Hey all, I

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Hey all, I

Hey all, I just wanted to pop in. So yes, I ghosted. I’m terribly sorry. I have kinda a busy life right now... I guess we all do XP. But I’ll probably be on more, as my family will be full-on quarantining for two weeks pre-Christmas so we can spend Christmas with my grandparents! How’s everybody doing? Did you have a good Halloween? How’s school? I’ll try to be a bit more active, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be on much. Bye for now!



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(November 16, 2020 - 8:52 pm)

HI, Dolphin. Well, glad you're back! I know that for me school is great. I'm busy all the time, which means I'm never bored. I've been homeschooled my whole life, but I really love my school. I actually don't celebrate Halloween.Frown But over all, I'm great. 

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DOLPHIN! Is Coral there? Can she come to the Winter Ball? 

Also, hi! 


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Hi Stargirl! I think I can... I mean, I’m sure I can, but I won’t post a lot... but of course I’ll come! I missed you!•

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(November 17, 2020 - 6:29 pm)

Hey Dolphin! That's awesome that you get to see your family. I got to see my grandma for a bit, but other than that we're a l o n e :( Anyway welcome back!

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Dolphin! *tackle hugs* Lalala! I missed you! This is PygmyOwl, I changed my name. Mostly because I love the location "yonder" and I don't feel like it fits with PygmyOwl, actually. I'm doing good, my Halloween was actually pretty fun, I had a socially distanced movie night with NerdFace (she's my friend in real life, I introduced her to the CB a few weeks ago.) Schools doing fine, boring as it has been all year, but looking up. Would you like some vegan, allergin free Welcome Back chocolate?


Abcde, stop yelling. I'm sure Shaow is here, and you would benfit everyone by not blowing up our eardrums. 

Liddy says fzwip. Fz. Work-in-progress. Could fz mean fez? One of those hats with the tassles? Liddy, are you making a tassle-hat?


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Dolphin! *tackle hugs* it's great to see you! I'm supposed to be on hiatus right now, but I'm glad you're coming back for a bit! Oh, and Halloween wasn't the best for me this year bc I basically did nothing, and neither is school to be honest, but overall life is pretty good. How about you?

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Dolphin! Hi! I was wondering where you were, welcome back! Wow, I'm impressed that you're completely quarantining, I don't think I would have the resilience. Anyway, welcome back, hopefully see you around!

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*Tackle Hugs everyone back*  Thanks for all the greetings!! I’m glad to be back! 

»Hi Abcde! Are you going to the Winter Ball? Because if Coral is going that means I can too...« 

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(November 18, 2020 - 4:57 pm)

Welcome back, Dolphin! It's great to see you! I had a fun Halloween with my best friend. How was yours?

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