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Video Games!

Video Games!

I saw a Legend of Zelda post a few pages back, but here's a thread to talk about all video games! Here are some games I really like: 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game really is awesome! I've started playing it recently, sometimes with my brother, but mostly I'm the one who's playing. The graphics are so beautiful, and I love the world and just everything! XD  

Stardew Valley

Probably no one will have even heard of this game. I don't think it's too well known, but it's a great game, probably one of my favorites. You're literally a pixelated farmer, but don't worry there's actually way more to it then that XD you can fight monsters, interact with the townspeople, solve mysteries, go to festivals, etc.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yeah, this game is popular. My brother and I have been playing it. Our island still hasn't come very far (at all), but at least we have a house now! I wonder how New Horizons compares to the other Animal Crossing games?

And yeah, that's all for now because it's 8 am in the morning, and this is not a time when my brain works good XD


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I love stardew valley! I have played it a few times, and I loove watching one of my favorite online streamers play it. 

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How about Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity? I just got it and I haven't played it much, but it seems good! I think BoTW was better, though.

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I've been playing Terraria a lot recently, and I love it. The difficulty. The soundtrack. The graphics. The games hilariously dark sense of humor. Everything. If you do not own Terraria, do yourself a favor and get it. But prefebly on anything but switch. It costs 20 more dollars and takes nearly a year to get updates on switch. 

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I play a lot of games, but the ones I play most are Destiny (and its sequel, Destiny 2), the Halo series, and Minecraft. Destiny is a sci-fi first person shooter/RPG, and it’s also multiplayer, which is fun. The Halo games are also in the sci-fi shooter genre, but they’re very different from Destiny (despite being made by the same studio). Everyone probably already knows what Minecraft is. I’ve also been playing Ark: Survival Evolved lately, since my friends play it. It’s basically a survival game with dinosaurs. I’m not very good at survival games, but Ark is pretty fun. 

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My games that I've been doin' are mostly Minecraft and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.



I LUV MY DOGGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I also have the ten customizable characters named after people that I watch when I visit my aunt's house.

@Admins, can I at least name at least 5 of 'em? Pretty please?

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Lately, I've been playing these 4 games:

1.Minecraft (I like building amusement parks with my friends)

2.Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (my Zelda-obsessed 8-year old cousin got me into it. IT'S SO GOOD) 

3.Among Us (I don't like the violent parts but other than that it's pretty fun)

4. Roblox(this is a pretty popular game so it's been kinda surprising for me that no one's mentioned it on the CB) 

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Good news; I know all of them! My friend tried to introduce me to Stardew Valley but I fell asleep in the middle of the road and then shes the only one who has the game LOL. I Lov Animal crossing, but I always fall of a cliff or soething in Breath of the Wild.

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I. LOVE. BREATH. OF. THE. WILD. (I'm obsessed with loz/Link-) I also play Stardew valley and it's really enjoyable, but I haven't played it in too long ._. I also play new horizons but I'm very bad at playing consistently and my island is a mess OMEGALUL :P (but I do have Raymond *coughs casually*)




Neko says "empox". Did you just discover a new kind of illness-? 

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