AE/captcha party! 

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

AE/captcha party! 

AE/captcha party! 

melody! why is amon hanging up streamers?! 

amon, what are you doing? 

getting ready for the party! 

simultaneously: PARTY?

heres the charrie!


gender and pronouns:




oh, no you dont! parties at our house never end well!

um... sounds kinda fun.

name: melody

gender and pronouns: genderfluid, she/her or they/them pronouns.

appearance: blue and white kimono, long white hair with a bun on top, blueish greenish eyes.

personality: shy, quiet, melodic.

shipping: shipped with emerald and that will never change.

it probably will.

*bursts into tears*

i guess if i get to make people cry ill come.

thats the spirit! 

name: sun kitsune

gender and pronouns: male he/him

appearance: long pale blue hair, pale blue eyes, nine golden foxtails, golden foxears, pale grey skin.

personality: lawful evil.

shipping: HAHAHAH- no.

my turn!!!

name: amon

gender and pronouns: nonbinary, they/them.

appearance: pale purple skin, bull horns, red galaxy wings, 

personality: chaotic, random, CRAZY!

shipping: if you can get them shipped we will pay you.

a lot. 


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name: Levendula

gender and pronouns: She/Her

appearance: Pale white skin, short pink dress and lavander bob

personality: A bit shy, funny when she is with her friends.

shipping: Not open

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name: Windracer!

gender and pronouns: Male, he/him

appearance: Fiery red hair, orange skin, leather jackets, katana

personality: Chaotic, a bit crazy, secretly is really cowardly

shipping: Anyone, but it would be fun if he shipped with Amon...
Name: 7506
Gender and pronouns: Male, he/him but usually answers to 7506 
Appearance: Metallic and blank head, sleek robotic body, wears a lot of suits
Personality: Pessimistic, evil, likes order, fights with Windracer
Shipping: Abiotic machines
{Name:} {Bertha}
{Gender and pronouns:} {Female, she/her} 
{Appearance:}{A walking, talking cow who wears an apron.}
{Personality:} {Peaceful, loves cooking and baking, reads a lot of drama and romance novels}
{Shipping:} {Happily married to Ron, another cow!} 
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Name: Ozzy

Gender and pronouns: Female, She/Her

Appearence:  High cheekbones, stringy white hair, tall and slender, blue-gray eyes.

Personality: Rude and mean. Loves being alone. 

We hardly even see her!

Shipping: We dont have a ship for her yet, but I think she should be with Sun Kitsune!

Name: Cody

gender and pronouns: non-binary they/them

apperence: Small and gleeful. Has the appearence of a six year old child. 

personality: random and naïve

shipping: Please ship them! We need to get them to be with someone else other than Cranberry and Ozzy. 


not at all. I hate parties. tooloud. full of numskulls lie you who like to scream and wave their hands in the air.

ozzy, please be nice. you know Cody is very excited, so don't rain on their parade. 

Cody saied, ye apd. Are you calling Ozzy an ape? And in old english?

Yes I am!

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Sounds fun. I'll make the preparations. 

And I'll work on dragging Shade to the party! Or Dusk will, whatever comes first~ Wait a second. One of those AEs are named amon? :0 I have so much questions! How did you escape the explosion? What are you doing now? How did you become so communist- 

Sally! That's not the Amon from Legend of Korra! That's just someone else named amon! 

Ohhhhh. Aw man, I thought the LOK universe was canon... I wanted waterbending. 

Name: Sally the waterbender (maybe if I say it, it'll come true!) 

Gender and pronouns: I'm female, but is it possible you could call me cookie and milk? Those will be my pronouns! So much better than my actual pronouns, she/her.  

Appearance: Okay, okay, so, are you ready for my AWESOME look? I have curly blonde hair that like, is in this ponytail, so I could have the tail of a pony, or just imagine it. I also have beautiful green eyes :D. I have freckles over my face, and white skin and stuff. I have a shirt that is glittery silver and has a rainbow logo! Then, my boring yellow shorts that just have pockets. Then my rainbow sneakers which light up! It's awesome, right? 

Personality: Awesome, and happy, and positive, and reckless (which is a good thing :D), and friendly, and extroverted, and loves animals, and some people call me funny, and/or annoying. I don't care what they think though. 

Shipping: Open with any boy around my age! It would be cool to meet someone and be in love! 

Name: Alice 

Gender and pronouns: female, she/her. 

Appearance: fair white skin. blue glasses, long straight blonde hair that goes just past my shoulders, a plain sky-blue dress, and brown mary jane shoes. 

Personality: Shy. Extremely introverted. Motherly. Caring. Sensible. Nerdy. Loves long books and inventions of all kinds. Rule-follower. Definitely not self-confident. Always polite. Can be hot-tempered with those who don't follow the rules, and can sometimes forget to have fun. Can come off as bossy sometimes. 

Shipping: Nope. 

Because she already has someone~ 

N-No, I don't! Stop making fun of me for a friend that just happens to be male. We're just friends, and that is all. Now, uh... How did you do with Shade? 

I got him to go! I told him he could cause lots of chaos at this popular party :). 

You did WHAT? 

Namee: Shade. 

Gende rrrrr anddd prono unsss: Malee, heeee/himmm.

Appea rancee: Whyyy doooo theyy evenn needd toooo knoww... Theyy could liter allyy justt seeee meeee atttt theee party. Usele sssss piece offff trash. Whate verrr. I'mmmm aaaaa drago nnnnn. I'mmmm black. I'mmmm theee sizee offff annnn AEEEE. IIIII havee a golde nnnnn ringg aroun ddddd myyyy leftt hornn. IIIII have purpl eeeee under belly anddd purpl eeeee claws. There, happy? 

Perso nalit yyyyy: YOUUU NEEDD TOOOO KNOWW THISS TOOOO? WHYYY? IT'SSS SOOOO USELE SSSSS. Urghh, FINEE. I'mmmm maddd allll theee timee. Sense iblee issss moree likee itttt. Peopl eeeee sayyy I'mmmm proud anddd angry anddd likee darkk humou rrrrr. It'sss nottt myyyy fault youuu havee nothi ngggg inter estin ggggg heree. Hottt-tempe reddd. 

Shipp inggg: That's. Itttt. I'mmmm donee. Thiss hasss toooo beeee somee kindd offff sickk jokee. *leaves*  (Dusk note: He's open for any female dragon. However, he will need a lot of time to trust someone, let alone be nice to them. Also, don't tell him I said this or he'll kill me.)

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Yup, new AEs here for their debut.


Gender: I'mma guy, he/him pronouns

Apperance: Brown hair (~kind of long for a guy~), yellow eyes, white skin, pointed ears. I always wears a blue hoodie and jeans.

Personality: Has an intense hatred for rules, is not at all afraid to tell someone that they're being annoying or a self centered jerk or anything in between. Sarcastic. ~Crazy, almost demonic~ 

Shipping: Um. I don't really care :\
Name: ~Perfection~
Gender: ~I'm a lady, tyvm. She/her pronouns, please.~
Apperance: ~Brown hair with pink streaks pulled into space buns, black eyes, white skin, pointed ears. I'll be wearing a cute pink and purple-striped sun dress with pink high top shoes.~
Personality: ~ I'm perfect~ Positive, a little naïve, prides herself in her politeness, is very worried about what people think of her, rules are everything, has a lot of ideology. ALSO VERY SNOBBY.
Shipping: ~Yes...? Maybe. Y'know, as Havoc said, "I don't really care :/"~ 
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I'll bring my new AEs!

name: Spotty

gender and pronouns: she/her

appearance: usually a person with green eyes and a yellow T-shirt & shorts, but I can turn into a leopard with CLAWS. You have been warned

personality: wonderful, the b - She's rude, crazy, and obsessed with Star Wars. Oh suuure, take her word over mine. Yes, do.

shipping: ICK no.


name: Silvi

gender and pronouns: she/her

appearance: silver hair, dark blue dress with silver threads, and usually bare feet

personality: Kind, polite - NO SHE'S NOT! I am most of the time. You stay out of this. NO I'm done anyway

shipping: no YES YES YES YES YES


Can we sneak away without Twiga?


I will tie you up

<idont> <waant> <tcome>

I will tie you up anyway with twizzlers 

Next time I'm going to fill out your forms 


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When is this party going to start? Sorry she is a little excited to meet AE's (she has never meet any) No i'm not! I'm just excited to eat cake!!!!!!!! Okayyyyyyyy

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the party has started! we'll post later.

(by the way i have some pretty evil ideas for ships.) 

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