Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Or ball. It could be a ball.

Whatever, it's a party. 

Yeah. We're.... hosting...... an AE party...... without Nyx's permission or knowledge. Whose idea was this?????

Whoa, look at all the question marks! I didn't know you were capable of that many question marks!


Anyway, Apollo's not coming, just so you know. At least he's not coming for now. He might join in later. We don't know, he didn't say. 

This is a PARTY!

We know.

You can COME!

We know.


We know-- wait what?

You can bring a nerf gun or water gun if you want. Preferably bring a few, so that if someone wants one and forgot theirs they can borrow one. 

Or seven.

Please return any property borrowed to it's original owner.

Gosh, Viv, you sound like a commercial. 

*whispers* I'm nervous. What is this blows up in our faces?

It won't! My plan is FOOLPROOF!


What plan?

I don't like this idea. 

*sigh* No turning back now. I already wrote the form you need to fill out. That can't be undone.


The party/ball will take place at our log cabin house, Nyx is away so we don't need to worry about her. You can be in the main hallway of the house, or the kitchen/dining room, or the living room. We will provide descriptions for these rooms once this comes up. You can also be out in the front yard. There will be music and food provided, but feel free to bring food yourself. Fill out this form for AEs and CAPTCHAsif you want to come:












Please don't ruin the house--

Nyx would be so mad at us--

Please just keep everything nice--


<bring> <usss!> 

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Diana - 

We pull up to Nyx's log cabin, and Arrow runs off to who-knows-where as soon as we get out of the car. Georgia grabs Memphis and runs inside, and I hurry after her, balancing trays of muffins and fruit. 

Inside is chaos. I'm lucky to get to the buffet table without losing any muffins - though they may have gotten a bit soggy from the water guns. My sundress is already soaking - it's more like a raindress now. Hehe.

Georgia -

As soon as we get to the cabin, I snatch Memphis and run inside. A war has already begun - but no one in here is a match for Georgia! I drop Memphis on the floor, and he runs over to another AE, who leans down to pet him - when I break out my super soaker and nail them in the back. They whirl around and shout, and I grin evilly.

Arrow - 

Pandemonium is the best word I can think of to describe the mayhem going on inside as soon as we walk in. I run to the snack table, grab a few cookies, and run towards the back doors, hoping things aren't so chaotic outside.

But things back here are just as bad. Water guns are shooting in every direction. I take the water guns out of my pockets and squirt them wildly, when I notice Midnight running away from another AE throwing water balloons at him. With a grin, I walk over and squirt him in the back of the head. He spins around and shouts. 

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"Ok! We're here!" "We are? Yaaaaaay!" "UGHHH. DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO INSIDE?" Yes. Now come on! Gloria? Yes Finnley? This house looks haunted. What are you talking about? It's a nice cute log cabin? And I hear voices and music! Come on! WOOF! WOOF! Shhhh Cosmo! Alright I'm going in... BOO! AH! Ha! Gotcha! Come on Blake! Bring the nerf guns and the food in please!" "UGHHH...Frown    "OH MY GOSH!!!! HI GUYS!!!!!" I'm super social just so that you know. I run over to the food table stuff ffteen cupcakes in my mouth and run outside to talk and chat and talk and chat and so on. "Gloria?" "Ummm..." "I'm lost!" "Someone help!" I have such a puny voice that no one heard me. Then I noticed that the nerf gun fight had started so I grabbed my most powerful nerf gun and..... PWEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOPHWAT. "OWWWWWW!" I heard someone yell. oppsies. I'M JUST STANDING IN THE CORNER ON MY PHONE. WHO CARES ABOUT A LITTLE KID PARTY. 

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The water guns are in the house now. I suppose I knew they would. But it was a rule nontheless. I walk outside and scream "Niko!" as loud as I can. A moment later he sprints up to me and takes refuge behind me, and a moment later I see why: he's being chased by Alex, looking murderous, and another girl AE, looking waay less murderous. I shut the door in their faces and then Niko and I methodically chase all the water-gun-weilding AEs out into the yard. Then Niko goes back outside, I greet Blaze and Midnight, two AEs of I-can't-remember, and get a 20-dart nerf gun shoved at me by another AE, Galaxy, I think. I begin to march around the first floor of the house, making sure the rules are being kept. 


I head back outside, to be assaulted by Alex and his new friend Wildflower. I shoot at them with the super-soaker I picked up and run away again.  

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¥A dragon flies over and almost hits Jewel in the nose.  <hiii!> <mynam> <iiss> <nikai> <whoo> <areyu?> I grin. Perfect! “Hi! I’m Stella, and this is my sister Jewel! Oh! I have an idea! Maybe you two could hang out together!” I look at Jewel. She looks kinda excited! Good! 


§When the dragon bumps my nose I think that I’ll like them, and the Stella suggests we hang out together! “That would be cool!” I say. “We could go explore the woods!” I scold myself for being too excited, but the other dragon nods and answers...

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I step inside the house and almost get hit by a stream of water, i look around to see chaos unfolding in the yard so i run to the couch were i saw some other Ae's who did not want to fight and sat down with and got a book out. After reading for a few minutes, i saw burn run in the house and i shouted at  him to come over, he didn't. I sighed and went outside got my water pistol out, found him, and blasted him in the face.



When i saw the chaos unfolding throughout the party, i knew it was time to get up into a tree and pick off some unsuspecting vicitms with my nerf rifle. Then i heard a "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" from the other side and saw Storm running around blasting people and basically clearing the feild out. I saw this as a perfect chance to get up into a tree, so i did. When i was in, i saw that Galaxy was outside so i sniped her in the head with a dart. 'She yelled "WHO DID THAT?" and started firing darts in circles becuase she did not know were i was. :)



I ran out into the yard ready to blast anyone in my way(which was alot of people). I shouted "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and charged into the fray firing like a madman, i heard Glaxy go rage so i found her and i teamed with her(becuase if she rages, you cannot escape).

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I saw Instinct firing a nerf gun at me, and i pretended not to see, but after he turned away, I pulled out a 20 dart nerf gun, aimed at him, turned on the water, and blasted a stream of water and nerf darts at him. Storm teamed up with me, and I handed him one of those nerf guns before carefully floating into a tree (i have levitation powers :) ) and aiming at Instinct again, then dousing him, and levitating him upside-down. I laughed a bit, then turned off the water, and aimed at Oak, who was coming outside to call Instinct inside. I pelted him with about 30 darts before he yelled something. Then I saw Burn blasting AEs everywhere, and I came up to him and pelted him in the face, and he started chasing me, but after a while he gave up (hahah!) 



Oak blasted me in the face, I grinned manically and whipped out my electric water gun, and blasted her in the face, then generated a tiny bit of fire and dried myself off. She gave me a very angry look, and stepped inside. I smiled and continued blasting everywhere until Galaxy came up to me and pelted me in the face. I started chasing after her, but she ducked every jet of water I gave up.  



Oak came over to us AEs who were calm and started reading, after a while he went to call Burn and came back dripping wet, I offered her some towels and a few minutes later she was dry. I took a donut and started eating it, i almost got hit by a nerf dart but since i have a tiny bit of control over plants a vine that was nearby snatched it out of the air, and I continued reading I saw Vivian and Niko (I think) chasing AEs out of the house, since I didnt have a nerf gun or water gun I wasn't, and i snagged another donut and offered it to the other AEs since the donuts were almost out.  

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<that> <would> <beso> <funn!> I cry, doing a midair loop-de-loop. <thee> <woods> <areso> <dark> <andd> <alitl> <scary> <butso> <cool!> 

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I glide slowly into the party, expecting to find a civized place. Or at least as civilazed as any place full of Alter Egos can be. But the moment I get out of the limosine I ordered (without PygmyOwl's permission, obviously), some insane Alter Ego shoots a water gun at me, water-logging my laser pointer and soaking my tunic and hair. Grace absentmindedly hands me two paper napkins before wandering off, and Rayne rushes into the house before he can get wet. Selfish! I see Shaow standing by the gate and rush over to them, still scrubbing my clothes with the napkins. "Come on! Let's go inside out of this madness." I grab their hand, and we go inside. "How are you? I feel like we haven't talked in forever."


I hurry inside, trying to find Blaine. I would feel sorrier for Abcde if she wasn't so mean all the time. Sometimes I'm almost frightened of her, even though I'm older, bigger, and stronger than she is. But there is no way I'm going to help her. Not after how rude she was to my darling toad, Charlotte Brontë. Acting as though Ms. Brontë is beneath her notice, just because she's a toad. What would Blaine think of Ms. Brontë? Would she think that she is disgusting?

Even as I wonder that, I stuble into the back of a small, yellow-upholstered couch. And, of course, sitting in it is Blaine and Jeremy.

I blush furiously. Why can't I stop blushing around her? Pink doesn't go good with my orange hair. I probably look like some sort of demon. The thought makes me blush even harder. Blaine still doesn't know I'm here. I could sneak away and put cold water on my face. . . 

Then she turns around and sees me.


I wander around the yard, looking to see if I know anyone. Prince isn't here yet, and I don't really know most of the other AEs besides Penny and a few others who I gave cookies too. My neighbors.

I haven't written in my journal for a long time, or done anything else in months. Baking has been my solace, but you can only bake cookies so many times before you get bored. And I need to talk to people. OTHER than my siblings. I love Rayne with all my heart, but he isn't the best conversational companion, he's so wrapped up in poetry and old romance novels and his toad, Charlotte, that he's not the best conversational partner. Not to his sister, at least. He'll probably talk plenty to Blaine.

I sigh, and bite into one of my cupcakes. This isn't like me. I'm happy. I AM A HAPPY PERSON!!! I smile, but it feels more like a grimace, and my teeth are stained with frosting.

Without realizing it, I stumble into a large pine tree. I'm. . . in the woods? I look behind me, and all I see is trees. I don't know where I am. 

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I silently merge into the shadows near the porch, endure a half-second of nausea, and pop out in the middle of a forest. Theres a shout and Felix stumbles into me. Its rather awkward, since we both end up on the floor.
"H-hi" he stammers, rising to his feet. No, their feet. Definitily they/them today. They grin sheepishly. We're still not used to being open about our feelings for eachother. Lets just say its been a weird month. 
Starlight chooses this moment to appear out of the shadows and lands a perfect tuck-and-roll. She's had more pratice then me and Felix, since my sister gets carsick every time we drive somewhere. She's always using Shadow-Travel instead, rather annoyingly.
I grab Felix's hand and we clumsily make our way to the edge of the forest, where I catch glimpses of the biggest watergun battle Ive ever seen.
Okay, I was not expecting this.
Not at all. 

Im still blushing, but I sling my bag off and take out a 62-Squirter. Pine waves his water pistols in my face and grins. I nudge his shoulder and ruffle through the rest of the bag, looking for my notebook.
There we go. I pull out the cheap spiral-bound yellow pad and flip to a blank page. I write down a quick note to Sky and pull out the paper. Pine watches with slight intrest as I fold it into a dove and drop the note into the nearest shadow. Hopefully it doesnt land on Sky's head again. 
Pine takes my bag (Why does he always do that? Its so annoying--) and grabs my hand. I feel the shiver I've come to known as he looks over, and I can tell he's embaressed too. I blush and quickly stride into the clearing, where chaos in the form of water guns is taking place.

I shake off the slight dizziness and jump back into the shadows, making my way toward the house. I can see its shape in the Under, as well as the distinct red shapes that are people. I step around the red blobs, for passing through someone in the Under is like getting sucked into a fan. Its not pleasant.
I find an Entrance and will myself to pop out into the shadow of a pine tree. The house is just a couple steps away, but Im drained after traveling from the Beach House to the Forest to Nyx's house. I sit down beneath the pine tree and sigh.  I wish Fauna was here.


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Well, this is...

About what we expected. Any familiar faces?


Guess we're meeting new people then.

wait wHAT-

HeLLO there! *dragging Zeke by the arm* You guys are Mistia's, right? Great work on the MCU!

*muttering* please don't let the MCU be our conversation starter...

I'm Andrea and this is Zeke, we're both from Ella Starburst. Want some cupcakes? 

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I see a girl walk out of the house, she is immeadietely hit on the forehead by a nerf dart. I run after the guy who shot her and peper him with darts "That;s what you get for shooting a lady!" I yell, then I walk back to her "hi, I'm Archer" I extend my hand.


I smile when I see Blaze, she smiles to, and my nerves dispel "so, what do you want to do? Hide from all this craziness or join in? I am a killer shot" I wink playfully, my grin so big I'm sure I look ridiculous

Queenofwolves, sure, they can be shipped

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I sigh and aim the water gun again. Couple of new AEs coming. I jump into a branch and aim at them, and press the trigger. Score! I see one of the AEs pelting  another AE who hit a girl with water. I carefully aim again, and...Score again! I aim at Burn, just for fun, and start pelting him with water. When he realizes, I duck into the trees. "hahah!" I whisper.



I decide to run outside to have some fun, and I hop onto a tree and aim at random spots, and an AE gets soaked. I laugh a bit, then spot Instinct. I soak him in water, then duck back into the trees. This is actually really fun!



Someone soaks me, and I don't care, aiming my water gun at another few AEs who just came in. I laught a bit.


<meinw> <oodsi> <playi> <ngwit> <hcptha> 

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We arrive at the party a little late. We took the car (Ace drove, so I really don't know how we all got here in one piece). I get out of the car and immediately see pandemonium. AEs are everywhere, and everyone somehow has a water gun.

"This is awesome!" Ace says. Harper looks like she might be sick.

"How about I take the food inside?" I suggest, grabbing the pie, cookies, and salsa. 'Watch her,' I mouth at Ace, gesturing to Harper. He nods, and I walk away.

Although Harper's technically been around longer than I have, she's still my little sister. This party isn't really up her alley. I know Ace will look out for her.

I open the door and find more AEs with water guns, even though they aren't supposed to be inside. A jet of water hits my arm as I maneuver through the crowd. I grin and wipe it off. I finally find a table with other food and set down my load. Now to find someone to talk to.


"This is awesome!" I exclaim, looking around. I haven't been to an AE gathering this chaotic in forever! There are people screaming and water guns everywhere.

"How about I take the food inside?" Bean says, and mouths words at me. I don't quite catch what she says, then she gestures at Harper, who I notice looks terrified. I nod.

"Isn't this going to be fun, Harp?" I say, throwing an arm around her. She manages to nod. "Aw, don't worry, you'll be fine."

"I wonder when Maverick will get here," Harper says, changing the subject. I shrug. I'm pretty sure Maverick agreed to come to the party with me, which is awesome. They seem super cool.

"Yeah, I don't know." I see some people nearby having a water gun war, and I itch to join them. "Hey, Harp, do you mind if I join the fun?"

"Of course not! Go ahead!" she says.

"You should come too!"

"Oh, no, I'm fine." She shakes her head firmly. I shrug, and head off in search of a water gun.


I knew this would be awful. There are so many people, and so much happening everywhere... I wish I could find a corner to curl up in, or just go home. I can't though- we took the car, and I can't drive. Being forever 14-ish comes with a price.

I tug on the sleeves of my sweater, standing awkwardly alone in the front yard. It's a little chilly now, this time of the year. Fall weather is nice. I would much rather be somewhere with a book and a blanket than here.

A group of loud, laughing AEs are running in my general direction, so I quickly move out of the way. I find myself near the edge of the woods. I take a few tentative steps forward. I should probably stay near the house, but the woods are so quiet... Making up my mind, I walk into the woods.

Soon, I'm far enough away from the house that all the noise is in the distance. All I can see around me is trees. It's calming. Suddenly, I hear a noise from somewhere to my right. I freeze. Something is crashing through the woods. Could it be a bear? I don't think there are any bears around here, but you never know. I take a tiny step back, then a shape bursts out of the trees. I take a breath to scream, then realize it's another AE.

Her face lights up when she notices me. "Yes! Another person! I've been lost, I didn't know where the house was!"

I relax. "Oh, good. I thought you were a bear."

She laughs. "Nope, not a bear! I'm Grace, PygmyOwl's AE."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Harper, Quill's AE." We shake hands. She seems nice.

"It's great to meet you," she says, "but I wasn't kidding about being lost. Please tell me you know where the house is?"

I smile. "Come on, it's this way." 

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Oh, thank goodness! There's a person. An actual human being. "Thank you so, so much! I was completely lost and it was scary. Would you like a cupcake?" I think there are tears in my eyes. You would think that since my house is in the woods, I would be less senstitive, but everything about this place scares me. The shadows, the tall, looming trees. . . I shudder slightly, and bite into the cupcake I was about to hand to Harper.

"Oops! Sorry." I grab another cupcake and hold it out. "It's red velvet." 

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I study our opponents, then dash to the right. Felix heads to the left. I sign "Climb" to him and we both scale the nearest tree. Up at the top, its a different world. I can see everyone super-clearly, scattered around in strange positions. I turn to Felix and sign to him. He signs back 'okay' and we both load our water guns. I take Sky's pouch of Camo-Cloth out of my pocket and pull out a tiny thread. I take out another and put the pouch away. I drop one thread into the shadows and watch as Felix grabs it over in his tree. We similtaneously throw our threads up-up-up and wait till they come down. 
Mine has chosen to be a blanket. Yay. I glance over and see that Felix has a very large sweater and try not to laugh. I drape the blanket over me and stick my hands out. I sign a quick message to Felix, "Can you see me?" and wait. I watch his hands appear out of nowhere and sign 'Yeah' They dissapear again and I tuck myself under the blanket. Carefully, I stick my water gun under the cloth and wait.

I groan. Of course I forgot my bag down below. I resolve to get it in a bit and aim my water gun. Slowly, I pull back the trigger. 
A short AE passes below and I grin, then release the trigger. A jet of freezing water streams out and nails the AE in the head. They shout angrily and I yell, 'sorry!' then shoot the person next to them. 
Ive succesfully soaked a load of AEs, so I shimmy down the tree, still in my sweater (why does PINE get the blanket?) and crawl over to my bag. I sling it on my back and am heading back to the tree when a stream of hot water completley soaks my sweater.
Did I mention that water de-activates Camo-Cloth?
Slowly I fade into sight. I send a panicked 'help' in ASL to Pine and turn to face my attacker.

Still waiting for Fauna. I take out my book and start reading, absently running my fingers over the worn pages. Its a while before I realize theres someone next to me. I turn to them, a little startled (Okay, not just a little) and try to remember what Sky told me.
Smile, say hi, ask them how they're doing.
That should be easy enough, but I cant get my mouth to form the words.
"H-Hi?" I finally stammer, avoiding eye contact. I cant remember this AEs name, but they seem friendly enough.
"Hey, you're that AE who came back! Starlight, isnt it?"
"Yeah..." I say.
"Nice to meet you! Im..."'



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