New Years Resolutions!

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New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions!

What are all of your New Years Resolutions this year? (If you have any. if you don't thats okay! It's cool to just let yourself vibe). 

My New Years Resolution is to be more organized and focused. Focusing is pretty hard for me, especailly because I have A.D.D, but I'm not going to let it control me.  I think I'm also going to clear up my space, I have far too many clothes and things and it gets really overwhelming when I try to clean my room. 

I also REALLY need to improve my grades so that I don't have to go back to in-person school. 


No one asked, Dylan. 

Too bad. My new years resolution is to become king of a random tiny island in India or something. 

Won't happen. 

Blair, you say that now, but just you wait... I bet your resolution is boring. 

My resolution, as of now, is to spend less time with you. Anyways, whats your resolution Sage? 

Well, probably to be in the moment more, and not dwell on my past as much. C'mon Blair, don't roll your eyes, it's a nice resolution.  


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(January 2, 2021 - 11:51 am)

My New Year Resolution is to journal every single day!

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(January 2, 2021 - 12:51 pm)

Mine's working on my music, art, and writing more! Working on my social skills wouldn't hurt either... What about you four?

{Oh, well I'm planning world domination with Masquerade, Jamboree, Caleb Morse, Ivan the Russian Emu, and Sojokeeynis!}

:( Sonia! You can't just say our super-duper extra shushy plans out loud! How are we going to get out of this mess!? ):

{ It will be alright, Caleb. It's not like anyone can stop us at this point, we have Freak's AE's on our side... But still, Jamboree, convince them to not call the military.}

{ Right! Dylan, we can give you India! Sage can have England, and Blair can have Scotland or Ireland, whichever you prefer! }

That's... A very ambitious plan you guys. I'm sure you can do it...! :D

thiss iswhy idont givet hemco ffeee

Preach it, Zyyxx. 

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Hi Vera! My resolutions are:

- work on triple pirouettes 

- perfect my pose turns en pointe  

- get splits on right side, and improve splits on my right

- work more on writing  


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I do not have any New Year's Resolutions, because I will not let society's conformations of a pretty boring holiday get to me!

That sounded very . . . noble. I'm impressed with myself.



I just realized I posted on Dolphin's hiatus/New Year's Resolution thread, but those were goal in general that I have had for a while, so I'm going to decide they don't count.

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(January 2, 2021 - 1:47 pm)

My resolution is to eat more vegtables. And then I'll steal all your vegetables. Of course you will.

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(January 3, 2021 - 5:34 am)

My New Years resolutions are:

Be able to do a middle split / get better at right and left splits

Get better at drawing, especially shading

Learn how to speak / write in Elvish (the Tolkien kind)

Eat as little meat as possible 

That's all for now, but I might have more later.  


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(January 3, 2021 - 12:25 pm)

Hey everyone!

My new years resolutions are...

Filling a whole journal

Getting customers for my business

And reaching out to other people in my class and neighborhood.  I really need some more friends. 

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(January 3, 2021 - 10:04 pm)

Oh! And one more thing,

Starting to do yoga 

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(January 3, 2021 - 10:06 pm)

OMG @oaklynn s, same here! I want to start doing more yoga, too.

Some other resolutions:

Learn how to roller blade

Do more of what makes me happy :)

finish the rough draft of the novel I"m writing

Smile more!

~~ RAINBOW (she/her) 

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(January 4, 2021 - 12:03 pm)

What buisness?

My resolutions are to do at least 10 push ups every day, journal every day (which is not going to well I keep missing one day at a time) and trying to be as nice as I possibly can.

~H. Magnolia~ 

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(January 4, 2021 - 12:43 pm)

It's time for New Year's resolutions! Olive you go first.

I--what--why me?! Ugh. *grumbling* uh, my New Year's resolution is to not change one bit. *mic drop*

You don't HAVE a mic TO drop!! I suppose I can go....*dramatic sigh* I resolve to only use makeup products that are not tested on animals.

But you already do--

*duct tapes Olive's mouth* and, I suppose, to be a little more empathetic. Not that I'm not already empathetic, but just a little more. Like an inch more--

*mmph* *mmmmh*

*Rips off duct tape* what is it? (Wow, I'm being so empathetic already!)

Thanks for taking that off. Imma leave now--

Don't you have something important to say?

Nah, I'm leaving that to you *disappears*

HMPH. I guess I'll get the other AEs...OTHER AES, GET OVER HERE!

>I'm here! What's up?<

New Year's resolutions!

>oooh COOL! Ummm...uh....<

*sigh* Mabel, you go.


Uh, okay...*sighhh*

>Um...I resolve to, less shy...:)<

Great! While Penny is...STILL thinking, Floofy, you go.

Iiiii rslve toobe aaaaa pegss

That doesn't count! You already ARE a pegasus!

Onlyy smtms


He means "only sometimes."


>ooh, what drama!! Anyway, I resolve to be AWESOME!<

*looks like she's about to punch something* *takes a deep breath* NEVERMIND! Forget ittt...I'm CLEARY the only AE who can--*muffled yells*

>Wellll I took over from Giselle, SORRY GISELLE! This is cool! Um, what should I do?<

Our New Year's resolutions are DONE. Let's just go.  

Okay, but I get to say the post was from me.

why? You didn't--

HEY! Get out of the age box Olive.

hmph. You are the worst sister ever. 

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(January 4, 2021 - 3:24 pm)

my new years resolution is to practice cello every day! 

mine is to discover an alternate reality.

not gonna happen.

you dont know that! 



thats a weird new years resolution. 

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