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Here is a place where the bored can thrive, cure there boredom, and revel in it. I'm saying the word bored to much aren't I? xD

BuT aNywAys here we can be bored and random and bored and give boredsom tips. 

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(October 11, 2020 - 3:29 pm)

Boredom is not fun. I have a lot of firsthand experience with it. One thing that I do when I am bored is get a glass of water, head outside, and stare into the distance as I drink water. It's not much but sometimes I will have an epiphany while staring into the distance and decide what I want to do.

submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, Majestopia
(October 11, 2020 - 6:15 pm)
submitted by TOP
(October 11, 2020 - 7:25 pm)

If a king is the monarch of a kingdom, then a bore is the monarch of (a) boredom. And I am a bore. So, KNEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And no, that wasn't too many exclamation points. There's no such thing.)

submitted by Zahava S., age 13, the stars
(October 12, 2020 - 10:18 am)


submitted by The Bore of the Univ, erse (Feline Fantasy)
(October 12, 2020 - 3:58 pm)

Haha I have more explanation points than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cool

submitted by Katie G.
(October 15, 2020 - 9:09 pm)

draw something weird, like combine random things like... uhhhhhhhh... fingers and worms yeah

submitted by aqua, the person
(October 13, 2020 - 1:39 pm)

Does anybody know where I can just... talk about Minecraft all day?

I'm TOTALLY addicted to Minecraft.

Soooooooo... I just really need to talk to Ripley via text and calling her. Which I can't do, because she got her phone taken away!!!

submitted by Emekittycon Kitten, age 12, Kitten Kingdom
(October 14, 2020 - 9:20 am)

@Eme, does she have a home phone you can call her on?

submitted by La’crosse
(October 15, 2020 - 8:16 am)

I'm gonna ask my grandma about her home phone. Thank you, La'crosse!!!

submitted by Emekittycon Kitten, age 12, Kitten Kingdom
(October 16, 2020 - 9:23 am)

I can't really do anything when I'm bored, because most of the time that I'm bored is when I'm at school. So I usually stare out the window or look at the clock and count down the minutes.

submitted by totalnightowl
(October 15, 2020 - 3:55 pm)

Tips for Boredom: Go on the CB! There's always something interesting. Or... think of a random thing and draw it! Right now I reeealy want to draw a boat. I don't know why. Another thing is read! Reeeeeaaaaad! Or write. Or play with a pet. Or sit by a creek. (I love sitting by the creek in my neighborhood. It's so... calming. ) Or make up a game, or if you are EXTREMELY desperate then do homework. 

submitted by Lizardo, YES
(October 15, 2020 - 4:36 pm)

When you're bored think really deep thoughts like:

Who invented tables?

Or read books.

Or draw. I'm teaching myself how to draw Riptide from Percy Jackson and it's actulally going pretty well.

Read more.

Sing disney songs.

Go outside and try to do a backflip.


submitted by Katie G., age 12, Camp Half Blood
(October 15, 2020 - 9:08 pm)
submitted by AutumnTOP, age 16
(October 17, 2020 - 10:47 pm)