Hey guys! *waves

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Hey guys! *waves

Hey guys! *waves nervously* Gosh, it's been so long. *starts singing "what did I miss" from Hamilton*

So uh, as some of you probably noticed, I dropped off the face of the CB awhile back. I don't remember when it was, really. I didn't mean to leave. I just sort of drifted away slowly. Months went by. When I thought about checking in, I got overwhelmed. I had been gone so long, and I felt a bit guilty, and surely I had missed so much, and it felt like a lot to catch up on. And life was--and is--busy. And hard. And 2020 has been a wild ride for everyone, which didn't help. So I pushed it aside.

I've been meaning to check in for awhile, so here I finally am. I've missed this place, and you guys, so much. I see a few familiar faces, and a lot of new ones! How are you all? How are things on the CB? And what about you, Admins?

As for me, nothing very exciting has been going on, but I'll give a few updates. I'm 16 now, and no, I don't have my license or my permit yet, but I'm hoping to get my permit soon. I'm still homeschooling, I'm a junior this year, and school is so much harder. It is, in fact, destroying my already deteriorating mental health, heh heh. Some of you might know that Leafy and I have kept in touch while I was away, and we talk regularly now. She's become one of my closest friends. :) I took a pretty long hiatus from writing, a several month break after I finished redrafting my novel in the spring. I've been keeping up with art and I'm now thinking of pursuing it as a career. I dyed my hair blue in the summer (it's still murky green on the ends lol) and I've become very active on another website and have almost 200 followers. I'm starting to get into writing poetry again. And I'm very excited for Christmas!

I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but I'm going to try to be active on this thread, at least. I'm glad to see that my Random Thoughts thread is still going strong, haha. Maybe I'll post on the art and poetry threads, who knows. 

It's good to be home. <3


It's good to hear from you, Leeli! We Admins are all fine. Our whole staff has been working from home since last spring. We're staying well, but miss seeing each other in person.


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*swings cane* *struts* headfirst into a politicallll abyss, headfirst, into the abyss

Welcome back tho Beansie :D 

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I had my first CB check-in today (chikaplow) I guess I better think of something to say, I've already gone to the back page to top thisss (what-did-i-miss)


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What did you miss?

What did you miss?

Just my entire introduction i guess!

It's nice to meet you,Howdy my name is howdee!

And i'm here to make the chatterbox rowdy!

Always nice to see somebody comin' back like This.

what did you miss

What'd you miss? 

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Ahh I love that xP

Nice to meet you Howdee! 

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Leeli Wingfeather's comin hooooooome 

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Leeli! Oh my goodness, I'm so honored to meet you! 

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Ah, and I'm honored to meet you as well! <3

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LEELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII— *tackle hugs* I miss you so much!! <3 <3 It's so nice to see you again. That's really cool that you're keeping up your art! I'd love to see some of it. This year is super stressful, especially during your junior year! Good luck, and I'm so happy to see you back. <3

<3 Fidelity 

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FIDELITY *accepts and returns tackle hug* I miss you too and it's so nice to see you again! Hopefully I'll get to post some things on the art thread while I'm here. ;) How've you been?

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Ahh, the legendary Leeli is back!! It's so cool that you've been able to talk with Leafy, and I totally get you about school- I HATE online at this point. Hope you get through ok. And I really think you could be an artist, I've seen some of your stuff and it's amazing.

See ya around, maybe <3 

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Aw thank you! That means a lot to me. And I'm honored that you think I'm legendary :3 It's lovely to meet you! <3

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Leeli! Hello! I already said hi on NaNo, but I figured I would again. It's so good to see you back :D

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Welcome back Leeli!!! Cool, I'm 16 too!

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