Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Or ball. It could be a ball.

Whatever, it's a party. 

Yeah. We're.... hosting...... an AE party...... without Nyx's permission or knowledge. Whose idea was this?????

Whoa, look at all the question marks! I didn't know you were capable of that many question marks!


Anyway, Apollo's not coming, just so you know. At least he's not coming for now. He might join in later. We don't know, he didn't say. 

This is a PARTY!

We know.

You can COME!

We know.


We know-- wait what?

You can bring a nerf gun or water gun if you want. Preferably bring a few, so that if someone wants one and forgot theirs they can borrow one. 

Or seven.

Please return any property borrowed to it's original owner.

Gosh, Viv, you sound like a commercial. 

*whispers* I'm nervous. What is this blows up in our faces?

It won't! My plan is FOOLPROOF!


What plan?

I don't like this idea. 

*sigh* No turning back now. I already wrote the form you need to fill out. That can't be undone.


The party/ball will take place at our log cabin house, Nyx is away so we don't need to worry about her. You can be in the main hallway of the house, or the kitchen/dining room, or the living room. We will provide descriptions for these rooms once this comes up. You can also be out in the front yard. There will be music and food provided, but feel free to bring food yourself. Fill out this form for AEs and CAPTCHAsif you want to come:












Please don't ruin the house--

Nyx would be so mad at us--

Please just keep everything nice--


<bring> <usss!> 

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I felt like I heard some rustling in the trees, and a jet of water had flown out of the tree earlier, so I levitated myself up and shot a jet of hot water at the tree. Another AE popped out. I first slide behind a tree. I grin and set the level on my gun to 'ultamite' and switch on the nerf gun mode. He was also holding a water gun, and I made sure the (hugee) tank of water was filled before firing again. HAHA! I SHALL PREVAIL! 

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Maverick ~

15 minutes late. That's right on time for my dramatic entrance. Prince is trying to pretend like he doesn't know me, but I make sure that doesn't happen. 

"Would you let go of me, please?" 

"I'm simply linking my arm in yours as a gesture of our companionship." Prince rolls his eyes. I push the door open myself. 

It looks a little chaotic in here. There's loud music and lots of... water? Hopefully my hair doesn't get wet. It looks so awesome right now. 

I see Ace standing alone in the midst of the chaos. He waves me over. 

"Hey! How are you?" He asks me.

"I'm ok, but my hair is getting tainted by this water fight. Who knew this party would be so chaotic?

"I know, right? Good thing my hair looks perpentually awesome," Ace replies. He looks smug as heck. 

"You'll have to give me styling tips."

"Why'd you choose to invite me?" He asks, smiling. 

"Because you speak in bold italics so I don't have to spend so much time changing the text type." I elbow him. "Don't flatter yourself."

Prince ~  

We're late, of course. Maverick took two hours to get ready. Suprise, they're wearing the same thing they always do. 

"That's not true, these black ripped jeans have cuffed bottoms." (I don't see the difference.)

I don't really have a date for this party, but I said I'd meet Grace. She seems really nice. <3 I'm looking around and I don't really see her. I see a girl sitting alone at a table, so I decide to ask her. 

"Hey! I'm Bean." She waves at me casually. 

"Oh! You're Ace's sister!" I recognize her and sit down. 

"Yep. You must be Prince." I nod. We watch Ace and Maverick talk. 

"Do you think... they're kind of the same person?" 

"Yeah, I think the current topic is hair. That seems about right." Bean laughs. "Want some pie? It's blueberry."

I love pie. "Thanks! This looks so good. I only brought mini oranges. They're my favorite food becausse they make your hands smell like oranges and they have tiny little membranes. I'm sorry, I'm rambling." I pocket the oranges. 

"You're good. Oranges are pretty cool."

"Hey, have you seen Grace? I was supposed to meet her." 

"Whoa, I just saw her leave with Harper. That's a weird coincidence. They'll probably come back soon." 

<3 Prince and Maverick


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I scramble quickly through the woods, my only thought the time. Why, oh why did I have to be the one to practically ruin Flora's cupcakes! Now we'll be late, and I'll get less time to be with Starlight! Ughh. I try not to think about it, but when I trip over a tree root right at the edge of the party, fall on my face, and get pelted with a water gun, Flora comes over to me with a concerned look on her face. Weird, I notice momentarily, Eclipse is nowhere to be found...

"H-hey, are you ok? Don't worry about being late, we all make mistakes..."

"Well, obviously YOU don't! You always do everything SO perfectly, and I never can! I mean, look how calm you are right now!" I know I have no reason to be so mad, but I can't help it. I dust off my leggings and look at her again. She looks a little hurt, so I immediately say, "Ok, ok, sorry. I was just so excited for this and it's...not going as well as I thought."

"Don't worry about it," she says, going back to her usual half-smile."C'mon, weren't you excited to water fight?"

"Yeah!" I say, starting to pull out my water gun. Then I spot her- Starlight! "Wait a sec," I say, waving at Flora. "I'll be back!" I push through the chaos, and by the time I get to Star I'm already half-soaked. Trying to get back these AEs is a LOT harder than I thought, though. "Hey!" I call out a little too loudly to Star, then realize too late that she's already talking to someone else.

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Alex and Wildflower finally stopped chasing me, and Alex went to go find the AE that said she'd come with him. I lean against a tree, my watergun on the ground, and take a short break.


I'm still guarding the kitchen, and feeling a little bored. I look around for someone to talk to.

NAME: Ap0ll0

AGE: 15


PERSONALITY: C4n b3 4 l1ttl3 shy 4t t1m3s, but n0t 4 wh0l3 l0t. 1s m0stly 0nly shy 1f h3's 1n 4 n3w 3nv1r0m3nt. R3l4t1v3ly t4lk4t1v3. 

APPEARANCE: Sp1ky pl4t1num bl0nd h41r, st0rmy gr4y 3y3s, t4ll3r th4n Al3x, but sl1ghtly sh0rt3r th4n 3v3ry0n3 3ls3. W34rs bl4ck t-sh1rt, bl4ck j34ns, bl4ck l34th3r b00ts, 4nd bl4ck m0t0rcycl1ng j4ck3t.

SHIPPING: 1 th1nk h3’s sh1pp3d w1th Ad3l41d3, 1 d0n’t kn0w wh0’s 43 sh3 1s. 

SPEAKS IN: Numb3r1ng, th0ugh th4t m4y ch4ng3 s00n.

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: H3'd pr3f3r n0t t0 f1ght. H3's n0t 0ff1c14lly h3r3, 4nyw4y.

OTHER: n/4

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I scramble down the tree as fast as I can go, determined to not let anyone touch Felix. I drop to the ground and fire, nailing a new AE in the back with water.
"DONT TOUCH HIM!" I shout, shooting water again. I think its Galaxy, Spirit's AE. I havent seen her around before- she must've just joined.
Well, Galaxy, its time to learn the rules here.
Number one: Dont. Touch. My. Boyfriend.
I shoot again, splattering Galaxy in a jet of water. Felix crawls away, laughing.
"Its not funny, Felix. She shot you!" 
"Its a water gun battle, that's what is supposed to happen!" he says. I grab his hand and lower my water gun. 
"Say sorry, you got her pretty hard." 
"Sorry, Galaxy. I dont like people touching Felix." I say, but Im pretty sure she knows Im trying not to shoot water again.
"Its okay, but-" Galaxy says, and then she shoots me with water. And Felix. And the water is HOT. 
I aim my water gun and shoot.

Im trying so hard not to laugh at Pine that its all I can do to shoot water back at Galaxy. I send a jet of water in her direction and yell at Pine to flee-
We run toward the house, shooting water over our shoulders, and dont really notice where we're going. I trip over a rock and land in front of someone, still laughing. Pine collapses on top of me and I laugh harder, although Im soaked to the bone. 
"Hi!" Pine says, rolling off of me. I attempt to sit up and find myself staring at Fauna, the AE Starlight is falling for.
Oh my gosh, we just mortally embaressed Starlight.
Oh my gosh, she is going to be so mad at me 0-0
I rise to my feet, trying to help Pine up. We finally stand, and Pine grins sheepishly.
"Heyo, Fauna! Um, Starlight is somewhere that way-" he points in a vauge direction. 
"Thanks, I'll, um..." She hurries off. I turn to Pine and we start laughing again.

Oh my gosh, did they really just-
Ahh, act calm, Fauna is coming--
the other AE left, as they were called away by a sibling. I put away my book and get up slowly, trying to stop panicking.
Fauna is next to me, and Im almost screaming- Its been so long! Before I can say anything, she's hugging me. 
"I missed you so much, Starlight!" She says. I nod and sit down next to her, blushing a bit. We start talking like no time has passed, like it was just a moment ago that she let go of me at the AE ball and said it was so fun to dance.
 Simpler times.

Pine and Felix~
We hurry inside the house, still laughing. 
I collapse on a couch, shivering. Turns out hot water cools quickly.
I notice Pine is shaking- No no no, no shaking allowed. I flop next to him and wrap my arms around Pine's shoulders.
I look over at Felix, a bit surprised. "N-no being co-cold allowed" he says, teeth chattering. I snuggle up next to him and pet the top of his head (Strangely calming for both of us) 
I resist the urge to purr (its a cat habit, dont ask) and instead stick my tongue out at Pine. 
"Y-Your w-warm" is all I can manage. He smiles gently and keeps petting.


Theres like 20 minutes left on the timer hurry up guys xD 

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they shot me with water and found me :)

but....i was sneaky...and pretended to apologize, then shot them with water again, and ducked the stream of water they shot at me. The AE (Pine I think?) got super mad, and started shooting me with water like crazy, but I calmly levitated myself up in the air, whipped out my 20-dart nerf gun, and aimed it at him.  

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Burn and Rose left. Anyways, I hand Pine and Felix some hot cocoa, and spin around to meet Storm, a death glare on his face. I return the death glare, and pull him outside, then splatter him with paint. and i run away.  

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§Yay! “Let’s go!” I weave through the people shooting water guns, laughing. I found a friend! Nikai seems really cool, too! We shoot into the woods and start doing loops and flips. I grab a branch with my tail and launch myself off it at high speed. <wohoo!> They say, and I shout in agreement. Then we fly farther into the forest. “I don’t want to be rude, but what are your pronouns?” I ask. “One of my siblings is they/them, and so I’ve learned to ask everybody.” They smile and say...


»Abcde arrives and leads me into the house. “Ug, this is crazy!” There are people running all over, shooting water guns, (even though they’re not supposed to) and I’m pretty sure just saw someone go upstairs. “How are Grace and Rayne? And you, for that matter.” I say, looking around for a place to sit.«  

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<imshe> <herr>, I say. <iddnt> <know> <yuhad> <athey> <them> <sblng>

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We begin walking back in the direction of the house, and Grace pulls out a cupcake.

"Thank you so, so much! I was completely lost and it was scary. Would you like a cupcake?" The poor girl looks close to tears. She takes a bite of the cupcake she's golding out, then looks surprised. "Oops! Sorry!" She holds out a new cupcake. I take it. "It's red velvet."

I take a bite of the cupcake and find it to be absolutely delicious. I give a small smile. "This is really good! Did you make it?"

She nods proudly. "Yep! I love, love, love to bake. Oh, look, there's the house!" She points to where we can now see lights through the trees.


Eventually, I make my way inside the house, still looking for a water gun. I'm not sure where Harper's got to, but I'm sure she's fine.

Over the music, I hear the door open. Turning to look, I spot Maverick walking in with their brother. I wave them over.

"Hey! How are you?" I ask.

"I'm ok," Maverick responds, "but my hair is getting tainted by this water fight. Who knew this party would be so chaotic?"

"I know, right?" I respond. I reach up and run a hand through my hair. "Good thing my hair looks perpetually awesome."

"You'll have to give me styling tips."

I grin, then ask, "Why'd you choose to invite me?" It's something I've been wondering. Not that I'm insecure. I'm pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Just wondering. Yeah.

"Because you speak in bold italics so I don't have to spend so much time changing the text type," they respond. They elbow me, and I laugh. "Don't flatter yourself."

"That does make it easier," I agree. "I believe bold italics is the superior text type."

"It certainly is. Do you want to get some food?"

I nod, and we walk over to the table of snacks. I grab Harper's chocolate chip cookies and offer one to Maverick. They take it, and I take on as well.

"So," I say, "what do you like to do in your spare time?"


After putting the food down, I find a table and sit down for a moment. It's out of the way of the water guns, which is a relief. Soon, I see two new AEs enter the room. I recognize them as Maverick and Prince.

Maverick goes to speak to Ace, and Prince walks over to me. I wave at him. "Hey! I'm Bean."

"Oh! You're Ace's sister!" he says, sitting.

I smile. "You must be Prince." We lapse into comfortable silence for a moment, looking over at our siblings.

"Do you think... they're kind of the same person?" he asks.

I laugh. I'd noticed that too. "Yeah, I think the current topic is hair. That seems about right." I look down at the blueberry pie I brought. "Want some pie? It's blueberry." He nods, and I cut him a slice.

"Thanks! This looks so good. I only brought mini oranges. They're my favorite food because they make your hands smell like oranges and they have tuny little membranes. I'm sorry, I'm rambling."

"You're good. Oranges are pretty cool."

"Hey, have you seen Grace?" he asks. "I was supposed to meet her."

"Whoa, I just saw her leave with Harper. That's a weird coincidence. They'll probably come back soon." As I say the words, the door opens again, and in comes Grace and Harper. They spot us and hurry over.

"Hi, Prince!" Grace says enthusiastically. "And you're Bean, right?"

I nod. "Where have you two been?"

"The woods," Harper responds. "I wanted to get some peace and quiet, and I found Grace."

"I was lost!" she exclaims. "But I'm here now! It's all good."

The two sit down at the table. I smile. "Want some pie?" 

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Harper takes the new cupcake. I really hope she likes it. It's my own recipe, and no one except me and my family has tried it. I thought it was really good, but Abcde and PygmyOwl didn't eat it because they aren't eating factory farmed animal products. Rayne loved them, but he loves all of my stuff.

To my relief, she says, "This is really good! Did you make it?" And, even better, she smiled! People lie all the time about liking things, but you can always tell by their faces if they are telling the truth. "Yep!" I reply. "I love, love, love to bake. Oh, look, there's the house!"

As soon as we get out of the woods, the last tension I felt fades away. I'm so happy to be in the sunlight again that I twirl around. I love twirling in this dress. The skirt is full, and full of every color I can imagine. It swirls around my legs and makes me feel like a princess.

Then, even better, I see Prince sitting outside the house. I don't know how long he's been waiting. I hope it's okay and he hasn't been waiting too long. But he's sitting with someone who I believe is Harper's sister, Bean, and she seems like a nice person, so hopefully it's all fine.

"Hi Prince! And you're Bean, right?" The other girl nods, and asks where we were. Harper responds, and I jump in. "I was lost! But I'm here now! It's all good." Bean offers me some pie. I look down at the half-eaten cupcake in my hand, place it carefully back in the box, and say, "Yes, PLEASE! What kind is it?" Then I look over at Prince. "Hi! How are you? I hope you weren't waiting to long for me. I was lonely, and bored, and mad at my annoying little sister, so I got lost in the woods. It was scary, but it also gave me something to do and a way to get away from Abcde."


"Grace invented a new cupcake recipe, but she wasn't kind enough to make it vegan, so I don't know if it was any good. She brought them here, though, so you can try them if you want. And Rayne adopted a toad that he named Charlotte Brontë. Same old, same old. And I'm doing well, considering the circumstances." I gesture towards my hair and tunic. Shaow laughs a little and plucks a piece of wet napkin out of my hair. I blush a little. I must look like a mess. My natural beauty overshadows everything, of course, but even the most beautiful person in the world can be degraded by being soaked with water and covered in soggy paper napkins.

Shaow and I wander through the house, looking for a quiet place to sit. I see Rayne blushing by that girl he likes so much. . . Blaine, I think. I drag Shaow away from that room quickly, I see no need to get entangled in my awkward brother's love life.

Eventually, we have gone through the entire cabin, until we get to the back door. Cautiously, I open Shaow opens it, and I carefully peek my head around them into the outside. But no one is in the back yet, and there are chairs! Not particularly comfortable chairs. I have never liked the kind of chairs that belong outside, they're to hard for someone as delicate as me. But they're better than nothing. Shaow and I sit down, and I ask, "How're things going with you? How's Jewel and your other siblings? I don't suppose anything interesting has happened recently?"

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1 w4nd3r thr0ugh th3 w00ds. 1t's n1c3 4nd qu13t h3r3. 0cc4s10n4lly th3 s0unds 0f th3 p4rty sn34k thr0ugh th3 tr33s, but 1t s33ms 1'm 4l0n3 f0r n0w. L0n3ly 3v3n. 1 f1nd mys3lf w1sh1ng f0r 4 l1ttl3 b1t 0f qu13t c0mp4ny.


I run away from the party. Vivian is busy, Alex is... being Alex, and Niko flat-out refused to let me hide behind him. Ap0ll0 is nowhere to be found. Nikai found her own friend. Dulce is running around with a finger-squirter and squirting people. I flee to the woods, becoming lost in minutes. 

[Apolo!] I cry, becoming scared. [where] [iiss] [every][onee?]


Having fun. 

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I see Grace walking over with Bean and Ace's sister. I smile widely and wave her over excitedly. 

"Hi Prince! And you're Bean, right?" Bean nods and shoots a peace sign. "I was lost! But I'm here now. It's all good."

"Well I'm glad I found you!" Grace sits down next to me. 

"How are you? I hope you weren't waiting to long for me. I was lonely, and bored, and mad at my annoying little sister, so I got lost in the woods. It was scary, but it also gave me something to do and a way to get away from Abcde." 

"I'm alright! We arrived late so I wasn't waiting that long. It's nice to finally meet you in person."

"You too! Have you been to an AE party before?"

I shake my head. "Actually, I don't think so. We're sort of new around here, especially considering Fidelity's been around for a while."

"Wow, this is so exciting! How are you liking it?"

"It's pretty cool! I don't know have many AE friends though. So I'm glad I met you!"


Ace hands me a cookie. I take a bit into it. It's awesome. I think I need a new adjective because I feel like I've used awesome too much. 

"So. What do you like to do in your spare time?" 

"Mhm. Well, I love music. I play guitar and I'm trying to learn bass too. I sing as well. I'm trying to improve on that as well." I lean over and whisper in his ear. "Don't tell Prince I ever said this, but I'm not actually the best singer in the world."

"I won't tell. You're probably like, the second or third best though," Ace replies back. 

I smirk. "Yeah, pretty much." I take another cookie out of his hand. Hey Ace, what kind of music do you like? I'll play you something sometime."

<3 Maverick and Prince 

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"UGH, WHY ARE WE ALWAYS LATE TO STUFF?" Zinnia whines as we pedal up to Nyx's AEs' cabin. It's a beautiful, rustic building in the pine trees. I see Sunflower take a deep breath of fresh mountain air to calm herself before facing Zinnia.

"Because we're too young to drive and biking is great exercise," she says. She doesn't even mention the fact that Zinnia procrastinated on getting ready until the last minute, which was another large factor. I can tell that Sunflower is trying to be in a good mood tonight even though, like me, she prefers small quiet gatherings to big parties. We both know that we're mostly here because of Zinnia. I just hope that Sun can have a good time. She deserves a break.

Zinnia, of course, notices none of this. Tossing her bike on the grass in front of the house, she pulls out her water gun and runs to join the fight that's already escalating on the lawn. She turns back at the last minute to wave. 

"HAVE A GOOD TIMEE!" she yells. Sunflower smiles wearily and accompanies me into the cabin.





I stay close to Lavender as we head inside. I notice that she's started snapping her fingers, a sure sign that she's getting nervous. She sees me looking and clasps her fists quickly.

"Don't worry about me,"  she says, giving me a small smile."Go have fun!"

Maybe she's right. I came here to get a break from looking out for my younger sisters. Lavender will be okay on her own for one evening. I head over to where a group of teenage AES are chatting. I recognize our neighbor, Grace, along with the Prince. There are a couple of other AES I haven't met, too.

"Hey!" I say as I walk over. "Um...can I join you?" 

Definitely!" one of them says. "I'm Bean, and this is Harper." The other AE waves shyly. "What's your name?"

"I'm Sunflower."

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Galaxy (cause I'm the only one of Spirit's AEs that are here now)

@Pine and Felix - I saw you needed more water guns *hands over a cooler filled with them* Shh don't tell PLEAAASE or Burn's gonna make me give him some and he has WAAAAAY too many.  

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