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more info coming soon... 

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Hmmm... DM.... Dungeons... Dragons... I think I'm connecting the dots.

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CB D&D? YESSSS! If tats wat tis is, im joinin if i can. also my g key and h key only work sometimes tats whhy those letters are missing from some words.

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ooookkkkayyy heres the charrie sheet! if you dont know what any of this stuff is all you need to do is go to D&d beyond. (






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Race: Half-elf

Class: Monk

Backround:  Was abandoned as a child, but was adopted into a montastery. Lived and trained there for years.

Armor: IDK, you can choose

You can choose the rest like stats, weapons, and equipments.


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Oops forgot my alingment is lawful neutral

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Hey, can I still join? If not just ignore this!

Name: Sarabi

Race: Shapeshifter...? I think that’s an actual thing....

Class: Rouge

background: nobody knows.... she only tells people she trusts.

Appearance: human form is: Bronze skin, straight, dark brown hair, gold eyes, thin and strong, probably wearing shorts, a crop top, and a cloak, has two bronze chain bracelets that turn into daggers. Everything else will be described later.

armor: not much, she relies on her agility and quick healing.  


I’ll growl low in my throat and hunch over my nachos, hoping no one notices me. (And yes, nachos) 

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Oh and alignment is either neutral good or true neutral.

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This thread has preyed upon my weakness :p

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Background: Noble

Armor: Let's go with chain mail for now.  

Are you moondemon? 


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D&D?!  Yes!

Race: Dwarf

class: Bard

background: Folk Hero

armor: I'll go with scale mail for now.

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Race: ELF

class: DRUID

background: Lives in the forest, likes lizards a lot, kinda antisocial, has helped a team of a half orc and a tiefling vanquish an evil dwarf named Blight (past d&d experience)

armor:  um, idk, maybe just chain mail. I'm chaotic good btw

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Sorry, I forgot an appearance and name. 

Name: Lizlor Lightleaf

Appearance/personality:  Rough-looking, dark brown slightly long hair, wearing a green-brown-gray cloak with a hood and under that a gray tunic. Green eyes that are unnaturally bright. Antisocial, but is very defensive of his friends, although he doesn't have many. He has a soft spot for animals, and likes trees as well. 


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I've always wanted to participate in D&D, this is my first time! And because it is my first time, I have somewhat no idea what I'm doing. Please helo me along XD

Name: Slithe 

Race: Tiefling werewolf (Is this possible? I was thinking she's a tiefling but she was bitten by a werewolf so now she's got that going for her.)

Appearance: (Idk if this matters or not but I'm gonna put it in anyways) Extremely pale skin tone, white eyes, copper brown hair, two three inch long horns protrude from her hairline and curve upward, long black hooded cloak with brown fur in the hood, and black boots and gloves.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

class: Paladin 

background: Slithe hates her Infernal heritage and seeks to counteract it with the Power Of God... somehow. (Hence the paladin)

armor: Wears a breastplate and some other vital pieces of armor under her cloak, all held together by supple leather.

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cool! just gotta know what oath you have!

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starting in 2 days!

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