Hi it's aang,

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Hi it's aang,

Hi it's aang, the last airbender. Jk. But I do admire the nickelodeon show Avatar the Last Airbender and the sequel The Legend of Korra. Who Is your favorite character? For the Legend of Korra It is Hasami. She is so caring even if her father is a villain, and she defines girl power. She doesn't even have any bending and she can wipe a gang of barbarians out! And in avatar the last airbender, I LOVE Iroh and Prince Zuko. What season are you on? I am on Legend of Korra, season 3. I finished the avatar. Last question: if you could have any bending, what would it be? I would have air bending because you can fly, and you have a deep spiritual connection. 

-(Maybe) the last airbender

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(September 3, 2020 - 4:21 pm)

Hi Aang! 

I have seen all the seasons of Avatar and Korra, and they are both AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! I love them so much! My favorite characters are: Iroh, just because he is so great, and Azula, because she is an outstanding bad guy. In Korra, I like Pabu ;P

I would choose to have either water or airbending, they're both cool. 

So glad to have another Avatar fan on the CB! 

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Finsihed both ATLA and TLOK as well, and I think I might have either water or air bending. For ATLA I really like Toph and Iroh, and for TLOK I like Korra and Asami. Are you new or just a CBer in disguise?

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I LOVE AVATAR AND LEGEND OF KORRA!!!  Everything about them is amazing.  The plot, the art, the music... I could go on and on.  My favorite characters from Avatar are Toph and Zuko, and my favorites from Korra are Asami, Korra, and Bolin.  If I was a bender I would definitly be a firebender.

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(September 7, 2020 - 8:38 am)

I really like Avatar. My favoriite character is probably Toph, though by the end I kind of felt bad for Azula. She just this really confused fourteen year old who almost distroyed the world. Uh, that didn't really make sense. What I mean is that by the end of the show she banishes everyone because she feels like everyone will at one point turn against her, cuts off her hair, and smashes a mirror. Even though all the bad things she did she still is fourteen. If I was a bender I would probably be an Air or Earthbender. I have only started Legends of Kora and up to now it is pretty good.

Has anybody here seen The Dragon Prince? It is also by Wonderstorm, and is the most awsome seires ever made. 

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Yeah, I've seen it. It was really good, but got a little creepy...

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