making an AE?

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making an AE?

making an AE?

does anyone have tips on making AEs? I'd like to make one, but I don't know how to start.


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(December 29, 2020 - 3:02 pm)

Well I don't know much about making an AE but I know something about making characters. One of the best ways to start is to give them a full and complete name. Research it a bit. Make sure you have a strong solid name as a base.

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For me, Mid kinda just... appeared... under the name of Shadow. He was basically just my way of talking to myself within my posts.

Gradually, he developed a personality, which stemmed from one trait: pessimism. He's actually nothing like that anymore, but that's how it started, one trait.

Blaze came about the same way- I basically decided that if Mid was going to be pessimism, I need optimism too, so Blaze was my optimism. 

Ofc, they are both wayyyyyyy different now, but I suggest starting with one trait, you can always develop them more later :) 

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My AEs are basically dramatized fragments of my personality. Scarlett is my extroverted, confident side-

Did someone say my name?

Yes, but we don't need you. Anyway, and Alyssa is my introverted and sometimes rude side.

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Haha, I've made seven different AEs over 2.5 years. Hold my butterbeer ;D

What I would advise you not to do is focus on making a regular character. Always keep in mind the fact that AEs embody you. Also consider lots of aspects of an AE's personality , character, and relation to you- how do they act around other AEs? What do they like to do? If they have AE siblings, how do they treat them? How do they treat you? How do their actions reflect what they think and feel? 

Related advice- take it slowly. Don't rush to answer all of those questions. Remember, a really good AE is a well-rounded character who reflects you!

If you create something about your AE that you aren't satisfied with, don't worry. The option to change your AEs is always there. I would constantly update and change my AEs!

Most of all, do whatever satisfies you. This is your character and your personality. I could give you a lot of advice, but ultimately who your AE is and how you create them is completely up to you. Good luck! 

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Thanks for the tips, everyone! you've all been very helpful. :)

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(December 30, 2020 - 11:16 am)

I would recommend taking some time to develop your AEs. I've been on the CB for nearly 3 years and I only released my AEs 9 month ago. Start with one or two AEs to start! You can always add a third. Keep in mind that there are no rules for AEs! The wackier the better. My favorite AEs are the ones with unique features and weird attributes. AEs are so much fun to make, good luck! <3

<3 Fidelity 

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I’ve been on the CB for about a year, and I’m just now starting to figure out my AEs. I’d suggest taking it slowly. If you search online for ‘character sheets for writers’ you could try filling one of those out to flesh out your AE. Let’s see. Coral took a bit of time, but she was the easiest. She’s sensible and mature, but also worries a bit too much. Jewel is my lovable, childish, stand up for others side. She’s basically Sunny from WoF. Shaow is the shy, strong, and internally troubled one, but they’re my favorite. And Stella is the weird, goth, popular one. I’m thinking about another one, bold, optimistic, loves everyone, but that’s not really me, so whoever they are might never exist. Hopefully this helps! And remember, no one can tell you what your AEs should be. They’re yours. You get to choose who they are. Read you around! 





Whoa. Rigel just said upayy. What the heck am I paying for? This is disturbing. 

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