Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Or ball. It could be a ball.

Whatever, it's a party. 

Yeah. We're.... hosting...... an AE party...... without Nyx's permission or knowledge. Whose idea was this?????

Whoa, look at all the question marks! I didn't know you were capable of that many question marks!


Anyway, Apollo's not coming, just so you know. At least he's not coming for now. He might join in later. We don't know, he didn't say. 

This is a PARTY!

We know.

You can COME!

We know.


We know-- wait what?

You can bring a nerf gun or water gun if you want. Preferably bring a few, so that if someone wants one and forgot theirs they can borrow one. 

Or seven.

Please return any property borrowed to it's original owner.

Gosh, Viv, you sound like a commercial. 

*whispers* I'm nervous. What is this blows up in our faces?

It won't! My plan is FOOLPROOF!


What plan?

I don't like this idea. 

*sigh* No turning back now. I already wrote the form you need to fill out. That can't be undone.


The party/ball will take place at our log cabin house, Nyx is away so we don't need to worry about her. You can be in the main hallway of the house, or the kitchen/dining room, or the living room. We will provide descriptions for these rooms once this comes up. You can also be out in the front yard. There will be music and food provided, but feel free to bring food yourself. Fill out this form for AEs and CAPTCHAsif you want to come:












Please don't ruin the house--

Nyx would be so mad at us--

Please just keep everything nice--


<bring> <usss!> 

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Okay, this is the description of the sections of the house you are allowed to be in.

*ahem* Our house is a lovely little two-story maple log cabin, built in the middle of a small wood. 

Uh... yeah, it's wood. It's a log cabin, after all.

A small wood as in the woods, numbskull. 


Anyway, the first floor has the kitchen/dining room, the living room. When you walk through the front door, you meet a short, moderately wide hallway that has the doorway to Dulce and Nikai's room on one side, which has the door to Nyx and Menta's room in it, we don't need to describe those because you won't be allowed in there, and on the other side of the hallway is the kitchen/dining room, and at the end is the stairway to the second floor. Don't go up the stairs without permission. The kitchen/dining room has granite countertops around the walls, cherry-wood cabinets, and a large granite-top island in the middle that serves as the dining table. The walls in that room are stained to match the cabinets, the oven, dishwasher, and refridgerator are black, and the sink is white. The kitchen/dining room opens through a wide doorway into the living room--

--My favorite room! The walls aren't stained, they're their normal maple color. There's a big and fluffy tan rug in the middle of the room, and a darker tan couch that runs around two walls. There's a long, low table in the middle of the room--

--Oak, stained dark brown--

--And a widescreen TV on the third wall! There's a low bookshelf under the TV, same color as the table, with a Blue-Ray player on top of it that's connected to the TV, and it's stuffed with books. The table usually has the computer, the TV remotes, and an open book or two. Also some dirty dishes, usually. 

That's where you're allowed to be.

Nowhere else without express permission from me or Vivian.

What about me?

They can't ask you. 


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Why are you using Nyx's TOPper? It's not ours......

So what? 

Uh..... nothing, I guess.  

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Name : Galaxy ; Age : IDK what Age is ; Gender/Prounouns : She ; Personality : Extrovert, crazy ; Appearence : Regular human being with blue and purple glittery hair, t-shirt, skirt, pants, shoes ; Shipping : Spirit shipped me with Storm so yea, closed ; Speaks in : Regular human language ; Food!!!!! ; Other : I'll try to be as calm as possible.

I'm the only one coming. Burn is too scared~


you so are! and Rose just doesn't want to cause she doesn't like parties.

Yeah, I don't.  

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I'll be wearing a turquoise t-shirt and a purple glittery skirt, blue pants, and a pair of glittery purple shoes. PS I shall bring 5 boxes of donuts in all styles, a platter of mini sandwiches, 20 cans of ice cream (vanilla if anyone wants anything else just reply) in a cooler, 2 frosted cakes, a box of frosted cupcakes, and a couple bottles of soda, and a bottle of chocolate syrup. I raided the pantry. You don't need to worry about Spirit, she's on a trip to France for her school. She'll be away.  

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Yay! A party!!!!!!!

Sounds like fun.

Another one? *sighs*

It'll be fun, Arrow.  

I guess there's no use arguing, is there. You're just gonna make me go.

Yep! Woooo!

NAME: Georgia

AGE: Ageless! But if you really wanna know... 11 or 12ish.

GENDER/PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

PERSONALITY: Optimistic, excited, happy, jumpy, fun-loving, goofy, crazy

impossibly annoying.

Hey! Who asked you? 

APPEARANCE: My hair can magically change color and style, mostly because Mary always forgets what color it is. But for this event I'll make it blonde with pink tips. Ooh! And wavy, like Diana's. And I have blue eyes, freckles, and I'll wear a pink flower shirt and jean shorts.


SPEAKS IN: English

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: Oo0oOh! HUGE super soaker gun. And a macheti -

Georgia! You can't bring a macheti to a party! Where would you even get a macheti?

You don't know everything about me. 


Arrow, your turn.


NAME: Arrow

AGE: Quite literally ageless. Mary has no idea what my age should be. 


PERSONALITY: Quiet, but not shy. Sarcastic. I prefer staying home with food and books rather than going to parties. Easily annoyed. And I really like food.

APPEARANCE: Shaggy dirty-blonde hair, tall, skinny, blue eyes. I wear mostly dark clothes, t-shirts, etc.


Because he's currently shipped with Luminescence's AE. *squee*

*fails to think of a comeback* 

SPEAKS IN: English

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: I guess I'll grab a pocket-sized squirt gun, for protection. 

OTHER: Nothing

Diana! You go.

NAME: Diana

AGE: also undecided.

GENDER/PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

PERSONALITY: Kind and gentle. Animal-loving, environment-loving, generally loving.  You can catch sarcasm every once in a while if you really pay attention.

She's the one that makes sure I don't throw Georgia out a window.


He's right.

APPEARANCE: shoulder-length, wavy, golden-blonde hair and blue eyes. Average height. I'll wear my yellow sundress, like usual. 

SHIPPING: closed

SPEAKS IN: English

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: I prefer not to fight or anything, but I'll put a small water gun in my bag just in case. And I suppose I'll bring a plate of pumpkin muffins along and a fruit platter.

OTHER: Vegetarian.

~cannn iiiii goooo~

Well, I suppose I could bring you along...


Memphis doesn't really need the whole sheet - I'll just describe him. He's a small, fluffy gray puppy with floppy ears and big eyes.

~iiiii ammmm cyoot~


He naps a LOT, but when he wakes up he has tons of energy. He doesn't bark too much, and he can run off his leash without getting lost.

He will ALWAYS run back to Diana. Which isn't fair. Why doesn't he like me?

~iiiii doooo likee yoouu~ ~iiiii likee diana bettt eerrr~


Anyway, Memphis's weapon will be his overloading cuteness and excessive kisses. And that's about it. 

Yay! I'm so excited! This will be so much fun! 

Ugh, social interaction.

See you all at the party!




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¥Alright everybody, come on over. But be quiet!¥ »Right. Come on, Jewel. Quietly!« §I am VERY quiet!§ (shhhh. yoouu werre jusst louud!) :Erm, let’s beee nicee, Vixen. No neeed to fight!: ¥Okay, enough. There’s five of us, hopefully that’s not too many, three AEs, a Captcha, and a Captchae. Fill out the forms, quietly!¥ 

Name: ¥Stella¥ »Shaow« §Jewel!§ (vixen) :Rigel: 

Age: ¥Shaow and I are teenagers, Jewel is 10? 11? Vixen and Rigel are both 3 or 4, but they’re animals. 

Gender/Pronouns: ¥She/Her¥ »They/Them« §She/Her§ (heeee/hiimm) :Hee/Hiim:

Personality: ¥Oof. Well. In a nutshell, I’m eccentric, moody, and weird, as well as a little bit pessimistic sometimes. Shaow is shy and quiet, is very good at listening, and is my best friend. Jewel is happy, sweet, adorable, and a little bit... erm... loud in standing up for her friends. Vixen is grumpy, but usually right, and Rigel is the peacekeeper.¥ 

Appearance: ¥Erf. Hmmm. How bout I convince Dolphin to get someone to do a group picturing of us and we’ll post it when it’s finished.¥ 

Shipping: ¥I’m open to boys and girls my age, and Jewel is open to boys. Oh, and she’s a dragon. I guess we should’ve mentioned that...¥ 

»We’ll bring donuts of all kinds, and also a giant cooler of drinks. Stella is the leader, and gues I’m second in command. Don’t-« ¥You’re my right-hand man - er, person!¥ »Stella likes Hamilton...«

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¥And we already forgot something. We’re bringing lots of water/nerf guns, and we all speak English, Rigel speaks Captcha-English mix, and Vixen speaks Captcha.¥

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»Here’s Rigel and Vixen. They’re boyfriends. And since Stella’s busy, I have, sorry, GET, to post it! Yay!...«

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Ooh, an unsupervised party! I'm in!

Guess I had better come to watch her.

Aww, you're no fun. Kaden?

No thanks. I have to study for the SAT.

Dude. You're in middle school. Anyway, I'll start!

NAME: Jade

AGE: 8-10


PERSONALITY: fun, silly, energetic. Make that very energetic. Hey!

APPEARANCE: Orange hair with teal at the tips, a fall dress with flowers, and a headband. 

SHIPPING: I've never been shipped before! Yes yes yes!!


WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: paintballs plus paintball gun, 3 nerf guns, 2 water guns

OTHER: I will bring scrunchies. Lots and lots of scrunchies. They will come in handy. you'll see.

Okay, that last part was creepy. My turn, I guess.

NAME: Castalia

AGE: 12-14


PERSONALITY: Sophisticated, mature, and modern

APPEARANCE: A jean jacket over a orange dress with white and pink lace. Also my cheetah print sunglasses, bangle bracelets, and my orange purse. She's really into fashion.

SHIPPING: fine, open.

SPEAKS IN: italics

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: Jade didn't bring any food, so I will bring sushi, deviled eggs, and brownies.


OTHER: I am lactose intolerant. I can't believe you're bringing your brownies!!!! (They're ledgendary.) *blushes* oh, I wouldn't say that.

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Before you even say anything, no.

Arrow's coming.

No- fiiiiiinee....

I knew that would work.

I'm choosing to ignore that.

*grins* Me first.


Name: Blaze

Age: #AEsAreAgeless. (Also, Lumi doesn't know. She thinks around 13-14, though.)

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her, Female

Personality: Very, very optimistic. Luminescence says I'm naïve, but I'm not sure that's true.

Oh, she is. 

HUSH!! Also, I laugh a lot, but I'm rather introverted. I always want to go to parties but I always end up only talking to one person. Luminescence also says I'm argumentative, but usually Midnight's the one who started it- just saying. Midnight also says I'm a goody-two-shoes, but I think that's a very rude way of putting it.

Appearance: Straight strawberry blonde hair that goes about halfway down my back, sunbleached on the ends. Hazel eyes, more green than brown, and pale skin with a bit of freckles on my nose. I will be wearing a very light pink short sleeved polo shirt and acid-washed jean shorts, with banana yellow boots and white socks. Oh, and by the way my hair will be in a ponytail. I am average in height and size.

Shipping: Closed. 

She's shipped with Mahriel's AE, Jeremy. I think.


Speaks In: English, obviously.

What are you bringing, food/toy weapronry wise?: Two watermelons, one yellow and one red. I'll also bring water guns.

Other: None! Actually, yes. Please don't let Midnight tell you he's my older brother. He's my TWIN.

I'm older than you by 5 minutes, so I'm not actually lying. 

I'll choose to ignore that. 

Whatever. My turn.

Name: Midnight

Age: AEs are ageless. But Lumi thinks I'm 13-14, though she's not sure. We're certainly older than her, which is why I don't get why she gets to boss us around. *huffs*

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him, Male

Personality:  Luminescence says I'm pessimistic, but I prefer to call it realistic. I am a lot less excitable than Blaze is and I'm more comfortable around people, though I wouldn't call myself extroverted. Lumi also says I'm too comfortable breaking rules, but I think I'm just the right amount comfortable breaking rules. I joke a lot, (like when I said I was going to drown Kiwi in the fruit punch) but I would never actually do anything that mean. I never actually want to go to parties but I usually end up having fun. 

Appearance: I have very dark brown eyes, short black curly hair, and brown skin. I wear a navy blue t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts. Also white socks peeking over the edge of black combat boots, and frameless square glasses. I’m average height, but a little bit on the tall side.

Shipping: Closed.

Because he's shipped with-

*duct tapes Blaze's mouth closed*

MMMMMPH (Help Lumi I'm under attack)

Thank goodness. 

Speaks In: English, duh.

What are you bringing, food/toy weapronry wise?: Two waterguns (one for each hand).

Other: I'm really glad this isn't a ball. Last time I had to wear something nice I spilled punch on it. I'm also really glad I don't have to tell Lumi about this because I know she'd make us bring Kiwi.

*rips duct tape off mouth* Ow. And be nice, Midnight. Oh, wait I forgot. That's not possible. Just kidding it is, but did you really have to TAPE my mouth shut? And you didn't spill the punch, I was watching. That's how you met-

*posts comment* 

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*rereads comment* *gasp*


Look at the name and location and age field...

*gasp* We used Lumi's! 

Yeah, and whose job was it to fill them in?






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Is this party completely secret from all Chatterboxersers? That would be thrilling! I've always wanted to rebel against the power of CBers, and this is a small step towards that worthy cause. 

Um. Abcde, I'm not sure if that is exactly what they had in mind? 

No, silly, of course it is! We will rebel! 

Whatever, Abcde. Just fill out your sheet. 

NAME: Abcde 


AGE: 13, and proud of it. 


GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her/hers 


PERSONALITY: Pretty much perfect, in my opinion. I am an ambivert, and ambidextrous, and ambitious, and lots of other things that start with ambi-. And I'm loyal, and smart, and I love music and sound and playing around with the technology of sound. Like I said. Perfect. 


APPEARANCE: I am very small and petite, with dark skin and amber eyes. I have dark red, wavy hair that reaches halfway down my back. I wear dark teal glasses. I will be wearing my favorite red tunic dress and black leggings and some brown, faux leather sandals. 


SHIPPING: No thank you. I have been shipped to my heart's content with Shaow, Dolphin's incredible Alter Ego. 


SPEAKS IN: English. And italics. 



Abcde. That is a laser pointer. 

Be quiet, annoying child. 

I'm older than you. 

So? I've been on the CB longer! 

Never mind. I don't even want to argue with you. Your laser pointer is made of real fire, and I am an annoying child. Just finish with this form.  


OTHER: I'm vegan. And I'm perfect. Please respect that.


Oh my goodness, Abcde actually said please! It's a miracle!


NAME: Grace

AGE: 14

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her/hers

PERSONALITY: I am smart and creative, nearly always happy, and playful, and almost as modest as Abcde. I love, love, LOVE cooking, baking, and food in general. And I like music and dancing. Will there be music and dancing?


APPEARANCE: I am small and slight, a little smaller than Abcde, but not much, with pale skin, blue eyes, and copper colored, wavy hair. I am nearly always smiling, and I have a creative appearance. I am wearing a patchwork ballgown in as many colors as I can fit into it. And some red, cloth dancing slippers.


SHIPPING: Depends. We'll see.

SPEAKS IN: Bold-italics. Obviously.

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: I'm bringing red-velvet cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing. They can be classified as both food and weapon. Last time I made them, Rayne threw them at Abcde's head. The frosting wouldn't come out for DAYS!


I did not throw them! I dropped them, and Abcde's head just happened to be on the ground. Who knows why?!


Grace pushed me!


I would never do such a thing!


OTHER: I am VERY nice and would never push my annoying little sister. And I'm currently pescatarian.


NAME: Rayne


AGE: 15




PERSONALITY: Um. I'm kind of boring and stuff. I like poetry and nature.


Silly! You're TOO modest. My brother is very sweet and loyal. He can absord facts like a sponge. He is also a very fast runner, but has very little upper body strength. And he's a terrible liar. Very honest.


APPEARANCE: I'm very tall and stocky, with a bright orange hair and lots of freckles. My eyes are bright green, and I always has a curious, slighty confused expression and a kind smile.


He wears his heart on his sleeve, and you can tell whatever he is thinking or feeling. It's so cute.


Not cute.




Not cute. 


SHIPPING: No, I'm good. Um. . . Blaine? Are you going to be there?




WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: A book of poetry. And Pride and Predudice. I'll probably just be reading in a corner.


OTHER: I have no other.

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Please don't make me go to this.

It'll be good for you! Come on, please?

I hope you realize you don't have a choice!

Hush, Ace.

I'm not getting out of this, am I?

Nope! Have fun you guys!

Name: Harper

Age: 14-ish

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Personality: Shy, don't like to be out of my confort zone, I love books, I like talking to people but I'm usually to nervous to start a conversation.

Appearance: Straight blonde hair down to my shoulderblades, light skin, hazel eyes, I'll be wearing a light pink sweater and a short grey plaid skirt.

Shipping: Open, I guess? Possibly any gender.

Speaks In: Italics

What are you bringing: I'll bring some chocolate chip cookies.

Other: Nothing, really

Name: Caribbean, call me Bean

Age: 15-ish

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Personality: I'm 'chill', as Quill puts it, very go-with-the-flow, I'm good at talking to people, and good at resolving arguments.

Appearance: Curly mocha-brown hair that reaches my shoulders, tanned skin from the sun, my eyes shift somewhere between hazel and violet most of the time. I'll be wearing a short white romper with spaghetti straps.

Shipping: Open. Any gender.

Speaks In: Bold

What are you bringing: A blueberry pie.

Other: None

Name: Ace

Age: 16-ish

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Personality: Outgoing, extroverted, I like being around other people, but Quill says I can be insecure around people I really like.

Appearance: Dirty-blond hair that's perpetually messy, but looks really cool, ocean blue eyes, tanned skin, a little taller than average (and a lot taller than Harper). I'll wear jeans and a light blue button-up.

Shipping: Open!

Speaks In: Bold italics

What are you bringing: Chips and salsa! I love chips and salsa.

Other: I love parties! This should be fun!

Have fun! Be good, and for goodness' sake please don't destroy Nyx's house! 

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Hi everyone. Burn and Rose want to come too.

Okay, I'm Rose. Name : Rose ; Age : I don't have a age. ; Gender : Female ; Personality : Shy ; Appearence : I shall be wearing a magenta jacket with a rose on the pocket. And jeans. And a red shirt. And green shoes. Kinda clashy. But I like them. ; Shipping : Closed. ~

Yeah, you like ~

*tapes Galaxy's mouth shut* 

*Rips off tape* Yeah, you like Instinct (HAHA!) 

Oh well continuing. Speaks in English, I shall be bringing root beer floats and a 10 yard by 30 yard by 20 yard box filled with nerf guns and water guns. I like them. And books. Lots of them. 


okay, my turn. Name : Burn ; Age : AEs don't have ages I think. ; Gender : Male ; Personality : Protective ; Appearence : Whitewashed jeans, a blue t shirt, a pair of gray sneakers. I have hazelnut hair and blue eyes. ; Shipping : Closed. Spirit shipped me with Oak. Whyyyyyy. ; Speaks in : English and a little Chinese as well as Latin. ; I shall be bringing video games and potato chips and whipped cream and computers and uhhhh a meatloaf platter and a bunch of food from Spirit's Pantry #raidingpantries


Yeah, we are gonna be bringing a lot of stuff as in food. Burn's gonna bring a lot of electronics. Rose is gonna bring toys and books for those who like them. And I shall bring PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS CAUSE I LIKE PIES. they will be chocolate pies and caramel apple pies. Thank you.  

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