Chatterbox: Down to Earth



*bakes cupcakes* *buys environmentally friendly confetti* *cooks spaghetti* 

-Barnacle! I need you to make the invitations!-

‘K. *grabs fancy stationary and quill and starts writing* 

-*starts screaming* Ahhh! I burnt the brownies! *takes them out of the oven* Hot! Hot! Hot! *throws down onto counter*-

Oh my gosh, Chloe! What did you do!?! There’s!

-So? pizza’s delicious and brownies are delicious.-

Yeah, but together? Anyway, I’m the one who’s supposed to be causing trouble around here. Make another batch- and no pizza this time. 

-Fine I--

-What’s going on in here? There’s a huge mess!-


-Party? Will pangolin even be okay with this?-

She doesn’t have to know. Besides, she’s out doing something. And she won’t be back for a long time…. 

-Please? It’ll be fun!-

-I dunno.-

*Does puppy eyes* Pweeassee? 

-Oh, fine.- 

(Barnacle and Chloe together) YES!-

-I’ll finish writing the invitations!-

-I don’t trust your communication skills. Let me write the invitations, okay?-



Dear AE or CAPTCHA, 

You have been invited to pangolin’s AEs’ and CAPTCHA’s party at their house (a description of the house will be provided in a comment on this post). Please RSVP by Sunday, January 24th 2021, as the party will begin the 25th. Below is the form to RSVP: 






Anything They Are Bringing: 


Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): 


Now I’ll give you the outline of the party. Guests can start arriving at any time on the 25th, and once we have a decent number of AEs and CAPTCHAs, the actual party will begin. We’ll have a buffet-style lunch and dinner, dancing, and knowing Barnacle, some sort of fighting. You may or may not want to bring weapons. 

Hope you come! 

Love, Juno


Hey! How come on the invitation it says “Love, Juno” and not any of the other AEs? 

-Yeah! That’s not fair!- 

-It’s plenty fair. I wrote it. Besides, you’ll just scare them away.-

I still think it should say “Love, the most amazing AE in the world, Barnacle.” 

-Or in the very least, “pangolin’s AEs”

<An ddCAPTC HHHA ddo nnn’t fo rge tmmme!>

-Okay, okay, fine! *takes out ink and quill* “Love, pangolin’s AEs and CAPTCHA, Juno, Barnacle, Chloe, Knight, and Koi.”-

Did someone call my name?

Go back to bed, Koi. We’re just planning a party.

PARTY!? *tail floofs up* Since when are we having PARTIES!? I demand that you don’t post this!

*to Koi* Sorry, too late Koi. *to Chloe* Come on, post it! HURRY UP!

What? I demand that you don’t-

-*enters CAPTCHA*-


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Ha! Night won't ever know.

I'm right here, y'know. Y'all can go. Leaves me enough time to do my work. 


Name: Demon. 


Age: 11

Personality: Demonic. Hyperactive. 

Appearance: Red/black wings, curly short black hair, dark skin, black eyes, black ripped jeans, barefoot, red shirt. 

Anything They Are Bringing: Oh! I'm gonna bring my new katana sword thing! and a watergun!

Shipping:, I suppose. 

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): BOLD!!

Other: N/A

Name: Angel


Age: 11

Personality: angelic and calm. 

Appearance: white angel wings, golden glowing halo, white t-shirt and grayish jeans. barefoot as well. 

Anything They Are Bringing: probably some kind of sneaky weapon that nobody knows about

Shipping: Sure, can't see why not

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): italics

Other: they were kind of meant to be a replacement for Spellcaster/Stella, the AE whom I gave to Nerd. :)

Name: Shadii


Age: 15

Personality: Kind, caring, a little mischevious

Appearance: imagine a graceful fairy, but a darker one. 

Anything They Are Bringing: Probably a shadow pocket in which they'll escape into

Shipping: Sure. 

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): '::' those thingies

Other: N/A 

Name: Shady


Age: 15

Personality: Mischevious. 

Appearance: Same as Shadii. They're twins. 

Anything They Are Bringing: None, though they might bring some decorated cookies and a 12 layer cake (each layer is a foot. I regret letting Shady make that.)

Shipping: Sure. Why not?

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): ';;' those things. 

Other: None. 

:First party! Aren't you excited, Shady?:

;Ah, all those people I can were right, Shadii, this will be fun.;


-Nonoo, be more dignified!-

Can I go?


Name: Stargirl


Age: ...I!

Personality: Quiet, gentle, extremely smart(in the sense of caculating, ratios, and angles[like catapults, etc;]). Mildly socially awkward, doesn't like loud parties, loud genaral. Kind of judging; this makes it diffucult to keep friends. When she does find people who pass her criteria, though, she is protective of them. Likes to get things done. Straight-foward. Stargirl is also stragetic, since she has gotten over her anger with the world and can clear her mind.

Appearance: Long, frizzy hair, slightly simalar to April from the Lumberjanes. Amber eyes, and light orange-brown hair. Her white shirt exposes her shoulders, which are dotted with freckles. Stargirl usually wears Aladdin-like pants. Bare feet. Her weapon is a bow and arrow. 

Anything They Are Bringing: a bow and an arrow. starlight cookies (just cookies frosted with pale yellow frosting and sprinkled with white sprinkles) (they ARE vegan)

Shipping: No, she's shipped with Coral. (Assuming I didn't get that wrong.)

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): Italics :)

Other: Used to be Jubilee's AE 


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Nooo! My beautiful bold...

Shut it. You should be more worried about my italics. 

Be quiet, you two. Anway, now I know NOT to copy and paste from google docs ever again. Hopefully you can tell what AE it is, but... *sighs* Anyway, I said I'd post a comment with the discription of the house. And here it is: 

Our house is a one-floor house in the city. When you step open the ornate red front door, you enter a narrow hallway with landscape paintings hanging on the blue-green walls and a mat to put your shoes sitting on the polished wooden floor. On either side of the hallway, there is a plain white door. The door on the right has a decorative wooden sign reading “Bathroom” and the door on the left has a nearly identical sign, this one reading “Kitchen.” Passing the hallway, you step onto the navy blue carpet of the living room. There is a couch under a window in the far side of the room, looking out onto a snow-covered backyard, and several bean bag chairs scattered about the room. On the left side of the room, there is a bookshelf reaching to the ceiling, and on the right side there is a small writing desk. The living room opens up to the dining room, where several tables are pushed against the wall, for a buffet later in the evening, and upon further inspection, you can tell that the dining room is connected to the kitchen you saw the door of earlier. On the other side of the living room, there is yet another hallway, again with two doors, which lead to the bedrooms, and at the end of the hallway, there is another window.

Well, there we go.  I am still super mad about the whole google doc thing. But at least this one came out with a title. 


"Oof" is right. And the "x" and the "g" are just confusing, Knight. *sighs once more*

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Actually, copy + pasting works fine from google docs, you just have to remember to reapply the italics, bold, and bolditalics, which you literally do by highlighting the text in question, and then taking bold, italics, and bolditalics off and then reapplying it. It's slightly time consuming, but it does work :) Also tip: using commant+i and command+b work in the text box and it's way faster!

Also, my AEs are coming :) 

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Yes, thank you :) 

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Twiga will come! 

Name: Twiga


Age: 3 years 5 months 4 1/2 days

Personality: friendly; a little shy; can get slightly crazy at times; loves brownies

Appearance: two-foot-tall giraffe

Anything They Are Bringing: nope

Shipping: nah

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): <likethis>

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-Did I seriously forget gender/pronouns in the RSVP sheet?- 

-It’s fine, I guess. Let’s fill out the forms  for ourselves! Barnacle, you first!-

Why me? Nevermind *grumbles under his breath*

Name: Barnacle


Age: 12

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him/his

Personality: Mischievous, nice SOMETIMES, funny, energetic- idiotic, mean, evil, and did I mention idiotic? Be quiet, Koi!!!

Appearance: Messy black hair, brown eyes, and a darkish skin tone. I’m going to be wearing a plain black T-shirt and ripped jeans that I actually ripped and did not buy ripped to look cool- -He totally did buy them ripped to look cool.- And that is a lie, Juno. I’ll also be wearing dark gray sneakers and a light gray sweatshirt. 

Anything They Are Bringing: It’s my house and I have access to anything I want- -No, you don’t. I locked all your weapons in my room-- Yes, but I know how to pick locks. -*glares*- Fine! Fine! I’ll bring a nerf gun. There. That’s all! 

Shipping: Eh, not really interested. Maybe, but we’d break up in three minutes anyway. 

Speaks in: BOLD obviously. 

Other: Nothing else. OH YEAH. Feel free to bring pie and ice cream to throw. --------|} -------<0

Okay, now it’s your turn, Chloe!

Name: -Chloe!!!-

AE or CAPTCHA: -AE!!!!-

Age: -11!! The coolest age ever!!!-

Gender/Pronouns: -Female! She/her/hers!!-

Personality: -Energetic, extrovert, loves making friends! And I also love candy and pizza!- 

Appearance: -Straight black hair, green eyes, and slightly tanned skin. I’m going to be wearing a blue and white striped off-shoulder dress with blue sandals!- -It’s winter, Chloe!- -Yes, I know, but we’re going to be inside the whole time and it looks good. Oh yeah! And I’m going to be wearing a pearl necklace and earrings.-

Anything They Are Bringing: -Well, I bought a lot of pizza and candy, so yeah! OH YEAH!! The boomerang I got for Christmas!! *laughs mischievously*-

Shipping: -Sure! Anyone around my age!- *snorts* Yeah, right. Good luck getting anyone to like you. You’re way too annoying. -Be quiet, Barnacle! People like me!- -*sighs* Yeah, sure, Chloe.- 

Speaks In: -Bold! With these little dash thingies!- 

Other: Not that I can think of! Your turn, Juno!

Name: -Juno-


Age: -16- 

Gender/Pronouns: -Female, she/her/hers-

Personality: -Empathetic, caring, social, polite-- -Polite to some people, that is. She’s also bossy sometimes- -Nobody asked you, Chloe.- 

Appearance: -Light brown hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin and freckles. I’m curling my hair for the occasion and I’ll be wearing a dark green lace dress and green heels.-

Anything They Are Bringing: -Well, I’m preparing the food. I’m making spaghetti and meatballs, salad-- -And pizza! And brownies! And candy!- -Yeah, well, we bought candy. Anway! We’re having shepherd's pie, hamburgers, crab cakes...If you have a special food request feel free to reply to this comment or make it and bring it yourself!-

Shipping: -Yup! Boys around my age!- 

Speaks In: -Italic with dashes-

Other: -Nope!- 

Name: <K niggg htt> (Knight)


Age: <Aaag eles sss> (Ageless) 

Gender/Pronouns: <Femm alee, sh eee/hee eer/he rrs> (Female, she/her/hers) 

Personality: <crrra zzzy, wwwil dddd, na aug  gghty, sss kit tttish> (crazy, wild, naughty, skittish) 

Appearance: <cre a m-col orrr ed hamm mst tter> (cream-colored hamster) 

Anything They Are Bringing: <not tth ing> (nothing) 

Shipping: <n o nooo0o nno nnnn o> (no no no no) 

Speaks In: <CA PT CHA, ar rrrow thhhin gi eees> (CAPTCHA, arrow thingies) 

Other: <vfavi> (

(sorry this was so long admins)  

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YESYESYESYESYES! Another party! Oh my goodness, I love parties so much.

Pff. Of course you do. Can we *please* get this over with?


Name: Giselle


Age: In the teens, perhaps.

Personality: Fantastic, gorgeous, extroverted, humble--wait, what--shut it Olive

Appearance: Long silky blonde hair, light skin, bright green eyes, slender build, really beautiful. I'll be wearing a shimmery white party dress for this, with white heels and perfect makeup.

Anything They Are Bringing: Vegan ice cream and a mystery novel, I suppose.

Shipping: Of course! With anyone.

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): Italics!

Other: I use she/her pronouns!

Name: *sigh* Olive


Age: Meh.

Personality: I hate this can I please--No!--ughhh 

Appearance: Black hair. Black makeup. Wearing (black) jeans and a sweatshirt. Black combat boots and a choker.

Anything They Are Bringing: Nah, I don't really care about this enough to bring something.

Shipping: Ewww no--YES. YES shipping is open for her.


Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): bold. Because it's dark.

Other: She/they. I hate this. Did I mention that?

Name: >Lulu<


Age: >Teen or tween<

Personality: >Um, introverted, shy, and uh really kind too :)<

Appearance: >Long lavender hair, light brown skin, freckles, brown eyes. For this I'll wear a turtleneck sweater and overalls (they have paint on them, sorry!) :)<

Anything They Are Bringing: >Maybe some art supplies and fair trade vegan dark chocolate.<

Shipping: >Open! Preferabbly girls only.<

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): >I speak in these little things "><" <

Other: >They/them. Um, I'm excited!<

Name: >PENNY!<


Age: >Ummmmmmmmm<

Personality: >Bubbly, happy and awesome!<

Appearance: >I have neon purple hair (from The Purple Hair Dye Incident) and I'll wear matching purple tights, a striped skirt, and a light pink blouse! And tall, lace-up boots.<

Anything They Are Bringing: >Homemade popcorn balls!<

Shipping: >Hmm...I was originally Jubi's AE, and I'm not sure if I've been shipped yet.<

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): >Bold with these pointy things!<

Other: >She/her<



Age: smol

Personality: KINDA INSANE

Appearance: imma beautiful CAT!

Anything They Are Bringing: Explosives

Shipping: Certainly not

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): bold-italics!


Andim comin toooo !!!!!

Well obviously, but no one has the energy to fill out a sheet for you. Basically, this is Floofy, he's a cat that can turn into a pegasus. 

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-Hey, Koi, look! Two other cats! And one's an AE like you!-

Oh really? Let's see...Floofy and Mabel? *grumbles* Fine, fine, fine. I'll come.

Name: Koi. 

AE or CAPTCHA: AE, and proud of it. If  anyone calls me a CAPTCHA, I swear... *bares teeth*

Age: I honestly don't see why this is necessary.

Personality: Hates people and hates parties and- is stuck up, snooty, and rude. You just think that because you are a stupid human. 

Appearance: A cat with ginger fur with light orange stripes on the tail and green eyes flecked with gold. 

Anything They Are Bringing: My claws and my teeth. That should be enough. -Koi, you are NOT going to scratch or bite ANYONE on my watch.- I disagree. Anyway...


-Chillax, Koi.- 


-Onto the next part already, Koi! You don't need to get shipped with someone if you don't want to.- 

Speaks in: Italics...and I am still not over the whole shipping thing yet!

Other: Don't make me regret this.   

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hey! you wanna come to a party?

b - but moon kitsune said we can't!

well he's not the boss of us! what he doesnt know won't hurt him!

o - okay. 

Name: melody.


Age: twelve.

Personality: shy, quiet, melodic.

Appearance: silk green dress, flowing white hair with a bun on top, glowing green eyes.

Anything They Are Bringing: stress ball and diary.

Shipping: yup. 

w - what? no!

it will be good for your personality.

o - okay. girls then.

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): bold italics.

Other: tonight i'm female, though i might change genders at one point.

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You have GOT to be kidding me.

Wait, it actually deleted. I thought you were joking.

I was NOT joking! *shouting and general sounds of distress/frustration* *takes a deep breath*

We wrote the whole thing out and then it deleted. Figures. Nothing good ever happens at parties.

OH MY GOSH STOP! JUST STOP! IT DELETED. It's fine, it's fine, we just have to do it again.

*deep sigh*

Name: Blaze


Pronouns: she/her

Age: 13 or 14

Personality: Positive, a little naïve perhaps, prides herself in her politeness, is very worried about what people think of her, rules are everything, doesn't want to offend anyone, ever, so sometimes it seems like she has no beliefs but really she has a lot of idealogy- she's just rather afraid to stand up for it. A bit of a hypocrite.  

Appearance: Straight, strawberry blonde hair, sunbleached to a white-blonde at the ends. Pale skin, with many freckles. Hazel eyes, more green then brown. On the small side of average. I'll wear grey leggings, brown boots that go up to just below the knee, a yellow spaghetti strap dress that goess to just above the knee, a long, thin, pale pink cardigan. My hair will be in a crown braid with a couple of small orange rose buds tucked into it. 

Shipping: Closed. I think I'm shipped. (Well, I definitely WAS shipped, but I don't know how much Jeremy is around anymore... *sigh*)

Speaks In: Italics.

Anything You Are Bringing?: nothing except myself, I think. 

Other: none.

Name: Midnight, but you can call me Mid.


Pronouns: he/him

Age: 13 or 14

Personality: Has an intense disregard for annoying rules, is not at all afraid to tell someone that they're being annoying whether they are being a hypocrite or a self centered jerk or anything in between. Has a hard time understanding other people's feelings. Good common sense. Thinks everything through, has a strong moral compass. Sarcastic, doesn't have a high tolerance for annoying people/things.

Appearance: Short, slightly overgrown curly black hair, on the tall side, brown skin, rectangular glasses. I guess I'll just wear jeans, a blue t-shirt, sneakers and a grey sweatshirt.

*frowns to self*

I saw that. 

Shipping: Closed. I am shipped.

Speaks In: Bold.

Anything You Are Bringing?: nothing that I know of.

Other: I do not take responsibility for any chaos anyone in my household causes except for myself thank you very much.

Okay, I think we're do-


<*disdainful look* weare thqens ofthe unvrs. Howw DAREE youuu!>


*groan* *muttering* I take no responsibility for havoc wreaked by insane sugar glider CAPTCHAs...

Name: Kiwi!


Pronouns: she/they


Personality: Sassy sassy sassy, self-important but that's adorable if you're not the recieving end of it, rebellious, impulsive, will literally follow Ibi to the ends of the earth, except unlike Ibi, she DOES know when to stop- she just often ignores her common sense. Chaotic, and totally disregards what anyone thinks of them because she thinks she's above such things.

Appearance: I'm a sugar glider! Maybe a bit on the small side. I am a standard grey with a bit of a brownish tint.


Speaks In: bolditalics!

Anything You Are Bringing?: nothing, except maybe I'll manage to sneak a pie past Blaze and Mid.


Name: <Ibi>


Pronouns: <she/they>

Age: <not applicable>

Personality: <responsible but with a mischievous edge, sassy, rather self important but not mean, thinks things through, has little regard for what anyone thinks of them, inclusive, completely insane, maybe even more so than Kiwi, the "leader" of the sugar glider's partnership.>

Appearance: <I am a standard grey sugar glider, go look it up.>

Shipping: <closed. I'm a CAPTCHA. *shakes head disdainfully*>

Speaks In: <greater than and less than signs>

Anything You Are Bringing?: <nothing except myself>

Other: <Kiwi and I are co-queens of the universe. We also have a vendetta against flying squirrels. I usually talk in CAPTCHA speak but it's too hard to do that when making long posts, so the only thing that will be in CAPTCHA speak is my dialogue. Same for Kiwi.>

Note: I, Lumi, wrote the personalities for every AE and CAPTCHA, or- ahem- we would have some very inaccurate character sheets on our hands. Also, sorry we're late--

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Edit: Both Mid and Blaze are now 14.5 years old.

Edit No. 2: I wrote idealogy, which isn't a word, I'm pretty sure it's actually ideology? Hang on. Okay yes, it's ideology. I meant ideology. 

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I want to get out of the house.

...Me too.

I-I'll s-stay i-inside u-u-unless Fauna i-is he-here...

{20 hours later} 

Do you still *yawn* want a... part... party?

sNrK- I mean yes, I do!

Good, cause I found... I found one.


Name: Faith 


Age: My 15th birthday is in five weeks >:3

Personality: Loud, energetic, extroverted... ihaveahardtimetalkingtopeopleandimveryawkward. 

Appearance: Blonde pixie cut with bright blue tips, pale skin, soccer-player build, blue tank top and white shorts, lime green jean jacket, combat boots!

Anything They Are Bringing: A soccer ball and a water gun!

Shipping: It's op- Closed, but she would love to dance. Faith is a flirt and will break hearts if she's allowed to. 

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): Bold!

Other: I use she/her pronouns, but I'm agender.


Name: Firefly 


Age: 16-17

Personality: Calm, motherly, 'The Peacemaker', ambivert, insomniac, lonely.

Appearance: I have honey-brown shoulder-length wavy hair, tan skin, copper freckles, firefly antenna, and I am wearing a mustard-yellow turtleneck, mom jeans, and brown ankle boots.

Anything They Are Bringing: A sketchbook.

Shipping: Um, I... I dont know. I'll meet people first.

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): Italics.

Other: I use they/them and I'm genderfae.

Starlight isnt coming... so that's it! We'll probably be inactive, but its fun to sign up for things.

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Um, Firefly? Um, will you dance with me?


To dreamiing from woolly:

Zeneeds a social life, I convinced zir to ask zeir crush. I didnt know ze liked Firefly!

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OOH! Who said party? I love Parties!

I heard there's brownies with pizza inside! 


* Both in unision* We're goin'to a party!

Hey Smiley! Come on!

im not going

Then who will i hang out with?


time to go pack

Name: Rodney,Tux, and Smiley


Age:All teenageish

Personality: Smiley got my introverted side, Tux got my calmer extrovert side and rodney got my manic extrovet side.


Anything They Are Bringing: Weapons. They will bring weapons.

Shipping: Rodney is pan and very open, and very desperate.

Smiley is obsessed with Tux so they are closed.

Tux is open to girls her age. 

Speaks in (italics, bold, etc.): Rodney is bold, Smiley is all lowercase, italics, no punctuation, Tux is bold and italics.

Other: I'll eat the brownies with pizza inside!

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