Hi lovelies! <3 

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Hi lovelies! &lt;3 

Hi lovelies! <3 

Do any of y'all remember me? I was typing in a comment recently when I saw one of my locations I used under this pseudonym, so I decided to pop in with one of my threads.

For the newer CBers- hello! <3 I'm a CBer using an alias to spread some love, without shame for the cheesiness. I made a few threads just for some hopeful/encouraging messages. Now I'm back!

First, I'd just like to ask: how are all of you doing right now? Any answer than pops into your head is perfectly fine- fine to think, fine to feel. I know everyone is tired of hearing about how things are different and uncertain and all of that, but really, it's the truth! There's lots of frustration going around. You have every right to feel lonely, angry, or sad, and you're welcome to talk about it. It's also important to understand that feelings like this aren't bad; they're simply part of being human. They only get to be really bad when you squash them down and don't face them. Frustration is easier to deal with when you acknowledge it- and not just frustration, but everything!

Remember, whatever you're going through, you're not alone! We've all had to change, and we've all suffered in different ways. But there is always someone who shares your experience... and there's always someone who has it worse.

I'm not very good at advice, and I don't think I'm any good at motivation... but I like to try anyways. I think it's important! I feel good knowing I've shared something that might help someone. I hope I was, or am, able to help you. I'm doing my best to spread some love.

Sorry this is short! I'll try to keep posting on this thread.

Love you all! <3 Hope 

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Hello again!

My default response when I'm asked how I'm doing is just a boring "pretty good," but to be more accurate, I'm enjoying the sunshine today, slightly procrastinating on working on my novel, and feeling bad that I spent most of the morning on my phone looking at social media and playing Among Us. But I am feeling good that I've written *checks* 288 words today, so far, which is certainly progress, and I think I've gotten past my brief bit of writer's block, which is great! I'm also reading a PDF version of "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories," which is highly entertaining.

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*squeals of happiness* You're back!!!! Hi!! Oh my goodness, I always loved your positive messages, will you be doing more of those? Please?

As for how I'm doing, I'm alright. Still around popping in the CB here and there, like a shadow. XD

I might have something I want to talk/ask about if you would be willing to respond? 

You're amazing-I hope your life is going well for you!!!! :)  







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Hi! I'm new-ish, so I've never seen one of these before. It's so awesome. 

I'm okay. It's almost the end of the school day, so I'm kinda tired and really just want a break. Online school is not fun and very tiring. But at least it's almost over, and then I can maybe do some fun things before I go back to homework! 

The amount of homework I have is kind of insane. It makes me wonder how bad it'll be next year in high school.

Though honestly I think it won't be much worse, since I'm taking all high school classes already.

Thanks for making this thread, and for listening to my mini-rant! This idea is awesome!! 

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Howdy stranger!

I'm actually a old CBer who left and came back under a new name. (Sorry, but if I tell the old name the mystery would be over!)

I love your theme! 

Well, that's all I have to say at the moment. 

Goodbye high five?  (^^)人(^^ )ノ 


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@Kitten- good to see you again! Answers like "pretty good" are alright as long as they're true, so no worries! I'm glad to hear you've gotten past your writer's block- I know how frustrating that can be.

@Joan- thank you so much! <3 It's good to be back. I like spreading some love. I'll be spewing some positive messages to the best of my ability! I'm all ears for anything you might want to talk/ask about.

@Stachaser- virtual learning isn't fun, I know. I'm glad to hear you're making it, but homework can be pretty overwhelming! Do you know of any strategies that help you with stress? Once you figure out what helps you, you can get into a habit of doing it whenever you feel anxious/overwhelmed; it's pretty helpful! 

@Sammy- howdy to you too! I'm glad you like what I'm doing, that's always great to hear. *Goodbye high-fives in return*

~Fact: the reason you're told to take a deep breath when you're stressed is because it actually works! Deep breathing is great for your mental and physical health- and can even help you fall asleep faster!  The best thing to do is push all other thoughts away from your mind and simply focus on the pattern of your breathing. You'll find you feel a lot better afterwards.

Just remember, everyone: It is okay. Things don't go as planned. Anxiety can catch up to you. It is okay. Things will happen as they will happen. You will face them. It will be okay.

"Nothng is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible'!" ~Audrey Hepburn 

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Hi Hope! I've been feeling pretty sad/ anxious lately, does anyone have any tips?

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What cheers me up when i'm sad/mad/anxious is writing a stupid funny short story! If you have any favorite books or movies or TV Shows then write a fanfiction about them! Also what helps me is organizing my bookshelf and making it look nice and tidy. Just some tips, Kitty <3

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Thanks, that sounds like good advice! :)

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You're back!! I always love seeing these, your positive messages make me smile. I've been better, but I'm getting through it. Thanks for being here and being wonderful! *hugs*

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@Lupine- first, it's awesome that you would admit to this, and you've already done the first step! 

The next step is to find out what makes you feel stressed, and what can help you calm down. Do you know of anything that takes away some of your stress? If you don't, that's okay- I've got a few suggestions!

~the first one is deep breathing. I talked about this in my last post, but deep breathing is great for you! Focus on your breathing. Push all of the stressful stuff out of your mind. Breathe in and out for a few minutes. The difference can be almost magical!

~coloring/drawing/sketching/doodling/ect. Use your creativty! Draw something quick, pick up a coloring book, doodle a funny stick person in your science notebook- whatever works!

~Making lists! You can look around you and list five things you can see... four things you can touch... three things you can hear... two things you can smell... and maybe one you can taste. Or, you can list anything at all- your favorite movies, fun fantasy names, books you want to read, or just anything! You can do it on paper or in your head.

~Taking a walk! Walking is great for both your mind and body. Doing it regularly can even boost your self-esteem! It's a classic yet effective way to decompress.

~Listen to music! Find some of your favorte songs or your best playlist and turn it up. Sing along to it you want & just enjoy the sound of it.

~Read a book! I know this is something most of us enjoy. Take your mind off things. Soak in the words on the page. Get into the story. Spend time in your favorite fantasy world with your favorite characters!

~I save this one for last because it's my favorite and worked incredibly well for me, and I'm thinking you'll like it too- it's called guided imaginery.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in the best place you can think of. It can be real or imaginary... a place you've been to, or a place your want to go to. Take in all the sights around you and imagine all the fun little details- what season is it? Are there clouds in the sky? Are you with anyone? Are you holding or carrying anything? Think about the things you're seeing... now think about the things you can smell. Is it the salty sea, or a candle? A campfire? Old books? Breathe in through your nose. ...Now, what do you hear? Maybe the purr of a cat... the crashing of waves... rustling leaves... or nothing at all. Take it all in... savor all these sights, smells, and sounds... take a good long look around you. Wherever you are, it's beautiful... and you can come back whenever you need a break.

There are plenty of guided imaginery videos out there that walk you through it! I hope at least some of this helps. If you need anything else, I'm always here to talk! <3

@Quill- aww, thank you! *hugs back* I'm glad I can make you smile. I think we've all seen better days. I'm glad to hear you're making it through.

~Not everything happens for a reason... but maybe, for the sake of the people around us, it would be best for us to treat our decisions like they all have purpose. We can never know what might make or break someone else's day, because we can never know everything that is weighing on everyone's minds. We all have problems and sufferings. There are people around you who are willing to help and show you some kindness. The whole world is not against you, no matter what it may feel like! 

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Hey Hope, do you have any well... suggestions on getting used to Autism? I'm still getting used to it, and I'm nervous about telling a lot of people about that I have Autism... I just recently found out, and although I know it's nothing to be super ashamed about, it's still... different. Ideas? 

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I'm autistic. It kind of devalues what I'm trying to say that I'm anonymous, but I'm anonymous anyway. Also, you asked Hope, so if you only want her suggestions that's okay, but I'm saying a few things anyway.
I just want to say that even if you just found out that you're autistic, you're still the same person you were before you got the diagnosis, albeit a few days older and now knowing you're autistic. For me it was kind of a relief to learn, because I've always felt kind of different, or something was wrong with me, kind of? I don't know how to explain it. But anyway, if you've always felt like there was something wrong with you or you were more different than most people, hopefully you feel a bit less differnt or whatnot. There isn't anything wrong with you. Autism is a difference in your brain that can't be changed or "fixed," though you can learn coping strategies for the hard parts. I don't have any advice for telling people, just that if anyone's rude about it or something (which hopefully they won't be), try not to let that comment hold any value for you. As I said, you're still the same person as you were yesterday. And autism doesn't define you, either - it's an aspect of you, a part of who you are, but not all you are either.
I want to suggest that you embrace your passions and things as well, because being extremely interested in certain things is part of autism. (I'd tell you more from my experience but my interests tend to be fairly niche and extremely obsessive, so there'd be little to no point being anonymous.) I'm not sure how to phrase this next part, but as people can be cruel if you're not interested in what most people are, try to find people who aren't cruel about it and do your best to stay away from people who are. Nobody on the CB will judge you, by the way.
Being diagnosed is actually a good thing because now you can get more help and things. I don't know how much you would need anything like that, but I am pretty sure that it's easier to get into things like that if you have a diagnosis.
Also, some advice for sensory things: headphones are great. Ones made for shooting ranges tend to be good, though sometimes they don't block out the sounds that are the most painful. Squishy toy things can be helpful to squeeze if there's too much, as well as play-dough and putty. (I don't know if this is autism, but I'm not good at sitting still so having things to fidget with is helpful.) Sunglasses are good, whether used inside or outside (some inside lights can be painful, especially if they're the kind that flicker). Gum is extremely useful; some flavors can be overwhelming, though. Lastly, if you need to leave, leave. It's not something you need to be ashamed about, and avoiding a meltdown or even just being uncomfortable is always preferable.
I haven't done a lot of research on autism and this is more from personal experience, just so you know. And I'll admit that I struggle with some of these, some of these may not apply to you, and some you may have already figured out. I'm not completely sure what you were asking, so I may have gotten this wrong, but some of it may be of use.

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Hi, Hope.

I need some advice on talking with my parents. I think I'm autistic, but I haven't been diagnosed.I want to talk to my parents about it so that I can hopefully get diagnosed. I know that they will be supportive of those things, so I'm not worried about that. I'm pretty bad at communicating with them so I'm just not sure how to approach them on the subject.  

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