Winter AE Ball

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Winter AE Ball

Winter AE Ball

1780 a winter ball ... but it's 2020, the world is crashing and burning, and we're having a merry winter ball!

AEs only, CAPTCHAs allowed, no CBers. The venue is set, the music is arranged, the decorations are properly astounding, and all AEs are invited. This ball will continue from November 20th to December 25th.


To attend, please fill out the following form:









Enjoy the ball :) 

submitted by The Host
(November 3, 2020 - 1:44 pm)


Spellcaster smiles brightly and says, "Just stand over there, let me do the rest." I blink, trying to realize what I'm about to do. She pushes me and I walk into the clearing. She does something with her wand, and suddenly, my legs begin to float above the ground. Just seconds after, I'm really flying. I soar through the air until Spellcaster lifts herself up and joins me in the air. I take her hand and twirl her around. "Want to dance?" I whisper.


"Well, what about jalapeno peppers? Or the Devil Pepper?" Burn asks. I shrug as I watch him gulp down multiple.^ "^Ohhh, you mean the ghost pepper? Those are SO good!^" I exclaim while snaching a few from the table. I swallow them. They're so good. I sigh. I feel bored. 


Aspen is gone now. She doesn't exist so we could make room for Spellcaster. I feel even more alone than before. I stand up and walk down the hallway, and take a turn into somewhere I don't know. I walk through a door and find a secret room, hidden away from the chaos. I see books and food. I pick up 'Lord of the Flies' and sit down with a bottle of water. 

submitted by Evan&Dallas&Adrian
(December 1, 2020 - 5:40 pm)

(Also Nerd, complications, I'll keep Spellcaster for the ball, and then you can keep her after the ball. K?)


I turn a burgundy red and reply, "Of course." At the same time, I point my wand into the air, and a thousand fireflies begin surrounding the clearing, glowing a purple-ish color. 


I laugh, reaching for some more, then popping them in my mouth again.  


-I find myself in a room with another Alter Ego much older than me. I recognize them as Adrian. giving myself a second, i ask, 'uh so your sibling aspen doesnt exist anymore, right. how does it feel since ive never experienced that.' after a few minutes of silence i decide that im better off asking ocean or somebody else, so i quietly excuse myself, flying out of the room to go somewhere else- 

submitted by Spell&Burn&Breeze
(December 2, 2020 - 1:03 am)

(Nightfall, that's what I was planning :) ) 


<"Of course." She says, sending purple fireflies into the sky. I watch as the flit around before taking her hand and spinning her around in a circle. We start to dance while floating in the air. I've never done anything like this before. I smile, trying to calm my own nerves. Somehow, I manage to trip over my own foot and send myself flying towards the ground. I land on my back and start laughing uncontrollably. The ground feels different. I just stay there, trying to stop laughing.> "<I'm sorry.>" I say inbetween breaths. "<I'm not very good.>" And then I start laughing again. 


Burn starts laughing while he eats even more of the peppers. I reach for a slice of pizza and end up eating like five. I don't know what to say. I get bored, and sit down in a near by chair.


Someone comes in and I set the book down and try to sink into the chair.  'uh so your sibling aspen doesnt exist anymore, right. how does it feel since ive never experienced that.' The person-Breeze- says. They start to leave before I can even answer. "i-it's d-different. i-i feel more a-a-l-lone." I whisper even though I think their already gone. 

submitted by Evan&Dallas&Adrian
(December 2, 2020 - 11:47 am)


[I laugh as well, floating towards the ground, and, grabbing Evan's hand, pull him up towards the sky, and beginning to dance again.]


I walk away, humming, because almost all the food is gone, and there's nothing more I can do. 


-I pop my head back in.- "-Ah, I see, sorry, because Nightfall's leaving, and Spellcaster's going with Nerd's AEs...-" -I trail off in thought, thinking about Spellcaster's calm personality, and how she would always calm us down after an argument, then pop my head outside, sit down, and the tears leak down my cheeks. And then Nightfall's thinking about getting rid of Burn, and then~ I can't stand it anymore, and I just cry, crying, not thinking about anything else in the world. I'm literally sobbing at this point.-


submitted by Spell&Burn&Breeze
(December 5, 2020 - 11:43 pm)

(Side note~ Evan is now Bold Italics and Dallas is bold.)


Spellcaster pulls me up and we keep dancing in the air. I watch my feet carefully, trying not to trip again. I look up and smile at her, watching as the moonlight hits her purple hair, making it glow like an amythist. We continue to dance in silence, Spellcaster guiding, around the air.  


The chair gets boring so I get up and try to find Adrian. Eventually, I pass another AE that I know, Breeze, who is sobbing. I shrug, and follow where she left. I enter some sort of secret room, finding Adrian basically blending in with the chair. I sigh. 'Introverts' I think. I walk over and pull them out of the chair. "What did I tell you about hiding?" I say. "You are the," I pause. Nerd and her Les Miserables has infected my own brain. I don't WANT to say 'Master of the House'. "You are the oldest AE now. You are the one in charge. No more hiding." "I'm not an Extrovert like you, Dallas. Hiding in the couch is my way of 'socializing'. What are you doing in here anyways? Don't you have a party you're supposed to be at?" They reply. I think about this. Why am I in here? I really don't know. 


Dallas doesn't respond. For the first time in my life, I realize, maybe he's actually thinking about something. I smile, weakly.  

submitted by Evan&Dallas&Adrian
(December 7, 2020 - 12:27 pm)

Name: Jenna

CBer: Lizardo

Gender: she/her

Personality: Calm, quiet, shy, kind, etc.

Outfit/Appearance: dark blue shirt with a gray sweater and black pants

Shipping: yes? I guess?

Other: Nope


Name: JJ 

CBer: Lizardo

Gender: he/him

Personality: mischievous, rarely takes things seriously, friendly

Outfit/Appearance: Green t-shirt (hehe it's winter and I'm wearing a t-shirt HAHA I NEVER GET COOOOLLD *shivers*)

Shipping: I guess, ok

Other: He's evil.

 No, I'm not!!!

yes, you are.

Hmph. Are we taking Deku? 

<bring meeee pleas eeeee>

Ok, fine.

<thank youuu> 

submitted by Lizardo and AEs
(November 28, 2020 - 10:05 am)


i pat Meoki and glance around. its starting to fill up and suddenly, i see Hunter, who is halfway up the far wall, clingiiing to the stone with a grin on his face. i run over, placing meoki down who is now staring at a hige pegasus-wait what?-i shake my had and plow towerds hunter. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????!?!!!!" i yell at him. he almost falls, and i cringe. he dosent awncer and keeps on climbing. i stomp my foot in frusteration and look around. Mav stilll isnt here and im getting antsy, just wanting to be with somone who wont annoy me.



i step outside because it getting WAY to crowded in there. i lean against a tree and sigh, wishing to just be at home on the couch binge watching Secret Celeberty Sisters. i go back inside and go over to the refreshments table and grab a glass of punch sitting against the wall.



*Arg. climbing this wall is harder then i thought. i had loaded a backpack with baloons and a mini water hose. i grab for a crevice in the rock and pull myself up. i reach up and feel the refters abouve me. i pull myself up and crouch down, maving sure noone sees me. the ballons are full, and im aiming at a boy with dark orange hair. i throw it in one graful movment and it fling through the air, smaking him in the back of the head and drenching him with water. he whirles around and i grab six, droping them down below. everyone was bewilered and them out of the shodows emeraged mable. the was sopping wit with bits of bollon stuck to her fur. and she looked ferious. i droped the last two and started laughing, when suddenly i lose my ballence and fall. i scream and quickly a huge pegasouse flies up to my and catches me on his back.*



•the pegasus lowers down and drops Hunter of onto the floor. wow. i curl up in the windowsill again and fall asleep.• 

submitted by The nok Crew, age 17 14 & 15
(November 28, 2020 - 7:56 pm)


Hunter, NoOneKnow's AE, blasts Burn on the top with a water hose or something. Oh, Hunter will be very sorry when he faces my wrath. Hah. I shift into an angel, and with a burst of speed, catch up so I'm right next to the pegasus. 

"Hunter, am I right? I'm Timeshifter." I say, floating alongside the pegasus, laughing as I do a little twirl.

"Listen, I'll team up with you if you don't hurt my siblings or their ships." I roll my eyes towards Burn, Breeze, Ocean, Spellcaster, and Evan. 

I twirl my glass hourglass pendant around my neck, continuing, "I have shapeshifting and time-stopping powers. And I'm very sure Ocean or Burn or whoever will be...ah, let's say...forced, to team up with me. And if you don't..." I make a clicking sound with my tongue. "Let's put it as....oh, defeated in this little war or whatever." All this time, we're floating to the floor, and when we reach the floor, I gracefully shift into a cat, then back into a human. "I give you 5 seconds to decide. 5....4....3..."


SOMEONE HIT ME HOW DARE THEY!!! Timeshifter is flying...ladie...who cares, *yawn* 

submitted by Timeshifter&Burn
(November 28, 2020 - 10:10 pm)

Ugh. This party is already going to the dogs. There's a waterfight going on, someone's tearing up curtains, I think there's a pegasus somewhere around here. All I wanted to do was tell someone about my latest film. I stand in the middle of the room. Everywhere I look there's people talking and having fun. I wish that I could be like them. All I ever talk about is movies, and my own CBer and CAPTCHA hate me. I wish that I had friends, but I know it could never happen. I'll just sit by myself until the party's over, and then go home, just like every other time. I walk over to a secluded corner, where no-one seems to be. I'm lucky -- this seems to be the only spot where there aren't other Alter Egos.

"Hello!" a voice rings out. Turns out I wasn't as lucky as I thought I was. 

(Question: Who's talking to Orson?)

submitted by Orson, at the party
(November 29, 2020 - 12:23 pm)


Yes, this is chaotic. But Im SO HAPPY we're here! I stroll around with my soccer ball, thinking of what to do. There's someone in a corner- Ooh, he (excuse me if I got it wrong) seems uncomfortable! I find Firefly and pull her over, then shout at the AE.
"Hello!" I say. He turns and seems to groan. Whatever! Firefly needs a friend!
"Hi, I'm Faith! This is Firefly, you are..." I don't know what to say now. My energy has depleted and I'm starting to feel very awkward-


To my horror, Faith brings me over to another AE. She is bent and determined to have me talk, but I wont say anything! Especially not to this guy! He looks mad...
"Hi, I'm Faith! This is Firefly, you are..." I wince. Faith is loosing steam. 
"Orson." He says. I try to smile. What next?


Bakerloo, feel free to ignore this interaction :D

Also, no spellcheck 'cause why not

submitted by Firefly and Faith
(November 29, 2020 - 1:49 pm)

Come on Tux!

NEVER! I will never talk to people!

I thought you wanted to dance with that daylily whatever.

Dancing requires a connection. Establishing a connection requires social interaction. A social interaction requires talking and i will NEVER talk to people!

*sigh* Let's just leave then.

That is literally what i wanted this whole time! Lets get out of- Omigosh! WHo is THAT?

I dont know-Hold my cocoa.

*sigh* I'm sorry Olive. 

submitted by Howdee and tux, the winters ball.
(December 2, 2020 - 8:09 am)

2020 a winters ball.


submitted by Howdee And co., age 13, Who wants to know?
(November 30, 2020 - 7:46 am)

*Howdee is in fact holding tux's cocoa* 

*And drinking it*


hi. where's tux?

You know she doesn't like you!



That was mean rodney.

It was. I'm sorry. Allow me to apologize...


IN SONG! you can apologize by not singing.

Okay okay, FINE. We wanna dance!

i'll introduce you two.

Name: Rodney! 

Cber: Howdee! 

Gender: Male for now! 

Personality: I'm annoying! I like to sing...And dance.. and tell silly jokes...And SING!

Outfit: I Bought a new mask today! One a those golen ones! And a rainbow tuxedo and new BOOTS! Skirt was to expensive so i bought purple pajama pants! Like em? Eh? Eh?

You look great! why do you hate good fashion?

Shipping: I'm pan! I'll dance with anyone nice! Like you howdee! Wanna dance? Eh? EEEEHHHH?! 

Thanks. But no.

Okay! That russian emu! RODNEY! AWAAAAYYYY *voice echoes into infinity as rodney jumps at a well dressed emu*

Name: smiley.

Cber: howdee. unfortunately.

Gender: nonbinary. i prefer them or they.

personality: normal compared to him.

you like rodney too don't you. NO. Yes you doooo. i hate you.

Personality: i tend to be more withdrawn. if you wanna psychoanalyze howdee then rodney is a mask of being an introvert that he wears and i'm the introvert underneath.

Outfit. dark blue dress so as not to match my shot,light blue hair. combat boots seemed to be a trend so i bought some.

wait. Those are tux's boots. don't tell her.

Shipping: She's pan And desperate. i'm not desperate. 

You are crushing on rodney. That is the definition of desperate.

he's charming,okay? No he isn't! Like, at all!


Okay! Go have fun!


* Smiley is awkwardly flirting with some girl and Rodney is Trying to chat up a very disinterested but very well dressed russian emu* 




submitted by Howdee And co., the winters ball.
(December 2, 2020 - 10:56 am)

*extrovert. Mask of an extrovert.

Honestly i can just see the admins facepalming at my spelling mistakes and frustration enveloping them when they can't fix them.

Sorry guys. 

submitted by Howdee And co., the winters ball.
(December 2, 2020 - 12:57 pm)
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