New AE!!*vib

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

New AE!!*vib

New AE!!

*vibrant yellow door swings open*

Ah! Hey! Kaikki! I wasn't excpecting you yet!

*messes with a loose strand of her hair*

Umm... hi! 

Who's this?

This is Kaikki, my new AE and your new sister!

I was not informed that this was happening. *in a threatening tone* Wree....

Hey, calm down, Rory! I bet you'll like her.

I doubt it.

Can I come inside?

Yeah! Come on in, Kaikki! ...can I call you Kiki?

Sure, I like that.

Hey, hey, wait! This is my home and I did not give permission for this... intruder to be coming in! 

Actually, Rory, you just live here. I own this house. And I am giving Kaikki permission to enter!

I-I-I'm sure there's a loophole in your reasoning somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Your name is Kaikki?

Yeah. It's Finnish. But you can call me Kiki, or Kee if you feel like it.

No. I like Kaikki. It's a cool name.

Really? You think so? I always thought it was... kinda weird.

*whispers to Wree* She seems like she's constantly worrying about something.

*whispers back to Rory* She does, doesn't she? Guess I'll have to address that in her charrie sheet. *voice grows louder* Anyway, Kaikki! Come in, get comfortable! The bedroom is on the third floor. There's a pot of hot water and some different teas on the counter on the second floor, and plenty of books here on the first.

Thank you! I guess I'll go get some tea. *walks up the spiral staircase*

And I should show her around. Rory, you wanna come with?

Sure, fine, I'll come.

*both follow Kaikki*


Name: Kaikki Taiva (KY-kee TY-vuh)

Nicknames: Kiki or Kee

Gender: Female, she/her

Age: 13 

Appearance: She is around average height and build, with long mouse-brown hair that is usually pulled back in a messy bun. Her eyes are an obscure dark green, and she wears round, gold-wire-rimmed glasses. Her favorite outfit is a puffy, big olive-green sweater, pale pink leggings, and golden-yellow and brown leopard print flats. Her skin is pale, and her face is very freckled.

Personality: She's mostly an extrovert, but she worries a lot about what other people think of her. She gets anxiety attacks if she's too worried about how someone she idolizes seems not to like her. However, she's the kind of person that makes friends almost without trying, and everyone likes her. She loves reading, as well as spending time outside. She indulges herself a lot. She likes herbal Teavana teas and sour raspberry lemonade. Her favorite foods are lasagna, mac&cheese, and spaghetti. 

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oh my goodness Giselle are you dying--

NO. I just, I love your aesthetic!

You do? You've complained multiple times about it being "too spooky and dark."

I'm not talking to you, Olive. Obviously. I hate your aesthetic. I'm talking to Kaikki! Don't pay attention to Olive, pay attention to me. You HAVE to come over to Honeybee House sometime, we eat pasta for dinner--

Disturbingly often.

Not needed, Olive. I too am an extrovert, and--

Interruption: I love raspberry lemonade and all types of pasta too! I don't think I've had Teavana tea, but I love herbal tea.

Sorry, honey, but I think this is an AE introduction. Can you...go away?

We already said hi on NaNo, can we please just leave now- 

NO! I love sour raspberry lemonade, and we always have all types of tea at Honeybee House! And, I make friends without trying too!

uh...that could be argued.

Ok, Olive, just SHUSH. NOW. Ugh, I'm sorry about her. NOW WILL EVERYONE STOP INTERRUPTING--

>hey, what's going on everyone?<

>Hi, um, what's happening?<

Cue Giselle rage mode.


>Oops! Sorry! What're we doing?<

I am trying to greet this lovely new AE. Can you please--

>Hi, I'm Penny!<

>And, um, I'm Lulu!<

Heeeey IM MABEL!!!

Hello Iiiam Floof ynice toooo meetu

I give up. Nice to meet you, Kaikki. I'm posting this before all of the less-amazing AEs take control--


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Welcome to the CB, Kaikki, it's nice to meet you. I'm Daylily.

Hi kiki (if I can call you that)! I'm Callisto. I love your glasses! 

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