Winter AE Ball

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Winter AE Ball

Winter AE Ball

1780 a winter ball ... but it's 2020, the world is crashing and burning, and we're having a merry winter ball!

AEs only, CAPTCHAs allowed, no CBers. The venue is set, the music is arranged, the decorations are properly astounding, and all AEs are invited. This ball will continue from November 20th to December 25th.


To attend, please fill out the following form:









Enjoy the ball :) 

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(November 3, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

We are reserving!!!

Jezebel says aewon!  Which AE won?

<wellI carus wonthe Mari oKart tourn mentyeste rdayy>

Yes, yes I did.  I am a champion.


submitted by Sterling's AEs
(November 10, 2020 - 5:19 pm)

Here is an updated version.

Yes, see I just wanted to add on to my outfit. 

That's not all. Remember, Lulu?

Oh, yeah. 

Name: Giselle

CBer: Honeybee

Gender: she/her

Personality: mature, calm, likes mysteries and nail polish, kind (usually), thoughtful, deep.

Outfit/Appearance: I'll be wearing a vintage gown. It will be beautiful and fancy, and all white. I'll also wear white flats. My blonde hair will be swept up into a knot held in by a mother-of-pearl and emerald clip. And PLOT TWIST: I'll be wearing a velvety purple cloak!

Shipping: yes! Anyone, basically.

Other: I am very elegant and enjoy dancing.

Ok, me, I always have to go second.

Name: Olive

CBer: Honeybee

Gender: She/they

Personality: curious, antisocial, angered, rude, impulsive, caring, passionate

Outfit/Appearance: Giselle the evil is forcing me to be fancy. Bleh. So, I guess I'll be wearing a black tunic and ripped black jeans. 


My hair will be in a bun, I guess. I'll be wearing black makeup and a choker. Oh, and combat boot-

No. You'll be wearing these *pulls out fancy black boots*

Gah, whyyy. 

Shipping: i guess. 

Other: I don't like to dance.


Name: Mabel!

CBer: Honeybee

Gender: Girl! She/her!



Outfit/Appearance: I will wear a fancy dress made for cats!! It will be pink!! And yes I am a cat. And very amazing. And a diamond collar! 

Shipping: NO, I'M YOUNG

Other: iiIiiIIim a cAt!

So we've heard.

And we have a new addition to the family! Meet Lulu!

>uhm, hi<

Name: >Luna name is, um, really long, so I won't go into it. Just call me Lulu :)<

CBer: >Honeybee<

Gender: >They/them<

Personality: >Shy, artsy, nice to everyone< 

Outfit/Appearance: >um. I think...a lavender dress?<

What? No! Your hair is lavender.

>Good point. I think I'll wear a sunshine yellow tunic that goes to my knees and a navy blue cardigan. And black leggings and navy blue combat boots. A golden choker. A braid bun of my lavender hair, with a navy blue drawing pencil going through it in case of emergency. Nails painted lavender.<

Yay! So fancy!

Shipping: >Ok. With girls.<

Other: >Um, no, that's it.<

That's all!

Mhm. Probably you'll come running back to add something to your outfit.



sigh. Posting.

submitted by Honeybee’s AEs
(November 10, 2020 - 6:11 pm)

Oh no, Quill, please not another one.

Yes, another one! You will go and make friends and have fun. This is nonnegotiable.

I think it sounds fun!

I guess I'm in, but you guys better not make too many Hamilton references.

Name: Harper

CBer: Quill

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: Shy, don't like to be out of my comfort zone, I love books, I like talking to people but I'm usually too nervous to start a conversation.

Outfit/Appearance: Straight blonde hair down to my shoulder blades, light skin, hazel eyes, I'll be wearing a dress that has a strapless white bodice with a sweetheart necklice and a peach-colored layered tulle skirt that reaches my knees. I'll also be wearing diamond stud earrings and a small diamond necklace. My hair will be up in a bun with small pieces framing my face.

Shipping: Uh, open, I suppose.

Other: talks in italics

Name: Ace

CBer: Quill

Gender: Male, he/him

Personality: Outgoing, extroverted, generally awesome, I like being around other people. but Quill says I can be insecure around people I really like.

Outfit/Appearance: Dirty-blond hair that's perpetually messy but looks really cool, ocean-blue eyes, tanned skin, taller than average. I'll be wearing a grey suit with a yellow bowtie.

Shipping: Open!

Other: speaks in bold italics

Name: Bean

CBer: Quill

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: I'm "chill", very go-with-the-flow, I'm good at talking to people, and good at resolving arguments.

Outfit/Appearance: Curly mocha-brown hair that reaches my shoulders, tanned skin from the sun, my eyes shift somewhere between hazel and violet most of the time. I'll be wearing a long teal romper with spaghetti straps and flowy pant legs. I'll also be wearing small gold hoop earrings, a gold wave pendant, and lots of gold rings. My hair will be half-up-half-down.

Shipping: Open to anyone, I'm bi!

Other: speaks in bold

submitted by Quill and AEs
(November 11, 2020 - 4:23 pm)

Here we go!

Name: Cherry

CBer: Sterling

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: Peppy, friendly, optimistic, sweet, bubbly.

Outfit/Appearance: Blue eyes, bright red hair in a bun, infectious smile.  Wearing a knee-lengh, sleeveless white dress, yellow flats, and lots of colored bracelets.

Shipping: No thanks!

Other: The baby of the family, speaks in bold.

Name: Wildflower

CBer: Sterling

Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: Shy, introverted, daydreamer, peacemaker.  Loves nature and writing.

Outfit/Appearance: Long light brown hair, olive-green eyes, freckles.  Wearing a ankle-length strapless pale blue dress, white cardigan, grey heels, necklace with a teardrop-shaped sapphire, and simple silver earrings shaped like leaves.

Shipping: Open to boys!

Other: Always carries a notebook and pencil, speaks in italics.

 Name: Icarus

CBer: Sterling

Gender: Male, he/him

Personality: Outgoing, reckless, ambitious.  Loves acting and being dramatic.

Outfit/Appearance: Messy black hair that falls in his amber-colored eyes, grey wings, tall.  Wearing a dark blue tunic, black pants, blood-red cloak, black top hat with a gold band.

Shipping: Open, to boys or maybe girls.

Other: Talks in bold italics.


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(November 12, 2020 - 4:34 pm)

Ok, I'm gonna join this, but I won't be able to be too active, and my posts will most likely be short.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Flora will now speak in italics, and Eclipse will speak in bold italics.  

@Heroes, yes Fauna's still shipped with Starlight, as long as you want ofc!

Name: Fauna

CBer: Azalea

Gender: female, she/her

Personality: extrovert, optimistic, silly, nice and friendly, I can be a little dramatic.

Outfit/Appearance: frizzy chin-length black hair, medium-dark brown skin, brown eyes, kinda tall. I'm gonna wear knee-length rasberry-colored dress with bell sleeves and some sparkles and gray ankle boots that are good for dancing! 

Shipping: Er, closed!

Other: unicorns! huh? Actually, I won't even ask.

Name: Flora 

CBer: Azalea

Gender: female, she/her

Personality: introvert, kind, responisble, sort of shy but I'll open up quickly enough. 

Outfit/appearance: A pale turquoise skirt with a butterfly print and lace at the bottom, a navy blouse, white converse, and a silver necklace is my outfit. I have long blond hair and bangs, freckles, light skin, and bright green eyes, and I'm short!

Shipping: Sure *shrug*

Other: None, I don't have time to fill out Eclipse's rn but i will tommorow. 


submitted by Azalea+AEs, age varied, Earth
(November 12, 2020 - 7:12 pm)

Name: Kat

CBer: Kitty Cat

Gender: Female She\Her

Personality: Fun, loving, kind hearted, Snarky

Outfit/Appearance: A crop top grey sweater, with a high waisted red plaid skirt, sheer leggings and black lace up ankle boots, my hair is brown in a low bun also, a black choker necklace and little diamond snowflake earrings I am 15

Shipping: YES! Boys only 15-16

Other: Hmm... nope!

Okay Kat you've had your turn, now it's Logans turn.

Ummm, i still need more time.



Name: logan

CBer: kitty cat

Gender: non-binary they\them

Personality: They are very snotty and rude. Never nice. 

hey! you stay out of this kat! 

Don't tell me what to do. I'm older.

Hey, you guys, stop. I didn't let you go to the halloween Party, but you can go to this so no fights.

fine kitty.

Argh. Fine.

Outfit/Appearance: A black tuxedo with a magenta purple shirt underneath with a black tie i am 13 with black hair that is a little over my eyes.

Shipping: only if i find the right girl if not no

Other: no


Name: Quinn

CBer: Kitty Cat

Gender: Female They\Them

Personality: Fun, Kind, I will admit it... mean sometimes.

Outfit/Appearance: Black leggings with a darkish blue jacket, with a light blue shirt underneath, white lace up boots, I am 16 and my hair is very long in a ponytail I'm blonde with blue high lights.

Shipping: Ha Ha, she would never get a boyfriend! 

Kat, shut up!

You guys! What did I tell you?

Ugh. Sorry. 

I am shipping, guys and girls. ages 16-17.

Other: nope!

Okay everyone! I'm extited! *cough* even though I can't go *cough* well thanks!

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(November 12, 2020 - 7:49 pm)



It's ball time, get ready Prince Charming. 

Again?! Oh, it's Hamilton themed. That's very cool though! <3 

Yup, and we're going because I don't want to go alone. (Also Abcde recommended going so you can meet new AEs and I can set you up with someone) What did I say something?

Name: Maverick! You can call me Mav too. ;)

CBer: Fidelity

Gender: I'm genderfluid, so I switch between genders when I feel like it. They/them pronouns are the best, but I'm really ok with anything. 

Personality: I consider myself charming, dashing, elegant, confident, dramatic. 

Maybe a little conceited... 

Outfit/Appearance: I have stunningly lustrious hair in the color of the northern lights. I'm East-Asian, so I have warm light tan skin and brown almond shaped eyes. I usually wear monocramatic colours, but black is my favorite. I like painting my nails black too, and I wear makeup sometimes. This time around I'm going to wear a white colonial style dress with white combat boots!

No black??

Sadly no one sells black colonial dresses. Not awesome.  

Shipping: Open!

Other: I hate tapeworms. Your turn Prince!

Name: Text Heart Prince, but call me Prince! <3 

CBer: Fidelity!

Gender: Male, he/him.

Personality: I like to consider myself an empath. I try to help other people as much as I can, and it physically hurts when other people are sad. I'm a shy extrovert: I love being with other people, but sometimes it's scary to interact socially. I can get really irritable sometimes if I'm feeling emotional. So I'm sorry if I act like that sometimes!

Outfit/Appearance: I'm average height, with olive skin and warm brown eyes. I have pink streaks in my hair, which is natural! Perks of being a text heart prince. I like wearing simple clothing with a pink cape or a scarf over it. I also wear a plain gold crown. Mav, what should I wear to the ball. 

Come on, you have to match me! PINK DRESS PINK DRESS PINK DRESS—

I don't think I have one though! 

Shipping: I'm trying to find a good match for Prince. All AEs, please contact me!

*Agressive blushing* Stop! *Text heart assault <3* Hey Bean, you want to go as friends? I had fun last ball! 


Go find your own ship! I'm trying to make friends.  

<3 Maverick and Prince


submitted by Fidelity
(November 13, 2020 - 6:25 am)

I'd love to go with you, Prince! I had fun as well.

submitted by Bean
(November 14, 2020 - 3:10 pm)

I'm going to

1. Contact Crescent and see if she wants to ship any of her AEs (but she probably won't be coming...) {Her AEs are Moon and Starrise, both female...}

2. I'ma put my AEs up. Anyhoo, they're being temporarily adopted, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back soon. 

Here are my AEs. 

Must I?

I'll do it for them. Ah well. 

Timeshifter, they/them

Ocean, she/they

Burn, he/him

-Breeze, she/her-


And that's all. I do have Spellcaster, but she's shipped with Evan. T-a-d-a!  

submitted by Nightfall
(November 15, 2020 - 1:01 am)


But Cres said that she doesn't want to ship AEs. IDK WHYYY WHYYY WHY CRESCENT WHHY (kidding)  

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(November 23, 2020 - 12:52 am)

ugh. i hate chaperoning for you. oh hey ocean! would you like to dance? WHAT! nonono. ples can i ask ocean? ples moondemon? plesplesplesple- fine.

ocean, my idiotic AE sunagel would like to dance with you. if nightfall asks this was not my idea. 

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(December 11, 2020 - 8:42 am)

Hey, my guy! (That isn't meant to be gender specific btw. I just like saying that.) Wanna go as friends? You seem pretty cool. Not as a ship, though, I don't think we'd get along romantically. 

P.S. Cementha didn't make this clear, but this is directed to Mav. 


Okay then.  

submitted by Cementha, Jubi's Æ, age @Maverick, @Fidelity
(November 17, 2020 - 9:04 am)

Whaddup? Oh yeah, that sounds awesome. Let's do it!

<3 Maverick 

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(November 17, 2020 - 11:53 pm)

Another one of these. Great. 

Yay! Another party! 

Let's fill out the sheets.

Name: Georgia

CBer: Majestic Mary

Gender: female

Personality: fun-loving, optimistic, a little crazy

a little?

Quiet, please. And tree-climber enthusiast.

Outfit/appearance: I have magically color-changing hair, but for this event it'll be icy blue and wavy. I'll wear a white dress, with mini snowflake designs, and fluffy cuffs.

Shipping: uh, no

Other: nOtHiNg

Arrow, your turn.

*eye roll*

Name: Arrow

CBer: Majestic Mary

Gender: male

Personality: quiet, but not shy. Sarcastic. Easily annoyed.

He rolls his eyes so much I thought they might get stuck like that!

*eye roll* And also I love eating. I'll be bringing a few snacks. For me. 

Outift/appearance: Tall, skinny, with messy blonde hair. I'll wear black jeans and a black shirt.

Arrow, be festive!

*eye roll* fine, I guess I can... I don't know, wear... hmm...

Ooh! Can I dye your hair temporarily blue to match mine?

Absolutely not.



I'm begging you. And you don't have to get me anything for Christmas. and I'll never make fun of you again

I don't believe you, but fine. 


shipping: closed 

because he's shipped - I mean - my lips are sealed. 

other: nothing

My turn, I suppose.

Name: Diana

CBer: Majestic Mary

Gender: Female

Personality: Gentle, loving, and careful of everything. I try to be nice-

Diana is literally the nicest person in the world! She's just too humble to say so.

Aww, thanks, Georgia.

Outfit/appearance: Average height, blue eyes, and wavy golden-blonde hair. I guess I can't wear my usual yellow sundress because it's winter, so I'll wear a dark blue floral long-sleeved dress. And a Santa hat, for fun. 

Shipping: Closed

Other: Vegetarian. And I'll be bringing Christmas cookies.

~bring~ ~meeee~ ~pleee~ ~aasee~

Ok, our puppy CAPTCHA, Memphis, will come too. 


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(November 13, 2020 - 1:10 pm)

okee dokee everyone I'm sorry Quinn is just She\Her but LOGAN is non-binary they\them, sorry thanks.

submitted by Kitty Cat, age teen, Gotham City
(November 16, 2020 - 10:12 am)