Winter AE Ball

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Winter AE Ball

Winter AE Ball

1780 a winter ball ... but it's 2020, the world is crashing and burning, and we're having a merry winter ball!

AEs only, CAPTCHAs allowed, no CBers. The venue is set, the music is arranged, the decorations are properly astounding, and all AEs are invited. This ball will continue from November 20th to December 25th.


To attend, please fill out the following form:









Enjoy the ball :) 

submitted by The Host
(November 3, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

Name: *Hunter*

CBer: *NoOneKnows*

Gender: *Male*

Personality: *Funny, agile, grumpy, idk*

Outfit/Appearance: *Black Brown  (mostly brown) hair, icy blue eyes, Light grey sweatshirt and sweatpants, one diamond earing, and yep.*

Shipping: *Open to girls 13-17* 

Other: *is a mushy guy around crush(HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE), and plays gutar.*



Name: Amanda

CBer:  NoOneKnows

Gender: Female

Personality: REALLY enerjetic, grumpy, snappy, funny.

Outfit/Appearance: long blonde hair with dark brown at the roots, amber eyes, White, light grey, and dark grey knitted slightly cropped sweater, acid washed jeans, black combat boots. 

Shipping: Open, currently to boys, ageed 16-19

Other: is a greaght singer.


Name: Kamiko

CBer: NoOneKnows

Gender: Female

Personality: Kind, Sweet, Kinda shy around new peeps, mischavos 

Outfit/Appearance: black hair, hazle eyes, small silver-skyblue dress, sandles.

Shipping: closed

Other: nope

submitted by The nok Crew, age 17 14 & 15
(November 3, 2020 - 9:25 pm)

Name: Rory

CBer: Wreeboo

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, but also can be very sweet sometimes (Just sometimes).  

Outfit/Appearance: A straight, short dress with cold-shoulder long sleeves. Th top part is black, and the skirt is buffalo plaid. Wearing black leggings and knee-high gray boots. Also has a black purse.

Shipping: Yes, with boys

Other: Is a techie and loves to code. Her purse contains machine parts and a Raspberry Pi.

submitted by Wreeboo, age Immortal, Nowhere and Everywhere
(November 4, 2020 - 9:13 am)

Sorry 'bout this, but:

Updated Outfit/Appearance 

Outfit/Appearance: Short and slim with pale skin, pale dirty-blonde hair, and icy gray-blue eyes. Very faint freckles dotting the bridge of her nose. A straight, short dress with cold-shoulder long sleeves. The top part is black, and the skirt is buffalo plaid. Wearing black leggings and knee-high gray boots. Also has a black purse.

submitted by Wreeboo, age Immortal, Nowhere and Everywhere
(November 16, 2020 - 7:27 pm)

You have to do this one yourself. Technically I'm not supposed to be here.

I am a famous director. I don't have time to fill out forms.

Well, then you won't be able to go to the party.

I need a secretary to help me. Lucinda, you will be my secretary.



I'm gonna leave now -- some of the other AEs are giving me funny looks. Toodles!

Wait! Come back, you two... 


Ugh. I swear I'm the only one who gets anything done around here. 


Name: Orson.

CBer: Bakerloo.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Kind and charming-

Sorry, popping back in for a moment. I'm going to fill this part out for you. 

No. You said to fill it out, and that's what I'm doing.


Lucinda said it. I don't trust you to describe yourself.

Oh, that's it-

fight! fight! fight!

Give me the keyboard, Orson-



There we go. Sorry about that, everyone.  

Personality: Very melodramatic and easily irritated. Has no patience for things he finds to be a waste of time or boring. Has a great passion for cinema. Is very pompous. 

Back over to you, Orson. 

Ugh. I think you burst my appendix.

You had your appendix out years ago.

Well, I burst it again.

I'm leaving for the last time, I promise!

Hrmph. As I was saying... 

Outfit/Appearance: 5' 4" with dark skin and curly black hair. Brown eyes, long nose, stocky. Wearing a blue blazer with matching blue pants and a silvery vest.

Shipping: No.

Other:  Nothing.

Phew. Done. That was... oddly satisfying. 

submitted by Bakerloo, age 16, here
(November 4, 2020 - 9:44 am)

Oh I am so going!!!

Name: Giselle

CBer: Honeybee

Gender: Female she/her

Personality: Kind, mature, polite, dreamy

Outfit/Appearance: long blond hair, pale skin, bright green eyes, long flowing white dress, blutterflies fluttering around me. Actually, I think for this ball I'll wear my hair up and a white gown with pearls on it.

what do you want, a medal? 

Shipping: open

Other: I am vegan. Olive is too. Keep an eye on her, please.

Anyway, Olive, you gotta come

I'm coming, I'm coming, okay?

Name: Olive

CBer: Honeybee

Gender: She/they

Personality: ...I'd fill it out but Mabel would start yelling at me. Whatever. I'm curious, kinda rude, smart, yeah.

Outfit/Appearance: Black hair that goes down to my shoulders, streaked with purple. Since this is all fancy, I guess I'll be wearing a black sweater, black leggings, black combat boots, black lipstick, black--

We get it, Olive. Also, I'm not sure that counts as fan-- 

Shipping: Um, open I guess.

Other: I can't dance very well


wait...Mabel's coming???



CBer: Honeybee



Outfit/Appearance: I'm a cat. For this FANCY PANTS THINGY, I'll be wearing a pink gown and a pink collar. With SPARKLES.

Shipping: NOPE.

Other: 1. Im a cat. 2. Im the best :DDDD

oooookay. Well, that's it. Unless, maybe we should bring Floofy? 

Of course we should bring Floofy! He's better behaved than Mabel


Floofy is our CAPTCHA. When I say our I mean me and Olive. He's a very well-behaved cat. Possibly the most perfect thing in existence.

Second to me, right?

*ahem* weeeell...

Ooookay guys, get a move on. And please behave yourselves! 



submitted by Honeybee’s AEs
(November 4, 2020 - 11:00 am)

Aaand we're back again! How lovely!

Name: Galaxy

CBer: Nightfall

Gender: she/her

Personality: extrovert, loud, caring, kind. 

Outfit/Appearance: Ooooh, let's see here. I have galaxy (blue and purple ombre) hair, and for this occasion, I'm going to wear a soft, silky, blue dress with white and yellow sparkles at then end of it, with purple flowing sleeves. I'll also have a blue and purple flower pinned to the edges of my dress. I have pale skin. And mysterious eyes. It's one purple, one blue. 

Shipping: No, thankyouverymuch. I'm very happily shipped with Archer. 

Other: Shapeshifting and Time controlling powers. 

Name: Burn

CBer: Nightfall

Gender: he/him

Personality: extrovert, loves eating. 

Outfit/Appearance: WEARING A TUXEDO XD I have dark red hair and bright orange eyes. 

Shipping: Sure, why not. Can't see any problems.  

Other: Fire powers. 

Name: Ocean

CBer: Nightfall

Gender: they/them, but she/her for this ball. 

Personality: introvert. 

Outfit/Appearance: Sea-green dress, sea-foam surrounding the edges. silver-blue hair up to my waist, green and blue eyes. one green, one blue. 

Shipping: N~

Yes. it's been far too long since you've had a ship. 


Other: Water powers. 

[Name: Spellcaster

CBer: Nightfall

Gender: she/her

Personality: introvert. 

Outfit/Appearance: Purple long dress with yellow sparkles, black fringing. I have dark purple hair, and completely purple eyes. 

Shipping: No. I am shipped with Nerd's AE Evan, thank you very much. 

Other: spell casting powers. 

submitted by Nightfall's AEs
(November 5, 2020 - 12:55 am)

K so change of plans, Galaxy's going only if HOO agrees, and Timeshifter and Breeze are not coming. Ocean and Burn are still coming, though 

submitted by Nightfall
(November 11, 2020 - 12:44 am)

Name: Scarlett

CBer: totalnightowl

Gender: female

Personality: Energetic, loud, smart, funny, occasionally arrogant-o-at least I'm admitting it! Fine.

Outfit/Appearance: Blond hair, ombre purple. Blue eyes. Fitted turquoise long-sleeve crop-top with ripped black jeans and black ankle boots. For this I'll also bring a dark red dress with a lacy top and a long flowy skirt.

Shipping: male, please

Other: Nothing

submitted by totalnightowl
(November 6, 2020 - 2:35 pm)

please please please please please! 

ugh, Aspen, you know I'm busy. 

but i never get to do anything! anyways, you'll have your whole void all to yourself.

hmm, maybe. 

Let us go! We'll make sure Dallas doesn't destroy anything. 

^no promises^

ugh, not me too. i'd rather stay and read

well, i'm-

what if winter came?

*cough* u-um you don't know that *cough*

hahahaha. oh, we're all going. 

what did i just get myself into?

<even me??>

yes, you. Spellcaster is coming ;).


so, can we go?!

I guess so, but you have to fill out the sheets yourself. 

yay! okay!

Name: Cameron

CBer: NerdFace

Gender: Female. She/Her/They

Personality: extroverted, bubbly, friendly, involved in everything, not very smart, relies on club scholarships, whenever i enters a room, she announces it, not scared, encouraging, and adventurous

Outfit/Appearance: dark skin, green eyes, blonde hair with a slight wave (normally wears it down), normal height (5’ 7”), curvy, tan freckles that stand out from my skin. i am wearing a midnight blue bodice that has long sleeves and a silvery-tuelle skirt that reaches my feet and is very poofy. I also have a giant fur- faux fur, i'm not buying a real one, poor animals i- anyways, a giant fur coat that i'll take off when i'm dancing. and finally, i have white lace gloves.

Shipping: Clos- Sorry, I know you are doing it, but Cameron, it's open. Unless you want to disappear into my void and never come out, it's open. Fine. Open. Male only, please.  

Other: I can dance really well. :)

My turn, my turn!  

Name: Aspen :)

CBer: NerdFace

Gender: Female, for the ball at least. Sometimes I feel non-binary.

Personality:   bold, bubbly, friendly, outgoing, extroverted, you always know where she is at every moment of time, likes anything and will learn everything, and is never afraid

Outfit/Appearance:  dark skin, hazel eyes, blonde hair tied into a low bun, tall (5’ 10”), thin, wears contact lenses. I am wearing a mock-neck strapless dress and i have little leafy berry things in my hair.

Shipping: Open! 

Other: this is going to be much more fun than the halloween party. no, it's not. yes it is, you can't go. ha! *grumbles*

Okay, Adrian, it's your turn.

no, i don't want to go. 

you are going. 


Name: Adrian

CBer: NerdFace, haven't we made this clear already?

Gender: Genderfluid ~ any pronouns, but they/them for tonight, it will be easier

Personality: scared of most things, introverted so much that it is scary, likes books (writing them, reading them, everything), pretty quiet, pretty elusive, not very trusting, and spouts random facts, randomly. (almost everything here is void if winter comes)

Outfit/Appearance: dark skin, hazel eyes, short, bleached-blonde, hair (crew-cut), tall (6’), lanky (but not white), thin, thick black glasses that are always falling down. I'm just wearing a simple midnight blue tux, because that's all I want to wear.

Shipping: Closed

because they're shipped with-

*throws Lord of the Flies at Aspen* 

Other: no, not that i know of. 

^woo! another party!^

no, not a party, a ball.


you are going, end of story.


i'll go get Abcde...

^okay! I'll fill out the form. No Abcde needed. Heh-^

Name: ^Dallas^

CBer: ^i think you know already^

Gender: ^Male^

Personality:^ personality wavers frequently, as i am an adolescent and am still trying to figure out where i belongs and what i should do. as of now, i am an ambivert and am very sporty. that’s all i have has decided for now.^

Outfit/Appearance: ^dark skin, pale blue eyes, blonde mini-dreadlocks, average height (5’7”, but i'm still growing!), very muscular build. and i'm just wearing a tux. nothing significant about it.^

Shipping: ^sure, why not. anyone is fine^

Other: ^can someone spike the punch?^

Dallas Andrew Texas, you better not drink underage at the ball. If I get any read of alcohol in your blood, you will no longer be an AE, understand?! 

^Ugh, fine. Evan, your turn.^

<Yayyyyyy. (not really)>

Name: <Evan>

CBer: <Nerd>

Gender: <Male ~ He/They>

Personality: <quiet, book smart, not very confident, but very influential, you don’t know i'm there until i'm there, introverted, and not trusting>

Outfit/Appearance: <dark skin, green eyes, short, blonde hair, thin, tall for my age (5’ 3”), glasses. i'm wearing the same thing as Dallas is.>

Shipping: <No. It is closed. I believe I am shipped with Spellcaster.>

Other: <I am not a CAPTCHA. Don't call me one.>

||bring mmee!||

i don't know who you are, unknown being. 

|| iiiii aammm CAPTC HA ||

does someone hear something? *posts* 





submitted by NerdFace and her AEs, age varied, in the void
(November 9, 2020 - 6:00 pm)

Name: Ivan the Russian Emu

CBer: Sammy Everlast

Gender: Male

Personality: I don't know how to describe it... chaotic Russian emu? He's pretty funny. And LOUD.

Outfit/Appearance: He's an emu... but Russian. With a bow tie 'cause we do be classy.

Shipping: Sure. With girls XD

Other: He's has a lot of siblings. He also speaks in the third person a lot. :D

Name: I go by Sojokeeynis. My nickname is Sojo. You don't get to know my real one. :)

CBer: Sammy Everlast

Gender: Male

Personality: Nice, funny, a great storyteller and can be a bit whiny. With a huge ego. Sort of a hot head.


Outfit/Appearance: I'M FINALLY HUMAN IN THISSSS!!! (So if anyone has met me before, they won't recognize me.) Pale blonde hair, icy blue eyes, grayish-white pale skins. Tuxedo 'cause we do be classy.

Shipping: Maaaaayyyybe. With the right girl. Oh boy... Here we go again.

Other: I hot glued googly-eyes to a rock because a therapist is too expansive! :D

Name: Lada

CBer: Sammy Everlast

Gender: Female

Personality: Levelheaded, proper, patient, kind, and the Mom Friend.

Outfit/Appearance: Very long, raven black hair. Emerald green eyes, pale skin. I'm wearing a flowing, fancy, beautiful emerald green dress. I have a matching jewelry set that includes a diamond necklace, a diamond ring, and diamond earrings detailed with emeralds.

Shipping: I suppose. 

Other: I only came to make sure Sojo and Ivan don't do something extremely chaotic and/or dumb.

submitted by Sammy E
(November 9, 2020 - 8:04 pm)
submitted by top!, in the void on the top
(November 9, 2020 - 6:49 pm)

Nooo, not another party!


You guys are so antisocial. We're doing this.


Well, you are grouchy.



Name: Sunflower

CBer: Lupine

Gender: female

Personality: Protective, bossy, smart, cynical, helpful, anxious

Outfit/Appearance: A light gray knee-length t-shirt dress; black tights; blue flats; brown hair french braided

Shipping: Nope. Stay away.

Other: We're bringing Merrp, if that's okay. Here's a form for them.


Name: >>merrp<

CBer: >>lupne<<

Gender: >>nnoo<<

Personality: >>koote, luvabll, amazngg<<

Outfit/Appearance: >>hejjhog kitenn<<

Shipping: >>imm a baibee<<

Other: >>nno<<




Gender: FEMALE




Other: NOPE


Name: Lavender

CBer: Lupine

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, bookworm, self conscious, fashionable, nerd

Outfit/Appearance: I'm wearing a light blue long sleeved turtleneck under a shortsleeved dark purple dress that I borrowed from Zinnia. HEY!!...without asking. Heh. Also some black flats, white socks, and my hair is in a braided bun with a fancy butterfly clip.

Shipping: Um...Sunflower? No. No shipping till you're thirteen. Sigh. Lupine? Sure, I don't care. Now what? Um...maybe??? 

Other:  Nope.




submitted by Lupine's Crew, Platform 9 and 3/4
(November 9, 2020 - 10:40 pm)

Why not? lets give it a try...

Update: Galaxy, my AE, used to be Nightfall's AE. That is why you will see their form twice, but they are no longer Nightfall's AE. I adopted them after Nightfall decided they couldnt handle Galaxy any more.  

Name: Pine

CBer: HeroesOfOlympus, duh.

Gender: Male, he/him

Personality: Extrovert, awkward with conversations, prankster, loves baking, water balloons, and pies. 

Outfit/Appearance: I have emerald eyes, light brown hair, and Im tall and tanned. Tonight I'll wear... um... How about a green loose-knit sweater over a white T-shirt, black pants and gray sneakers, because there isnt a thing called 'formal clothes' in my house.

Shipping: IT'S CLOSED OMG- My boyfriend is Felix. 

Other: Im bringing a TON of cookies! And some pies that I just made!


Name: Felix

CBer: HeroesOfOlympus

Gender: Male, but occasionally I feel a bit more enby. Im feeling pretty he/him today, though.

Personality: Im an ambivert, very kind and soft, I hate fights and when people get sad or mad, Im the 'peacemaker' and rarely ever get mad. Im pretty annoyed with Heroes, though... She's using me for introductions and Im very stressed.

Outfit/Appearance: I have dark brown hair, light chocolate skin, and one amber eye, one dark brown eye, and I will wear a black jacket over my yellow cat-print shirt, black jeans and gray sneakers with yellow laces.

Shipping: Closed. Im happily paired with Pine, thankyouverymuch.

Other: Ill be supervising the CAPTCHAs, Galaxy, and... actually pretty much everyone.


Name: Starlight

CBer: HeroesOfOlympus

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: I-Im an introvert, I s-stutter a l-lot, a-and I h-hate t-t-talking... I g-get m-mad very e-easily...

Outfit/Appearance: I have long b-black hair, dark purple e-eyes, pale s-skin w-w-with fr-freckles, a-and I w-will w-wear a l-long p-purple dress, black l-leggings, and a b-black h-headband w-with p-purple c-cloth flowers o-on it... I al-also have p-purple r-ribbons wo-wound around my a-arms, and m-my hair is in a b-bun... Oh, and t-the dress has s-silver stars s-sewn i-into it, s-small s-silver t-threads w-woven t-through the f-fabric, and t-the sl-sleeves a-are very f-flowy... 

Shipping: I-its c-closed, I t-think... (Azalea, is she still shipped with Fauna?)

Other: N-Nothing, I thi-think...


Name: +Galaxy+

CBer: +Nightfa- I mean, HeroesOfOlympus+

Gender: +Nonbinary, they/them+

Personality: +I am wonderful! I am the most-+ Galaxy is grumpy, annoying, and awkward. They hate social interaction, are very irritated all the time, and the weird thing is, this isnt how they normally are. One day, they went into the forest, and they never were the same. They're also a prankster. +Hmph.+

Outfit/Appearance: +I have beautiful purple-and-blue ombre hair that is very long, pale skin with a constellation of freckles across my nose and cheeks. I have one purple eye and one blue eye, both are flecked with silver and gold. Im wearing a long white dress with gold stars at the bottom, and short sleeves. Over that I have a black leather jacket and combat boots, which are very good for kicking people.+ 

Shipping: Open to anyone, but they have to get to know that person very well beforehand. They are ace and panromantic.

Other: +Nothing. Ugh.+


Name: =Tomru!=

CBer: =Heroe= =sOfOl= =ympus!=

Gender: =Theyy/= =Themm!=

Personality: =bubly!= =happy!= =ffunn!= 

Outfit/Appearance: Tomru has russet red hair, red fox ears and red fox tail, they are very short and always wear rainboots. Tonight they are wearing bright-red rainboots, a yellow rainjacket, and a fuzzy sweater underneath. Also, a red bow tie, because they are coot.

Shipping: Um, no THANK you! Tomru is only five, for goodness sake. But they can make some friends!

Other: =Iambr= =ingin= =scree,= =mypet!= (I am bringing Scree, my pet!)


Name: >scree< 

CBer: >scree< >scree< >scree!< (HeroesOfOlympus)

Gender: >scree/< >scree< (She/her)

Personality: Scree is very happy all the time, loves shouting and being 'cool', also doing twirls in the air. She is very funny and coot.

Outfit/Appearance: Scree is a tiny pocket-dragon that is pastel pink, with large blue eyes and tiny teeth that are very dull, since she's vegan. >scree< >scree,< >scree< >scree!< Okay, Scree is wearing an orange scarf around her neck, and tiny gold bracelets on her legs. 

Shipping: Nope, she's only .018 years old, so dont even think about it. She would love to make friends, though!

Other: Scree can only say scree, but we're trying to get her a translator.


Okay, thats it xD I have a big crew... 


What is it, Tomru?

=ohmyg= =ods!he= =lpmee=


=scree= =justt= =bitmy= =nosee!= =owiee...= 

submitted by The Olympus Gang, age eternal, The House Of Glass
(November 10, 2020 - 1:11 pm)

I would like to reserve a spot for my AE's please! 

submitted by Kitty Cat and AE's, age teen, Gotham City
(November 10, 2020 - 3:57 pm)

Yep, we're going to this!


I- we were just introduced yesterday...

Exactly! This is the perfect way to get to know everyone!

By engaging in awkward conversation in a massive ballroom we've never seen before?

Hey, everyone has their first ball. You might have fun! And also... I'm going to force you to go anyways. :)

We might as well embrace it...

That's the spirit! :D 

Name: Daylily

CBer: Luna

Gender: female, she/her

Personality: introverted- is willing to make conversation, but she’s hesitant about becoming very close to people. Sensible, intelligent, a bookworm. Is very passionate about certain things, but sometimes hesitates to speak her mind. Calm, rather friendly, poetic, independent. Fairly organized.

Outfit/Appearance: medium-brown skin, long black hair in lots of little braids, purple glasses, short, thin face, skinny. She's wearing a burgundy dress with 3-quarter-length sleeves and brown ankle boots. Her hair is in a bun on top of her head.

Shipping: Ace, biromantic. pretty much closed unless she starts to know someone really well and I'm interested in shipping her with them.

Other: nothing

Name: Callisto

CBer: Luna

Gender: nonbinary, ae/aer/aers

Personality: also introverted- ae is somewhat shy, but once ae becomes friends with someone, ae feels ae can say just about anything around them. Very sweet, considerate, and empathetic, aer main concern is other people. A little random, pretty quirky, loves smiling.

Outfit/Appearance: short sandy blonde hair with bangs, blue-green eyes, slightly tan skin, sprinkles of freckles just about everywhere, somewhat tall. Dimples. Ae's wearing a nice pair of black pants, dress shoes, a plain white shirt, and a necklace with a rainbow heart pendant.

Shipping: pan, open

Other: nothin' 

submitted by LS&Hooligans
(November 10, 2020 - 5:06 pm)