Chatterbox: Down to Earth

You are at the train station, waiting for your ride to some place amazing that you have wanted to go to for years.  Then, you notice there is another train pulled up where yours is supposed to be.  It is silver iridescent and has a deep, dark blue stipe across the whole thing.  In slanted, cursive letters the words Galactic Express are scrawled arcross the top of the train. 

A robotic voice says, Welcome, to the Galactic Express, where everyone is welcome.  You are tempted to go on this train, but you don't have a ticket for it!  Then the robotic voice says Don't worry, you don't need any ticket for this train. Awesome!  You think, but you keep your old ticket in hand just in case. 

You board the train, walk down the isle for a bit, and find an empty 2 seater booth.  The train starts, slowly chugging, but getting faster and faster. Then something unexpected happens, the train starts lifting off the track.  It goes higher, and higher with every chug.  Soon you find yourself floating out of your seat.  Gravity is being taken away you're so high! Please buckle your seat belts, we are expecting low gravity levels, Says the voice.  You atomatically strap on the seat belt, but just noticing there are like, 10 buttons on the armrests on the seat! One has a music note, another with a microphone, a different one with a video game sign, and another with a hamburger. When you look at the hamburger, its as if the button knew that you were hungry.  A holographic menu pops up.

Welcome to the Galactic Express Cafe



Main dishes:

Black Hole Spaghetti

Planet Phad Thai

Hamburger Sun Blow-Up* 


Planet Fossil Fries

Small Hydrogen and Helium Hot Dogs

Faculae Fruit Bowl

Variable Star Vegetable Kebab 


Galaxy Donut

Kuiper Cupcake

Asteroid Belt Candy 


Super Slushie (flavors: Black Hole, Nubulae, Shattered Moon) 

Opposite Effect Soda (effects: Gravity, Magnetic, Electricity*)


*Includes real science


Have fun! Explore! And welcome aboard The Galactic Express.  I'm Galax, the engineer, and head of this train.  The robotic voice you've been hearing is my assitant, Veva. We have robot waiters and helpers, and practically everything here is fun by engineering and robotics except for me, and my passengers.  Please enjoy the ride!


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I stare at the menu in wonder and disbelief. Finally, I choose two items from the list, and, as if the very train heard my thoughts, a robot waiter, looking smart in a metallic silver-black tuxedo, rolls up to me on its tripod of legs and wheels. "Hello, please state your order," it says calmly and monotonously. "Uh, I'd like...a Faculae Fruit Bowl and a Shatterd Moon flavored Super Slushie, please," I say self-conciously. The robot's stomach opens to reveal a tray, on which my food is sitting. I take it and say, "Thank you," as the robot wheels away.

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