An Introducti

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

An Introducti

An Introduction to New Alter Egos, in the Form of a Great Work of Literary Genius, recorded by Abcde

(The scene is the living room of Morning & Alter Ego's home. Various overstuffed couches and beanbags are scattered around a worn wooden coffee table covered with books, vinyl records, and various electronic devices. The floor is a sand-colored plush carpet, with various stains, mostly from my [Abcde's] markers as I [she] attempted to color it red in a fit of anger. The curtains are open on each window, and sunlight is streaming into the room. MORNING and ABCDE are sprawled on the floor, eyes glued to mystery novels and Phantom of the Opera scrapbooks, respectively. The front door opens, creaking ominously. SIENNA and GENIVEVE PLUM enter.)

SIENNA: Hello? Is anyone home? (Tugs at a strand of their hair with one hand and their sister, GENIVEVE PLUM's shoulder with the other.)

MORNING: (Leaps up, her book falling to the ground.) Yes! Hi! Who is it?

SIENNA: Um... Sienna. And Geni.

GENIVEVE PLUM: Geniveve Plum to you.

SIENNA: (In an explanatory voice) Geniveve, legally. Plum is an assumed middle name.

GENIVEVE PLUM: But still real. My middle name is still Plum, legally or not.

SIENNA: Obviously.

ABCDE: Excuse me? Who in the world are you? WHAT in the world are you? And why are you entering my home without going through the proper procedures?

[A note from the author: These procedures are essential and long-winded, for claritiy's sake, I will just say that they include quite a bit of bowing, complementing, and groveling at my feet.]

MORNING: (Rudely interupting her favorite Alter Ego) Abcde, these are my new AEs— 

ABCDE: (Being rudely ignored) Alter Egos.

MORNING: —Sienna and Geniveve Plum. Please be nice to them.

ABCDE: I'm ALWAYS nice! I keep saying that, but no one listens to me! But remember how your last attempt at other Alter Egos turned out?

MORNING: Shush, small child.

ABCDE: I am older than you!

MORNING: Don't argue.

ABCDE: This is a civilized discussion! 

SIENNA: (Clearing throat) I don't mean to be rude, but could you possibly pause in your... civilized discussion for a few moments? It's cold out here, and Geni and I would like to come into our new home. Thank you.


ABCDE: (Visably annoyed) I AM vegan, thank you very much.

MORNING: (Ushers SIENNA and GENIVEVE PLUM into the living room) Welcome, Sienna and Geniveve Plum. This is a bit of an inconvinent time... I've been kind of lazy lately, Abcde's always lazy, and Liddy is physically seven and mentally younger... the house is a mess... I'm on hiatus, and we haven't gone out a lot... Sorry...

SIENNA: I'm the laziest person in the world, don't worry. And Geni is so introverted, she'd probably hate it if you made her go to a bunch of parties and stuff anyway.

GENIVEVE: (Hides behind her sibling)

…LIDDY: (Rushes into the room in yellow pocket dragon form and attaches herself to GENIVEVE PLUM'S leg) IIIAM LIDDY ANDII LOVEE YOUVE RYMUC HHHHH…

ABCDE: That's my sidekick. Don't touch her.



Sienna's Charrie Sheet

Name: Sienna

Age: 16

Gender/pronouns: Non-binary, they/them

Talks in: Bold-italics 

Appearance: Tall and tanned, with a peaked, perky nose and a wide smile. Their hair is sandy blonde with the roots dyed dark brown, in an overgrown pixie cut that has become more of a shaggy mess. They usually like to wear soft, oversized sweaters (usually knit by themself) over black leggings, or dark blue jeggings, or large, medium blue jeans, along with large, green sneakers with black laces.

Personality: Very calm, lazy, peacemaker, likes couches, loves potato chips and sand, hates water and is afraid of drowning, but goes to the beach a lot to be near sand because there is no desert nearby. Has assumed the role of cook in Grace's absence because Abcde doesn't want to, Liddy is too young, and Geniveve is tired of the belief that women have to cook. They also love knitting, reading books by Jaqueline Woodson, and stalking Averno on every social media site ever. 


Geniveve Plum's Charrie Sheet

Name: Geniveve Plum (Geniveve is given name, Plum is an assumed middle name)

Talks in: Bold (because I just have to choose all my introverted AEs to be in bold) 

Age: 14

Gender, pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Rarely sets foot outside, so is super pale with extremely dark brown hair with plum-colored highlights, usually in a messy bun with one short, thick braid down one side of her face. She has piercing, pale gray eyes that are magnified by large, round glasses. Wears plum-colored turtlenecks, pale blue denim overalls, a trench coat and hiking boots in Sienna's favorite shade of sand.

Personality: Extreme introvert, philosopher, Peter Singer is her idol, complete vegan, favorite color is plum, very argumentative, debating (not in official form, just a fancy word for civilized argument) is her passion, obsessed with any kind of activism she can find and is passionate about her beliefs, most humans are bad for the environment.


Admins: Thank you so much for reading through all this, I know it's kind of long. <3 

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Angel: -Calm down! Hi, I'm Angel. That's my twin Demon.-

NDF: Hi! Genieve Plum, I love the actual form of debate! Like the structure and the organization! *starts rambling* Abcde, I love red! Red is a super good color as long as it's not super saturated. Like bright. Sienna, I love potato chips too! 

Stargirl: Hi, I'm Stargirl. Nice to meet you, Genieve and Sienna.  

Orion: Hi! I'm Orion, the most~ OOF~


Chang'e: [I'm Chang'e! The Most~ OOF!!!!]


Timeshifter *who just popped in*: $Nice to meet you, everyone! NIGHT USED CAPS! RUN RUN RUNNNN! THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY ANGRY!!!!!$

*everyone runs* *Night chases after them angrily*

--Night and the Crazy Co.  

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Oh, how lovely to meet you both! I am Giselle, and I am the resident: genius, mystery novel author, nail polish enthusiast, white clothes enthusiast, therapist, poet--

ok just shut up and don't open your mouth again.

Wow. That was a low blow, Olive, especially since I am kind of the leading AE of the Honeybee Co--


OBviously I am! Honeybee starts all her AE posts with ME. I'm an iconic representative, and I expect everyone to understand that by now. 

>Ooh, can I be an iconic representative?<

No! I am the iconic representative! *stomps foot* ORDER! Let's each greet these AEs and say one kind thing to them. I'll start AGAIN: Hello, Sienna and Geniveve Plum. I am Giselle. Geniveve, I too am tired of the belief that women have to cook.

Um, Giselle, we're all trying to pull our own weight here because NO ONE likes to cook, you have to take a turn too.

Getting off topic. Try again, Olive.

Ugh. Hi, I'm Olive. 

Now one kind thing.

great job existing *slow clap*

*annoyed noises* never mind. Let's just move on.

HI I'M MABELLLLL! Noice to meet you all! You sound cool!

>Hi, I'm Lulu, and it's really, um, nice to meet you! Geniveve Plum, I am, um, also an introvert. I am also vegan, my favorite color is lavender, and I am passionate about my beliefs. Though, um, I don't really go around shouting them. Because it's physically impossible, uh, for me to shout.<

>HEY HEY HEY! You lizards sound super awesome! :D I'm Penny, and I'm excited to get to know you!<

hiiim Floof yandd iiiam gladd toooo meett youuu. Guess whatt ????? I lernd recen tlyyy thatt Iican turnn intoo aaaaa pegss 

We get it, Floofy, you're sooo proud that you can turn into a pegasus. HMPH.


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I'm Natasha! She/her. I love new people! :D

*turns to Frost* See? I did a proper introduction!

Nice job, Nat.

Hi, I'm Frost! I'm nonbinary too. They/them. I also love Averno! I've been trying to convince Starch to listen to more of their stuff. Can you believe she's only halfway through the podcast and has barely started the new musical soundtrack? *shoots stern look* 

Hello, I'm Cass. I'm only out here because I knew Frost would force me anyway. My pronouns are she/her and it's not nice to meet you. Goodbye.  

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Roryyyyyyyyyyyyyy c'mon! There's some new AEs to meet!

I don't wannaaa

Stop whining, Rory. You're not a baby.

But what if I AM

You're not. Come say hi.

Fine. Hi, I'm Rory, I like coding and sleeping and eating potato chips.

See, look! You and Sienna have something in common! 

Don't care. Wree, you should know better than to pull me out of my Raspberry Pi time.

But EVERY time is your Raspberry Pi time. You have to socialize sometimes!

Actually, I don't. 


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Just a few paragraphs of roleplaying from various AEs (Abcde and Sienna.) I'll probably use this thread as a mini Let's Play House because I'm too lazy to top stuff. I feel like these snippets have slightly darker undertones than most of my AE stuff, but I don't know.


It’s not easy being perfect, I think, as I gaze into the caliginous depths of my new sister’s mirror. It’s not a good mirror, sort of funny and murky. Distorting my beautiful features. But Sienna, my other new sibling, broke all of the other mirrors in the house. They said that they were only flattering my vanity. Sienna is going to have bad luck next Friday. When I asked why they let Geniveve Plum keep her mirror, Sienna said that this mirror was symbolic of the cruel and foggy depths of the human heart and therefore deserved to exist. I think they’re just biased because Geniveve is their biological sister and I’m not. Those two don’t understand familial feeling for people who don’t share DNA. Not like Liddy and I.

The two of us, Liddy and Abcde, are soulmates. Not romantically, of course. She’s seven years old, for heaven’s sakes! But, nevertheless, we belong together, two opposite sides of the spectrum of perfection.

I sigh. This mirror, philosophically symbolic or not, makes me look like a troll. It would be better if I didn’t look at myself at all. It’s a tragedy, of course, but we won’t be going shopping until Friday. So much will happen on Friday.

I didn’t blow up at Sienna immediately when they broke the mirrors. After all, despite what everyone claims, I am very, very nice. That’s part of being perfect. But, on Friday, Sienna will pay. Not because I have a deep, cruel love of revenge festering within my heart, of course. Just because they broke a mirror. And that means bad luck. And I can see that. Easily. Because a brilliant mind is another part of perfection.

But it’s not easy being perfect. Not easy at all.



That no good, vain, stuck up, whining daughter of a hurricane! Fie on her, and a pox on her family, Morning and that silly little Lydia-dragon! A plague on all her kin!

...Which I am now a part of. I can’t believe that such can annoying, arrogant child could ever call herself my sister. And yet, undisputedly, she is. Geni and I have been pulled into this tiny world and untidy house, hidden beneath a canopy of trees with only tiny shred of sunlight finding its way into the yard. I am a cat! I love for the sun! Without it, I am but a mere fraction of my true self.

Perhaps this is a small part of the reason why I broke Abcde’s mirrors. She deserved it, true, but I would never normally be so cruel. Sniveling wurm though she is, I would never inflict pain on her. It is only fair to be kind to those less fortunate than myself. But today, with my sunlight stolen, I cracked. I gave in to the primitive impulse of cruelty which Geni says is wired into all humans, and took away that which mattered most to my new little sister. Her reflection.

Perhaps I should do a penance. I revel I the thought. Penance. Justice. Geni is the one with the greatest passion for justice, but I believe strongly in self improvement. Perhaps I could revoke my rights for the television for a day, or postpone my exploring. But no, that would be superfluous. Abcde with surely find some way to punish me. Scum that she is. 

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It's not fair. Why do I have to squish my name into the location field?

Because you are a whining infant and you deserve it.

Be nice, Abcde!

I am very nice.

*shuffles in* Shush, all of you. I am the oldest and therefore the ruler of the universe, therefore you must obey my commands.

I was here longest.

*facepalm* Not this again! I thought this ended when Rayne moved away. 

Anyway... thank you for all the kind welcomes! You seem pretty great, Rory, maybe you could come over to my place sometime? Or maybe your house? If you have more access to sunshine? And sand?

I like pegasi.

And Frost, YAY ANOTHER AVERNO PERSON! I haven't listened to Dazed yet, with all the flurry of moving. Is it good? I wish I could do the Find Averno thing, but I don't have the right social media. ): It looks so cool, amiright?

I like mystery novels too. They are a way to channel the murky undertones of my heart without hurting anyone. Maybe I could read some of your stuff, Giselle?

While we're talking about get-togethers, Geni, you and Lulu should totally get together to talk sometime. You're like clones!

Dallas is my clone. My toenails were mixed with maggots and he was born.

I'm sure Lulu is much nicer than Dallas.

I don't want to talk to people.

You're literally talking to people. Right now.

Okay, this is getting chaotic. I'm pressing submit.

I'll beat you to it!

*presses submit* 

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New AEs! Welcome! Good to see you! Sienna and Geni (okay if I nickname you?), let me introduce you to... Spring! 

Why are we posting again?

I told you. Morning is my friend, so her AEs should be your friends.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Not sure what that has to do with anything... hey Winter! Come say hi!

H-hi everyone, nice to meet you... um... *visibly inching away from Abcde*

If I may be so bold--

Ha! Pun.

No. Pun. Intended.

Right, sorry. Carry on.

As I was saying, it seems Sienna and Abcde are enemies already. Therefore, I cannot be friends with both of them. I must pick a side. The enemy of my enemy will be my friend, and I choose my friend to be... Abcde.

Um, I pick Sienna... sorry! It's nothing personal!

No, you don't have to pick a side--

Then I suppose you, Winter, will be my enemy.

Weren't you already enemies?

I... think we should just... be friends? If that's okay?


And... cut! No more drama!


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Spring! Hello, my new friend! It is simply delightful to have another person to join the ranks of Abcde-lovers. And Winter, may I strike fear into your heart forevermore!

Hello, Winter. Did you know that Abcde has a fan club? Have you ever heard of anything so completely disgusting? She founded a fan club for herself.

It flatters her vanity.

Like mirrors.

I like mirrors! 

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Just to be abundantly clear, Abcde, I'm not a part of your fan club now. We simply share a common enemy. I'm not about to start handing out flyers and buttons. *shudders* Still, yes, I suppose we can be friends.

H-hi, Sienna! Yikes! I c-can't believe I just did that... but that is pretty disgusting, about the fan club... I mean, that's a pretty arrogant thing to do, found your own fan club... but no offense! Really!

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Of course you're not a part of your fan club. Enemy though you are, I can tell that you are sane. Her fan club is disgusting, but what else can you expect from a girl who owns over ten mirrors? 

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Hey, new AEs! Hi!

Hello! It's nice to meet you, welcome to the CB! I'm Bean.

Right, I'm Ace.

And I'm Harper, welcome.

Whoa, Geniveve Plum, that's an awesome name!

I quite agree. And Sienna, I like the beach too!

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Hello, Bean, Ace, and Harper. It's lovely to meet you!

Mhm. Very. 

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Hello and welcome, Sierra and Geni. Or Genevieve, whichever you prefer. I'm Daylily.

Hey, it's nice to meet you both! I'm Callisto. I think your names are cool! 

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Hello, and thank you!

Thank you indeed. My name is truly lovely, I know.

It's her only vanity. 

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