New AEs! Hi

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

New AEs! Hi

New AEs! 

Hi everyone! Here they are, Faith and Firefly! They're really anxious to get out of the house-

Okay, lets just get this over with-

Name: Firefly

Age: Around 15-16

Gender/Pronouns: Genderfae (shifting between genders but never accompanies feeling masculine). They/them or she/her.

Speaks In: Italics

Personality: Calm and motherly, the peacemaker in every situation. They have a tendency to forget what they were saying and space out occasionally, also a messy insomniac and barely squeezes in two hours of sleep a day. They get angry occasionally but squeeze it down quickly, only showing a small flash of anger before smoothing over their face.

Appearance: Firefly has wavy honey brown hair that occasionally looks more golden or brown, cut to their shoulders and brushed daily, although a number of knots manage to sneak in. Their skin is tanned, and they have dim golden freckles on their cheeks. Sprouting from their hair are two firefly antenna, which glow softly and illuminate their face with a soft golden light. Firefly normally wears a mustard-yellow turtleneck sweater over a yellow tank top, with high-waisted mom jeans that have little firefly designs on the sides in yellow-brown thread. They have ankle boots made from brown fabric, with golden laces and brown socks. They're tall and willowy, and they get cold easily.

Powers/Abilities: When needed, they can glow- like surrounding-themselves-in-a-yellow-light glow. Also they can use their Pathmaking abilities and Find the way to any place (like say they were lost, they could Find the way to the house)

Shipping: Firefly is lesromantic, but they need to get to know the person first. Open to girls their age.


Name: Faith

Age: 14

Gender/Pronouns: They use any pronouns and don't have a pinned-down gender. Closest to female, so she/her will work. They honestly don't care, though.

Speaks In: Bold

Personality: Messy and loud. She love hearing people talk and is very ADHD, energetic, and wild. But she has trouble starting, continuing, and finishing conversations. They prefer to let others talk and chime in with a laugh or agreement. Her temper is loud and angry, so she explodes sometimes and occasionally spams the AE chat with 'jkhkejdgeldglehriugfrf!' when she's angry. 

Appearance: Faith has messy blonde hair with electric-blue tips. It's done in a pixie cut but she grew it out so it's around chin-length. She has pale skin (although she's trying to tan it) with rosy cheeks and a daring grin. She's a little shorter than average height, with slightly broad shoulders and big feet. Faith wears bright clothes, such as blue tank tops with silver headbands and white shorts. Also, she goes barefoot or wears bright green flip flops. 

Powers/Abilities: She plays soccer. That's it. She doesn't have any powers but is constantly begging me to gift her one.

Shipping: Closed, but she's a flirt and loves hanging with people. Demil and omni-pan, preferring enby folks.


Thats it! They're super excited to meet y'all-

Hi everyone Im *clears throat* Faith!

Hello, Alter Egos, my name is Firefly. 

Does anyone else play soccer? Can we start a team?!?!


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Hi guys! *waves energetically* Welcome welcome welcome! Have lots of fun!
Hello, my name is Zitelle (female, 13 or 14). The energetic fellow is Xeix (genderfluid, 12), and the one moping in the corner is Glass (CAPTCHA, male, 6). Braoin (male, 8-16) is elsewhere. Robbie (male, 18) is in the kitchen making cookies.
Yeah, want some?
+are they nice?+
Uh-oh, we gotta go. Read you 'round!

Hmm. Glass just cussed out some guy named Ro. 
Also, I think that there is the most official introduction my AEs have ever got.  

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Hi Faith and Firefly! You guys have really pretty names. <3 I'm the Text Heart Prince, but you can call me Prince!

Whaddup guys, it's me Maverick. 

<3 Prince and Maverick 

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I believe we introduced ourselves on the AE chat, but we'll do it again! I'm Bean, it's lovely to meet you. Firefly, we seem fairly similar, maybe we could be friends!

I'm Ace, what's up?

And I'm Harper, it's nice to meet you. Welcome to the CB!

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Hi Faith and Firefly!! Faith, I play soccer! We should definitely start a team!! What position do you play?

Wouldn't that be fun. Hello, Faith and Firefly, I'm Diana! It's lovely to meet you. Arrow, say hi.

Mmmm, hey. 

That's it?


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Hello! Hey! I'm Arya! How are you? It's nice to meet you two! Wanna hang out? What do-

Arya. Stop.



(Ok, well, Hi! Anyways, I'm Grace!)


I'm Phoenix Gray. Call my Gray.

(It was great to meet you all)



Ok can we go now?




K bye. 


Tumble says okpve. Ok-p eve? What? You're confusing sometimes- 

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