himself, and now Arwen is of course never going to be in another relationship again because she's still completely devoted to her love (Zeon, Ashlee G's Æ) and Jarnen is kinda apprehensive about being in relationships, and my third Æ, Serene, is altogether too bookish and antisocial to be any fun at all. And my CAPTCHA is self-centered. So. Um. Idk. 

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