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So, I'm sure some of you know what The Office is, right?

If not, let me explain;

Imagine an extremely comedic/chaotic buisness, but everyone's being filmed in the reality TV style where the camera crew takes a person to the side to talk about what's going on.

(I literally haven't slept at all last night, so that's the most detailed explanation I can think of right now.) 










Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?:



The guy in charge:

Name: Sojo

CBer: Sammy Everlast

Age: Purple

REAL Age: #AEsAreAgeless

Age RANGE?!: Adult

Gender: Male

Personality: IIIIIII have literally nothing interesting to say here.

Lada, Help Him: Please, anyone but him- :( On it. He takes nothing seriously, tends to joke around a lot, and I think he stole my chair. ): GREMLIN!!! I'm trying to be a buisness man now... :( Sure you are, pumpkin): Don't call me that.

Appearance: :( He's 6'3, has piercing blue eyes, extremely pale skin with the slightest tint of gray- ): What are you doin- :( EXTREMELY WHITE BLONDE HAIR, and can shapeshift into a white cat with piercing blue eyes. :D ): 

Job: :( He's- ): I'm the boss, and should be able to speak for myself, instead of a literal child talking for me.

Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?: :( All the circumstances- ): LEAVE ME ALONE SHORTSTACK- :( WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!? ):

Sojo, This Is Pathetic: He's surprisingly- ACK- a great streetfighter- UF- for his age.

What Did You Do!?: Ma'am, I drop kicked that child in self defense. 

...Other: I like to travel. :)



Hoping that the spacing works out well for this post... 
ANYWHO, tell me what you guys think the buisness should be called and what it does! I'll pick a winner on the starting date; Feb. 24!
(@Admins, Everlast is a fake last name.) 
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Ahhhh typo. I meant Caleb, not Lada.

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hmmm... my parents like the office, so ok.... here's my AE...


True is taking a hatius (can AEs do that?!?!) so right now I just have Mavi.

Name: MAVI!

CBer: Writing_in_the_dark (writing, for shortz)

Age: 12!!! (ish)


just. stop. MOVING ON;

Gender: I'm female.

Personality: CrAzY

Apperince: Gray hair in a bob, and a SUIT, because why not!?!!?! I want my suit to be yellow, pink and orange.

You can't do tha-



Job: I want to just hangout at the water cooler all the time or the paper shreder. OHHHH YES I WILL BE "The Paper Shreder"!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! *Koff*

UWCWYBAPF: i AM a potato, not a potato farmer.

other:.... this is crazy. IWANTCOOFFFEEEEEEE 

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This will be chaotic.

Name: Windracer

CBer: Lazerbrat

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Chaotic, crazy, secretly really sensitive

Appearance: Spiky orange hair, tattoos, orange skin

Job: Door-to-door salesman

Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?: If I get a cool car

Other: N/A  

Name: 7506

CBer: Lazerbat


Gender: Male

Personality: Pessimistic, stubborn, bored

Appearance: Sleek robotic head

Job: Treasurer 

Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?: Potatos disgust me

Other: N/A

Buisness name idea: TOUCAN (These offices can't attack noses) idk

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(February 21, 2021 - 2:44 pm)

Name: Gambler

CBer: Freak

Age: How dare you.

Gender: Male

Personality: I like... Nothing. I literally hate everything and everyone here.

Appearance: Pitch black skin, black wavy hair. I don't exactly have an eye color, since I don't have an iris or pupil... (Yeah, there's just completely white shining lights where his eyes should be.) My clothes are always mainly black, detailed with crimson red. 6'7. (Pfft- Skyscraper.)

Job: Advertising. Yes, I regret my life decisions.

U.W.C.A.Y.W.T.B.A.P.F.: I would literally rather burn at the stake.

Other: No, now leave me alone. (He has powers-!)


Name: Caaaaaaasino!

CBer: Freak!

Age: I usually range from 15-19! 

Gender: Male!

Personality: I'm basically a gold retriever puppy personified! (He usually says something completly terrifying when you least expect it.)

Appearance: Curly, white blonde hair with blood red streaks dyed in. (I occasionally change the color of the dye, depending on my mood.) Dark ruby eyes, and pale ivory skin. Hehe... I'm on the lower side of average height. (*cough* SHORT *cough*) I'm stilL AVERAGE HEIGHT THOUGH!!! I wear any variation of a baseball tee, with black jeans and sneakers... Also a suit jacket, since I'm apparently a buisnessman now.

Job: I literally have no idea. I just pretend to be typing on my computer (I'm just watching online cat videos.) until someone tells me to do something or asks if I've finished whatever I'm supposed to be doing.

I don't know what the heck is going on, but hey, I get paid at the end of the day! :D

U.W.C.A.Y.W.T.B.A.P.F.: Only if I can name a potato Bob, make mashed potatoes out of him, and eat him in front of his crying potato loved ones! (What the heck is wrong with you-)

Other: I'm best friends with Gambler! (No he's not, ignore him.)


I'll add Liu later. 


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this will be great

I suppose

why do I always get pulled into these things


Name: Kaeya -

Cber: NiteSkiies -

Age *evil glare* -

Gender: Female -

Personality: *sarcastic sigh* yeah that’s actually her personality -

Appearance: I can look however I want to >:< *whisper whisper* fine. I have knee length aquamarine hair that I always tie up in a bun which looks perfect every time. I wear a beautiful designer black suit which magically flows and is tight. -

Job: Can I be VP? -

UWCW []___ kaeya’s hand) Yeah never ever never ever nada 




Name: Starr.

Cber: NiteSkiies.

Age: *evil glare* awww you’re just like your almost sister *SUPERDUPEREVILNESSGLARE*.

Gender: Female.

Personality: Cheerful and helpful. mmmmmmhm right you’re also kinda greedy and selfish. *evilness pointed directly at me* and evil.

Appearance: I can- *whisper whisper whisper* I have cotton candy pink hair which I have tied in a French braid most of the time. I wear a purple suit.

Job: I answer phones and do door to door.

 Under what- Skip 


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Of course you can be VP!

(It's good to see you on again NiteSkiies!) 


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Ae Inc.

Thats the most original name ever Kaeya.

Super duper.


ahem.           What about


the totally normal office with no AES ever never ever

*cant hold in the laughter*

*glare*. Fine. Last try.

GlassPetal Offices 




actually kinda decent 

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this could totally not work, but I can totally see a Kaeya/Sojo ship lol

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They could do the enemies to love thing! :D 

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Okay. Mavi agrees.

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yes! It’s a thing now 


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I’ve missed you too!! Also, I forgot Thorn! sorry-  Also. My hair is Olive Green. Not Aqua. Sorry about that

I don’t really care... heh

Name: Thorn.

Cber: Who do you think?

 Age: Sorry, I’ve never heard of it.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Timid, stresses out over everything, very by the book.  

Appearance: I know what everybody else says but I can change my appearance. For this office, I’ll wear this: Short messy green hair (curly) Hazel eyes. Shortish. (I honestly cannot see him in a suit but ojfjsojd he’s picking) black suit and bow tie. (Okay I can see the bow tie.)  

Job: Umm... whatever really... what would be best for me?

 Under what circumstances woul-: Many. Many circumstances.

 Other: None... 

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(February 22, 2021 - 9:57 pm)

hmmm. th - this looks fun. right? 

Name: melody

CBer: moon kitsune

Age: 14

Gender: genderfluid, switches between female and agender.

Personality: shy, quiet, melodic.

Appearance: green and white kimono decorated with butterflies, long white hair with a bun on top, tanned complexion, bright blue eyes.

Job: singer i guess?

Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?: umm... i guess id be willing to?

Other: we'll be submitting sheets for the other AEs soon.

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(February 23, 2021 - 10:04 am)

Name: Azalea

CBer: Waffles (previously known as Rainbow)

Age: !@#$%^&*()_+ #AEsAreAgeless

But I'm a minor, I guess. 

Gender: FEMALE

Personality: Some say I'm obsessed with plants.

~AZALEA!! Everyone says you're obsessed with plants!!~


Appearance: Just picture the crazy plant lady. 

Job: I plant stuff

Under What Circumstances Are You Willing To Become a Potato Farmer?:

OMGOMGOMG I am so willing to be a potato farmer.

Other: Azaleas are a type of flower.

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(February 23, 2021 - 12:35 pm)