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Climate Change

Climate Change

Every single day about 200 species go extinct. Every day 15.1 trillion pounds of green house gasses are released into the atmosphere. Every year 750 billion tons of ice melt in the artic. Every year there are about 64,100 wildfires every year. In Israel the average October tempiture is currently 66 degrees. To you this may seem small and unimportant compared to COVID, but this is only the begining.

If things continue going at this rate than all the ice in the Artics will melt, releasing huge amounts of CO2 and Methane. These gasses will heat the world at allarming rates. That will only be the start of the terror.  There will be droughts and fire in some parts of the world, floods and monsoons in others. Islands are going to disappear off the face of Earth. The US's GDP will drop by 36%, or about 22,000 dollars. About 1/3 of the world will be unlivable.

Then if all continues the way it is now, in about the year 2080 there will be a giant dust bowl like event that will cover the world with dust. The food supplies will drop drastically, and everyone who does't live in Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, or Alaska will die. After that the temperature of  the world will sky rocket, and by the year 2150 Earth will be just like Venus. The oceans will evaporate and Earth's daytime temperature will be 230f while in the night it will be -230f. We need to act now to save our world from this dystopia!   

If we cut down Earths carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, we will receive enough time to stop all of this. These next nine years aren't years to sit down on our butts. These are nine years to take action, and save our planet.

Those of you who don't believe me can PM me on NaNo and I'll share with you resources that I used to create this. 

Please disscuss Climate Change, Global Warming, and other dangers our world faces here



I can't take time to check all the specifics of this comment, but I'm posting it because I believe climate change is a very real issue. MoonHalo, would you please send another comment listing your sources? Thank you.


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My sources:

National Geographic, New York Times, NASA, NPR, ZeroHour, Greenpeace and a few others. 

Thank you!


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topping because this is important

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topping to save the world! climate change is no joke. more topping and help sources soon. TOP.

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Yes. Yes yes yes yes and yes. We need this thread. Maybe people on here can also talk about what they can do to help stop climate change? I've donated to a charity called Earthjustice. They describe themselves as "earth's lawyers". Basically, they're a bunch of really skilled lawyers who go into court to preserve the planet. Since I can't post a link to another website, I'll copy and paste the info from the "How We Work" page.


As expert legal strategists, we take on the big environmental fights—high-stakes cases where we can have an enduring impact—and stick with them until we win.

HIGH STAKES: Will something significant be lost or gained?

LANDMARK IMPACT: Will a positive ruling set a powerful precedent for other cases and help set national policy across the country?

STRONG PARTNERSHIPS: Will the lawsuit help build strong, lasting partnerships with diverse local and/or national groups?

UNIQUE EXPERTISE: Can Earthjustice leverage its expertise and resources to add value to a case in a unique way?


We rely on five cornerstone laws to achieve big wins for the environment:


Earthjustice uses the Endangered Species Act to protect imperiled species and their habitats. Retired Earthjustice attorney Mike Sherwood pioneered this important work with precedent-setting efforts in the 1970s and 1980s to protect West Coast salmon and the palila bird. After decades of work, we’ve secured endangered species protection for more than a thousand plants and animals—and our fights continue in defense of wolves, grizzly bears, bowhead whales, salmon and a host of other creatures.


Earthjustice wields the Clean Air Act to protect everybody’s right to breathe. Our ongoing efforts to reduce harmful air pollutants such as mercury, soot, ozone and lead have yielded clean air standards that save tens of thousands of lives annually and reduce the health care costs associated with breathing dirty air by billions of dollars. Our current efforts include desperately needed reductions in ozone and the toxic pollution burden emitted by oil refineries and other heavy industry. Our litigation also helped establish the first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants.


Earthjustice uses the Clean Water Act to ensure the nation’s waters are clean and safe for drinking, fishing, swimming, wildlife habitat and other uses. We helped establish the precedent that water is a public trust, not private property, and have achieved critical victories for waterways throughout the United States. Current cases include ongoing efforts to save Florida’s waterways from choking due to toxic slime, replenish Hawaiʻi stream flows, and keep fracking chemicals out of our water supplies.


Earthjustice harnesses National Forest Management Act to keep the nation’s wild forests from becoming lumber and pulp. We’ve scored huge victories that safeguard wildlife habitat, waterways and recreation in our national forests—including our decade-long defense of the Roadless Rule, which protects more than 50 million acres of beautiful national forest from development. We’re now working to preserve the Tongass—the gem of the national forest system—and ensure sound management of forestlands in the Sierra Nevada and throughout the country.


Earthjustice uses the National Environmental Policy Act, the law that requires environmental impact statements for projects permitted by the federal government, in a broad range of our work. It is a thread that runs through our efforts to protect public lands and waterways, stop genetically modified food, keep oil companies from ravaging the Arctic, and defend endangered species, among many other things.


If you want to help by donating to a charity, keep this in mind: It might seem more logical to donate a little to each cause, twenty bucks to clean the ocean, ten to preserve a certain island, and fifteen to stop pollution. But in reality, it's not. Much of that money gets eaten up by processing costs (the costs of taking in the money, sorting it out, etc.) So of your twenty bucks to clean the ocean, only ten might go to the actual cause. And of the ten to the island, only five, and of the fifteen to stop pollution, only ten. So that way, only 25 out of 45 dollars would actually make it to a cause. But if you gave all 45 to only one cause, 35 would make it there. 

If that didn't make sense, I can totally clarify. I'm not so great at explaining that kind of stuff.

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Ooh, this is great!! I'm very interested in saving the earth, so I'm glad this thread was made. And Earthjustice sounds amazing, because we probably can't save the planet without having laws and the government on our side! I'll check it out. Also, the tip about donating to I never thought about it that way, but I guess it makes sense!

Has anyone done anything to help stop climate change irl? I've been in a Envronmental Club at my school, but we didn't get to do that much before school closed for covid :( 

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I am in my schools Green Team, but we haven't done anything except pinpoint problems. Though we are currently trying to create a petion to have the local supermarket not sell things in styrofoam boxes. Styrofoam releases harmful chemicals that a horrible for our help and destroy the ozone layer.


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Yes!!! Styrofoam is super harmful and I'm so glad y'all are doing that. My old school was super small (81 students in the whole thing, 6 other kids in my grade) so I've never gotten the chance to do anything like that, but I'm planning to team up with a few other kids at my new, slightly larger school to try to make a difference.

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Correction: Health, not help

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Wow. 2080 is... Not far away. I could still be alive then. That is, if the planet doesn't get covered in a massive dust cloud.

This is so important. We need to stop the spread of global warming and climate change.

*feels small* *wishes there was something I could do* 

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Majestic Mary,

There is things you could do.Do you know who Greta Thumberg is? She is an activist who has lead so many protests and done so many things. And she is only 17! the first step to doing something is learning more about it. There are lots of books and documentaries about climate change. (There are some really REALLY depressing ones, so try to avoid those) Then you can help raise awareness about it. There was a petition in my neiboorhood to stop drilling at a community park, and it got saved.

I am saying this because most people think that there is nothing they can do about it. That is not true. I really really hope that people read this. Climate change is really, really important, and it needs to be stopped.


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And theyre going to start drilling for oil in the Arctic! WE CANT HAVE THIS ANYMORE. Why are people so stupid? Im vegetarian because of climate change, and im considerin going vegan also for this reason. The factories where they process animals for being eaten are one of the biggest facotrs in climate change. 


Sorry for anytypos, climate change makes me mad so I type fast.  

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  • Oceana. Oceana is the largest organization in the world solely devoted to marine conservation. 
  • The Ocean Conservancy. 
  • Project AWARE Foundation. 
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium. 
  • Marine Megafauna Foundation. 
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. 
  • Coral Reef Alliance. 
  • The Nature Conservancy.
  • here are some websites to help the ocean. 
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Interesting... "About 1/3 of the world will be unlivable" (MoonHalo). I was reading Revelation 8:7-12 and then saw this post, which I thought was very interesting because the verses I was reading said: 

"A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed... a great star... fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water... a third of the waters turned bitter... a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night" (Revelations 8: 7-12). (A lot of the verses I cut out, if you want to read the whole thing you can easily search it up).

What do you guys think about this? I found it extremely interesting that the verses I were reading talked about 1/3 of the world getting destroyed, and then saw this post which said "1/3 of the world will be unlivable". 

What do you think? Interesting or not?

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Yes interesting, but just a story/coincidence.

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Maybe to you, but please be respectful of those who believe it may not be.

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