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Imagine all threads related to AEs mashed together. 

Here, we are creative. And vibrant. 

(And probably insane, but that's normal.)

Be kind! Respect others! Keep everything PG! Follow Chatterbox rules!


Some ideas: Have your AEs chat, or have a shipfest, or have them roleplay, or write down journal entries, or maybe just throw pies.


Here's a form if you'd like to introduce an AE or CAPTCHA better:


Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless):










Speaks In:



CAPTCHAs are allowed to visit, but only under supervision.  


This probably makes no sense, but let your AEs take over the computer and turn it into whatever they want. 

Have fun, okay? And if there's another 'Best AE' conflict, I'm stepping in with my pillow gun. 


By the way, Firefly is in charge.


I wanted to- No fair! How come it's always Firefly?

T-That's o-okay wit-with me...

>*licks Faith's knee*< 

submitted by dreamiing, age lost
(January 30, 2021 - 3:47 pm)

as it's only me here, I will speak normally. Woolly is out buying more yarn. Let's introduce myself

Name: Egypt

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): About 15-17

Gender/Pronouns: Agender, ze/zir 

Shipping: Open to anyone

Appearance: See below. Hopefully I'll remember this time

Personality: Kinda weird, but friendly, inteoverted

Hobbies: Art

Dislikes: Dogs

Likes: Dinosaur plushies

Siblings/Family: None that I know of (is that foreshadowing)

Other: Rubber chicken

Speaks In: Italics

AE or CAPTCHA:  AE, obviously.


submitted by Egypt
(January 30, 2021 - 5:26 pm)

This looks fabulous! I'm afraid our CBer does not have the energy to do anything besides top threads right now, but we will post soon.

Lol sure you can post soon I'll be going--

me and OLIVE will post soon.


submitted by HoneyTOP, age Actually, It’s just Giselle
(January 30, 2021 - 7:12 pm)

Hola it's me Racer of the Wind!

Name: Windracer


Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 19?


Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him


Shipping: E V E R Y O N E


Appearance: Red-ish skin, orange hair, smug grin (see below)


Personality: Chaotic, wanted criminal, charming in a strange way


Hobbies: Arson, vandilism, pretty much every crime. Oh and car races and maintenance!


Dislikes: Sour cream, coffee, rust on cars, Lazerbat's other AE 7506  


Likes: Explosions, crime, cars, katanas, slapping people


Siblings/Family: No idea. 7506 might be related to me, but who knows?




Speaks In: Bold



submitted by Lazerbat
(January 31, 2021 - 7:08 am)

*steps in* Huh? Ooh, what is this? A fresh, clean thread, for us? 

Ooh, but where are we...?

Is Starlight gonna be here? 

I'm not sure what we're doing here, but when is over?

Why are we asking so many questions??

I don't know. Well, hi Egypt!

(look at Jaybells' thread in CaC beginning with "Ok, I'm sorry"  for personality/hobbies/likes and dislikes. Here are the rest of their sheets)

Name: Fauna

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 13

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Shipping: I'm, uh, already shipped

Appearance: black-purple poofy hair cut to my chin, medium-dark brown skin, brown eyes, tall, I'll be wearing a turquoise sweater and yellow jeans and vans!

Siblings/Family: I guess Flora and Eclipse are my siblings? I mean, we live together, so...

Speaks In: bold


Name: Eclipse


Gender/Pronouns: demiboy, he/they

Shipping: Sure, with boys and enbies probably but anyone if the ship would work ig

Appearance: light tan skin, black curly-wavy hair with gold tips, amber eyes, round black glasses, medium height & build. I'll just wear a black t-shirt and grey jeans.

Siblings/Family: Flora & Fauna, in theory. (what does that even mean?)

Speaks in: italics

AE or CAPTCHA: AE. Ok, I'm gone.

Name: Flora

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 14

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Shipping: Err, yeah, with anyone.

Appearance: long blonde hair, light skin, freckles, bright green eyes, short. A short gray dress with little pastel flowers and a blue jacket.

Speaks In: bold italics.



submitted by Azalea, age 14, Somewhere only we know
(January 31, 2021 - 9:33 am)

OMG, True, let's do this!! Writing_in_the_dark NEVER lets us talk to other AEs!

No. I'd much rather eat asperagus and blue chesse.

We are doing this, okay? You need to see some AEs!

You sound like mom.

*does some weird accent* Well, den I'wl do et fer ya!

No I'll do it...jeez.

Name: True

Age: 11

Gender/pronouns: Female, but they/them pronouns

Shipping: Anyone my age-ish (11 or 12 year olds. Or ageless)

Apperince: Strawberry blonde twin buns, green eyes, warm ivory skin tone. I wear, as my CBer puts it,"A uniform shirt with flowers embroidered into it, khaki shorts, tan cardagin and dress shoes"

Personality: Shy...but I get fun around people I know.

Hobbies: Drinking tea, posing so I look just like Lo-fi videos

Dislikes: Blue chesse, Asparagus, being bossed about by Mavi

Likes: TEA (♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️), Lo-fi, calm stuff, my pet; Mariko (a cat-owl)

Sibs/family: Um...well...in theory me and Mavi are sibs 

Other: IDK

speaks in: Italics, duh.

OK, my turn! YES!

Name: Mavi

Age: 12

Gender/pronouns: Female, She/her pronouns

Shipping: Girls my age or True's age or 13 or ageless.

Aperence: Silver wavy bob hair, blue eyes, beige skin tone, navy blue shirt that says, "Make your own light", jeans, black converse

Personality: Bossy (I won't diney it), Fun

Hobbies: Sports, parties!

Dislikes: Tea, Dinosours

Likes: Coffee, Horror flicks, my pet; Azure (a tiger-owl)

Sibs/family: Me and True are sisters

Other: N/A

Speaks in: BOLD!

Also--we are both AEs.

All done! *whew*

Okay, bye, Writing_in_the_dark is coming!!!!

Whaaaat happened here?????? 

submitted by Mavi & True, age see above, NY but not NYC
(January 31, 2021 - 12:40 pm)

This looks cool!


||iwant tocom eeeee||

But who is your supervisor?


Don't say Dallas.

He's my CAPTCHA, of course he's allowed to say Dallas.

He is our family's CAPTCHA. 

No, mine.

Come on, no fighting.



*Takes computer* 

Name: Evan!

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): I'm 15 now, for shipping purposes.

Gender/Pronouns: Masc. Enby; he/they

Shipping: Clo- {They're shipped with me, grrr}

Appearance: light brown skin, green eyes, short but long brown hair with bleached tips, thin, average height (5'8), glasses

Personality: Quiet, book smart, not very confident, very influential, introverted, and not trusting

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, hanging out with Stella, and drawing

Dislikes: Rude humans, Dallas-

Hey! Actually, I already knew that, never mind.

Any color that isn't green, non-fiction books, and Dallas-

You've already said that.

I'm just trying to make a point :) 

Likes: The color green, sci-fi books, Stella-


*Smiles* Oatmeal cookies, baking, reading, Qwinn-

You like QWINN, better than me? Well, that's not allowed. 

||Yesit issss||

Ugh. Fine. :')

aaaand going on meaningless walks and observing nature. :) 

Siblings/Family: Dallas, Adrian, Nerd, and Qwinn.

Other: {I'm Evan's ship!}

We know.

Be nice, Dallas. 

Speaks In: Bold Italics, if you didn't already notice.

AE or CAPTCHA: AE, obviously :)


My turn! 

Name: Dallas, and anyone who doesn't know my name is not my favourite person.

Wow, Dallas refrained from using bad language. What a suprise.

No, I censored it. 


Put it back!

Absolutely not. 

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 14; one month older that Abcde haha-

Hey, where'd the rest of the words go?

I don't know *smiles smugly*


Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Shipping: Uh- hm- I- 

What Dallas is trying to say is that he may or may not be shipped with Twilight's AE, Scarlett, they are yet to go on a date to see if they would be a good ship. 


Appearance: Awesome.

That's not an appearance- 

Is it, though?

No. I'll do it for you, if you don't fix it >:)

FINE. Tan skin, pale blue eyes, blonde mini-dreads, tall? (5'8), very muscular build.

Personality: Annoying.

I want to fill this out.

Children, be nice.

Hey, I'm supposd to be the adult here :')

I'm older than you.

No, you're not.

Hmph. Anyways, my personality is best Alter Ego Ever (no pillow gun necessary), wonderful, amazing, awesome, cool-

I think that's enough.


Hobbies: Everything.

Dislikes: Evan,

Well, that was expected.

Let me talk. The indoors, windows (they're supposed to be smashed, so why have them?), foam footballs (they don't hurt anyone!), books, school-

That's enough. 

Asdfghjkl. Fine. Wait, no, I have one more dislike. Nerd-

*shrugs* I can just delete you from existance.

No! I take it back!



Likes: Anything not on the dislike list :). Oh, and red deserves to be on here. 

Siblings/Family: No one.

*Coughs loudly*

Do you have COVID?

*sighs* No.

Then shush.

(Everyone who is on this post is Dallas' family :) )


Other: hi there

Speaks In: Bold.



No more interruptions, the admins already have to read your meaningless chatter, it doesn't have to last for hours, okay?

Hmph, fine. 

I said no more. Ha! Anyways, go ahead, Adrian.

Here goes it,,, 

Name: A-Adrian

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 16

Gender/Pronouns: Genderqueer; e/em

Shipping: I think I'm shipped with Summer's AE, Winter? They haven't been around much, so I'm unsure.

Appearance: dark skin, hazel eyes, short, bleached-blonde, hair (crew-cut), tall (6’), lanky (but not white), thin, thick black glasses that are always falling down

Personality: scared of most things, introverted so much that it is scary, likes books (writing them, reading them, everything), pretty quiet, pretty elusive, not very trusting, and spouts random facts, randomly. (almost everything here is void if Winter is around)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cooking

Dislikes: There's a lot of things a-and I don't want to seem like a prick. :)

Likes: Reading, writing, cooking, my room, door locks, cellular devices, journals, notebooks, computers, anywhere away from Dallas, I mean what? Did someone say something? Heh-

Siblings/Family: Nerd, Dallas, Evan, and Qwinn

Other: La, La, La

Speaks In: Italics



Name: {Stella}

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): {I'm 15}

Gender/Pronouns: {Female, she/her}

Shipping: {With Evan, duh}

Appearance: {pale white skin, green eyes, purple hair that is very long, tall (Evan's height), black glasses}

Personality: {ambiverted, fierce, protective, caring, nerdy, verrrrrry trusting, and insistant}

Hobbies: {I don't have a certain hobby, I'll try anything!}

Dislikes: {What are those? (:<}

Likes: {See above? (:<}

Siblings/Family: {Well, any of Nightfall's AEs, I don't remember many of they're names-}

Other: {nope!}

Speaks In: {these things}



Name: ||Qwinn||

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): ||Seven?||

Gender/Pronouns: ||Male, he/him||

Shipping: ||noeww||

Appearance: ||*shrugs* every thing!||

Personality: ||every thing Dalla sssis!||

Hobbies: ||N/A||

Dislikes: ||N/A||

Likes: ||Dalla sssss anddd other thing sssss||

Siblings/Family: ||Nerdd, Evann, Stell aaDal lasAd riann||

Other: ||Pinkk Fluff yUnic ornsD ancin gOnRa inbow sssss!||

Speaks In: ||Space rthin gssss||


Other2: ||dfpgat||

Dallas, you're choking him again.


Anyways, thank you Admins for reading this and I look forward to keeping this thread alive! It's a cool idea, dreamii :).

Oh, and here's a picture of the AEs, credit to Azalea! (I can post this right, Admins?) 

Alter Egos.jpg
submitted by Nerd&AEs&CAPTCHA!, age varied, in the void
(January 31, 2021 - 10:16 pm)

Okay I'm going to sign you up too, Oak! Do you want too fill out your sheet or shou—
A-alright, you can fill it out yourself!

Name: Oak

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 17

Gender/Pronouns: they/them

Shipping: Um. No.

Appearance: Tall, with short, deep green hair, eyes of the same color, and dark brown skin. Black shirt and overalls.
They usually have dirt all over them!
Be quiet, Eir.

Personality: Introverted. Sensitive. Tired of this already.
Come on Oak! Just finish it, pleaaaaaasssseee?

Hobbies: Gardening, sulking.

Dislikes: Eir's nosiness, screens of any kind

Likes: The outdoors. Not much else.

Siblings/Family: Eir.

Other: Nothing.

Speaks In: Bold.



Well, that was pleasant. My turn!

Name: Eir!

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 15, maybe 16?

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Shipping: Yessss! Any gender around my age!

Appearance: Light brown hair in pigtail braids with rose colored streaks, hazel eyes, light skin, and I'll be wearing a mustard-yellow sundress with a blue and pink floral pattern!

Personality: I'm chirpy and extroverted and nosy (according to The Sage Wolf and Oak) and happy and optimistic and, and, and,
*makes Eir stop before she breaks her jaw talking*

Hobbies: Painting, talking, DOGS!

Dislikes: Oak's grumpiness,
I guess we both hate each other.
bad weather of any kind, dirt (there's so much of it around here these days).

Likes: Anything comfortable and fancy and pretty! 
She loves ballet flats.

Siblings/Family: Oak!

Other: What's your favorite color? I don't reeeaaally have one but I like the rainbow and pink is really nice too but oooh I do like yellow and oops, Oak told me not to do this anymore. Sorry!

Speaks In: Italics!

AE or CAPTCHA: AE, silly!

submitted by Eir&Oak&SageWolf
(February 1, 2021 - 10:07 am)

Ok... here we go:

Name: Willow

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): 11 (same as me)

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Shipping: ? I have no idea what this means

Appearance: Kinda weird, out of place, different.

Personality: Kindhearted, spunky, out of this world!

Hobbies: Crafting, origami, reasearching, and reading books about space with over 300 pages.

Dislikes: HUGE crowds.  Dog slobber (as she calls it), poop, and germs.

Likes: Reading, writing, crafting, umm Chatterbox, and SPACE SO MUCH SPACE.

Siblings/Family: Me.


Speaks In: >Hello<

AE or CAPTCHA: I do not know the difference but AE just saying.

submitted by Oaklynn S., age 11, San Diego, CA
(February 1, 2021 - 11:17 am)


Faith, that takes way too long. Just put your pronouns and shipping in the box.


Faith: agender (uses she/her) and op-Closed. Only open if you want a broken heart.

Firefly: genderfae, they/them. Shipping is, um, closed, I think? I, um, havent, um, heard from Blaze in, um, a while.

Starlight: female (she/her)... I-I'm cl-closed. 

*sees Fauna*


Oh my word the world is ending. Starlight just used a grinning emoji.


*blushes* W-What? I-Its n-not a b-big deal...

*snorts* Well, I mean, it is, cause your always so sh-

Shut it, Faith.

*walks off to go see Fauna*

Vii? Do you want to come?

>*nods head*<

Vii is a two-tailed wolf CAPTCHA. Faer mute, sadly, but fae can still make small dog noises. 


Like a whine. I'll get you some food in a second, Vii-baby. 

Vii uses fae/faer and is genderfluid. Fae also has growing shadow powers that are (very) hard to control, so there might be some small explosions every once in a while.

*pants are on fire* Like NOW! GIVE ME THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER

submitted by dreamiing's gang, lost
(February 1, 2021 - 4:39 pm)

*pants are on fire* XDDD

Also I'll post things soon! I'm working on developing their personalities more :)

I'm VERY developed!

*sigh* We've had this argument before, Nat.

And I'm still sticking to my side!

...yeah I'm gonna post now 

submitted by Starchaser, age 13, Pyrrhia, (she/her)
(February 1, 2021 - 5:59 pm)

Hello! I'm Blaze, she/her, and shipping is closed. I think. *blushes*

She's shipped with Firefly. I'm Mid, he/him, shipping closed, Blazedonotinterrupt.

HELLO! IAMMM KIWII. Withh onne"i". Nicto metyu unles yuare aflyn sqirl.

<I'mIbi, nicto metyu! Meand Kiwii areee bothh sugar gldrs. Weare alsoo bothh sheee/theyy. Weare alsoo bothh ofthe opnin thatt flyin sqirls areee lowly crtrs.>

I call NOT supervising the CAPTCHAs.

OF COURSE YOU DO. Also, for everyone's information, Mid is shipped with Arrow. 

I told you-

not to interrupt. Which I just did. Sorry. But you said nothing about not revealing who your ship was. >:D

You're eviller than I thought.

Excuse me?! 

submitted by Blaze and Midnight, AND KIWI AND IBI!
(February 1, 2021 - 5:31 pm)


Name: Giselle

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): Oh like 15 or something

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Shipping: Oh, of course. With anyone around my age.

Appearance: Long, platinum-bleach-carribean sand-pearlescent-

oh my goodness are you going to spend your whole time describing the color of your hair

Hush. Like I was saying: -hair in a braid bun with pearl pins. I'm wearing a white victorian gown with a modern twist. It's quite sleek, elegant, and ruffly. On my feet there are dainty white boots. My face is a whole other story. It's gorgeous as always. My skin is light, delicate and clear, with rosy cheeks and sparkling green eyes. I'm wearing shimmering pink lip gloss and mascara. My nails are painted green and purple, and are cut to the perfect length. I am a fashion icon, and the most amazing thing this world has seen. 

Personality: Fabulous. Amazing. Gorgeous. Charming. Genius. Helpful. Need I say any more?

Hobbies: Solving mysteries, beating people at anything, painting my nails, writing poetry, writing anything, reading mystery novels, giving therapy sessions, helping others, being the best.

Dislikes: Neon purple, hairdye, stains, people being better than me, losing, the dark, did I mention NEON PURPLE HAIRDYE?

Likes: Mysteries, cleanliness, victorian gowns, dainty teacups, romance, novels, aesthetics, the color white, and purple and green are okay too, but not neon purple. Never. 

Siblings/Family: Olive is my twin sister. Mabel is....I'm not sure. We're just one big adopted family here. There's me, Floofy, Olive, Mabel, Penny, and Lulu. 

Other: Nothing else, I don't think.

Speaks In: Italics. How fancy!


Name: Olive.

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): Idk. 15 too?

Gender/Pronouns: she/her/they

Shipping: ummmmmmmmmm


*flustered* no one needed that, Giselle.

Appearance: Black shoulder-length hair--

*whisper yelling* IT'S DYED BLACK.

shut UP Giselle. Black sweatshirt, black jeans, black makeup, combat boots, choker, etc. 

Personality: Antisocial, not-caring, kinda icy.

Hobbies: Music.

Dislikes: Bossy Giselle, bright colors, color in general, white, optimistic people, people bothering me.

Likes: black, music, uh yeah.

Siblings/Family: Same as Giselle basically.

Other: meh

Speaks In: bold. It's very dark.


Name: >Lulu<

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): >Um, that's never been determined, but maybe like a teenager<

Gender/Pronouns: >they/them< 

Shipping: >Um...open. Girls only though.< 

Appearance: >Um, I have long lavender colored hair, and I wear paint-splattered jeans and overalls and pastel colored sweaters. I have light brown skin and freckles.<

Personality: >I'm shy but very sweet.<


Dislikes:>I don't like it when people get angry at me because I'm shy and nervous all the time.<

Likes:>lavender, flowers, honey, painbrushes, stars, the outdoors, landscapes, fireflies, pastel colors, and like everything else exsistent. Except for mean, bad things...<

Siblings/Family:>I'm kinda like another adopted sibling to Giselle and Olive...they're the only ones who are actually related here.<

Other: >um...I'm vegan.<

Speaks In: >These pointy arrows.<


Name: I'M MABEL :D

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): smol

Gender/Pronouns: giRL

Shipping: NO IM TEENSY

Appearance: I am a fluffy cat who looks FABULOUS AND AMAZING AND THE BEST

Personality: soon I'll be queen of the universe, u should BOW DOWN TO ME WHILE YOUR KNEES STILL EXIST

Hobbies: plotting

Dislikes: many stuffs

Likes: the color pink!!!!!

Siblings/Family: GISELLEOLIVELULUPENNY and Floofy I guess

Other: i don't have thumbs and i can't dye hair

Speaks In: bold ITALICS!!!

AE or CAPTCHA: I might be a cat, but I'M AN AE, AND DON'T FORGET IT!!!

Two more...

Name: >Penny!<

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): >Um...<

Gender/Pronouns: >she/her!<

Shipping: >Hm, I don't think so<

Appearance: >Neon purple hair, pink shirt, white jean skirt, black leggings, tall boots!<

Personality: >Bubbly, happy, snarky, excitable, kind<

Hobbies: >Good question. I was Jubi's AE, and so Honey's not sure what hobbies I had then, and she hasn't given me any hobbies yet.<


Likes: >HAIRDYE!<

Siblings/Family: >Giselle, Olive, and Lulu are my siblings; Mabel is too I guess? Floofy is our cat.<

Other: >mmm I don't think so! :D<

Speaks In: >Bold and pointy things!<


Name: Floofy

Age (Yes, we know #AEsAreAgeless): probly tinyy

Gender/Pronouns: hehim

Shipping: noiam small

Appearance: iammm acatt andim veryy floof

Personality: iiamm bettr thann Mabel nomtr whatt sheee sayss anddd dontt forgt itttt !!!!!

Hobbies: sleep

Dislikes: mabel

Likes: cattt foood

Siblings/Family: Gisle, Mabel, Olive, Luluu, Penny

Other: Ohhhh right Icann turnn intoa pegss (pegasus)

Speaks In: Ispek innnn fivee letrs perrr wordd


submitted by Honeybee & Co
(February 1, 2021 - 6:01 pm)

Name: Nihil Etomnia

Age: Looks to be about 17

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Shipping: With boys

Appearance: A little taller than average, pale skin, completely black eyes, freckles on her nose and cheeks (marvelously high cheekbones), black hair (shaved on the sides and a little longer on the top, styled), four giant wings on her back (black as night itself). Usually wears a grey tank top, black jeans, and no shoes. Has a ring on a necklace around her neck but she doesn't let anybody read what it says. Lux knows but he dosn't tell anyone either. Always wears a black mask over her nose and mouth. Can turn into a black Undershade Canine, a giant wolf with four wings and spikes in their fur.

Personality: Emotionally distant, prone to spacing out. Commitment issues, lonely. Tends to push people away. Cold, monotone, enjoys her own company and Lux, but other than that she's not great at making friends. Not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and WILL fight you, but only if you've suficciently ticked her off. Watches people. Analyzes everything about a person. Excellent memory.

Hobbies: Likes to play video games, draw, and spar with bo staffs and swordspears.

Dislikes: Touchy-feely people, loud, high-pitched noises, and bright lights.

Likes: Animals, plants, Lux, swimming, and alone time.

Siblings/Family: Lux is her little brother and would do anything to keep him safe.

Other: If you offer her any forest plant she will trust you a little more.

Speaks In: Italics



Name: Lux Ettenebris

Age: Seems to be around 17

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him/His

Shipping: With girls

Appearance: A tall boy with slightly tan skin and almost white hair. Four wings on his back like Nihil's, but they're white. White eyes, no freckles. Usually wears a white hoodie and blue jeans with no shoes. Brilliant and incredibly frequent smile.

Personality: Easy to get along with, happy, kind, compassionate, kind of oblivious to romantic clues. A little shy, but can convince himself to be outgoing. Surprisingly intelligent.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing videogames, and taking walks.

Dislikes: People who stress Nihil out.

Likes: Nihil, his friends, videogames, and memes.

Siblings/Family: Nihil is his older sister.

Other: Afraid of deep waters.

Speaks In: Bold


submitted by Nihil&Lux, Coming home
(February 1, 2021 - 9:20 pm)


Umm, actually, I think Bradley should join.


I'll just change his talking form to this:

Hello? Is this thing on?

Yep. Go on ahead.




Name: Bradley

Age: 23

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him/his

Shipping: Ummm, no thanks.

Appearance: I have brown hair, kinda short, with ice blue eyes, and tan skin. I always wear a grey t-shirt, with a blue plaid kinda sheer flannel thingy (Em and I don't know what it's called), and blue jeans, with brown cowboy boots. Just think of Bradley from "A Champion Heart". Oh, and I also have a brown cowboy hat.

Personality: Kinda calm, nothin' really shatters me, unless I lost my phone. THEN, I start actin' like it's a tragedy. Which it kinda is.

Hobbies: Drawin', racin' against Em in a horse race on The Kitten Kingdom Race Track, ummm, playin' Minecraft, and sleepin. Oh, and also takin' a walk outside. There's nothin' like the smell of fresh pine on a mountain in the mornin'.

Dislikes: Gettin' RUDELY woken up when I'm havin' a REALLY nice sleep, honey b-b-q chips, and spicy things.

Likes: Regular b-b-q chips, sweets, ridin' horses, and Minecraft. Oh, and talkin' to other people.

Siblings/Family: Ummm, I don't really have any family. Does Em count? And Kitty?

Other: I like to talk with people.

Speaks in: I usually talk like a CAPTCHA, but I'll talk like the way I'm talkin' now, if thats ok.


submitted by Emekittycon Kitten, age 12, Kitten Kingdom
(February 2, 2021 - 1:54 pm)

*throws pies*

submitted by Dallas, age 14, in the void
(February 3, 2021 - 11:42 am)