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Here is a battle between fandoms. ALL OF THE FANDOMS.





more info to come. 

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This thread is dying, so I thought I would revive it with some iconic quotes. There are so many that I have to make a whole seperate post with every boy's quotes, and it doesn't even cover all of them, but I'm starting off here with the ones that include more than one of the boys. (H is Harry, N is Niall, Z is Zayn, LT is Louis, LP is Liam and I is interviewer)

N:I love ducks! LT:Fank you Niall (Louis has a strong Doncaster accent, hence the "fank")


H:Does anyone not have a phone? Who d-what? IT'S 2015 LP:Harry, she's 5


I:One Addition will- H:One Addition! LT:Give it up for One Addition! One Subtraction!


H:We're really funny, aren't we? The laughs we have N:Between me and you? Pranks, laughs, auh


H:Hello! LT:We! N:Are! LP:One! Z:Direction!


N:I'm Niall H:I'm Harry Z:I'm Zayn LP:I'm Liam LT:And I'm Jennifer


LT:I was shouting Zayn, Zayn, but he didn't come Z:Apparently I was just chilling soomewhere else but I'd always save you, Loueh


N:Baby if you say you want me to drive . . . to KFC LP:I love chicken


I:What are the four most important traits you look for in a girl? LP:Female, that's a good trait H:Not that important

That's all for now, I'll post the others later so the posts don't become chapters, and some can seem very strange out of context, which I can provide if anyone asks. 

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To start off, we have some quotes from the amazing Mr. Harry Edward Styles. There are a lot. This isn't close to all of them. And again, some may sound completely weird without context.

“This is a family show! . . . Or is it?”

"I'm not feeling fabulous"

"At the end of the day"

"Two bananas for a pouind, three bananas for a euro"

"Zebra! Where?"

“Is Olivia even a person? Is Olivia an emotion? Is she a place? We don’t know”

“London’s. Quite. Big.”

“Get outta my kitchen!”

“I work in a bakery”

“We are MEN!” *starts skipping* “We’re men!”

“Excuse me Liam”

“I have a secret”

“Physically, I’m fine. Emotionally, I’m bruised.”

“What did we win?”

“Wrong size shoeeeeeeeee”

“We are serious artists!”

“Don’t eat yellow snow”

“I like girls”

“Simple, but effective”

“I have a son! His name is Ishmael, he never talks to me anymore!”

“Here at One Direction, we love love”


“If you’re going to get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit them hard”

“I’m tired and it’s winter” 

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Now we have Louis William Tomlinson, who honestly, I don't know what goes through his brain sometimes. Some of these barely make sense with context. But he is amazing anyways.

"Chicken stuffed with mozzerella stuffed with parma ham with a side of homemade mashed potato"

"Define girlfriends"

"Kevin? Kevin!"

“Niall the bad boy? Give it a rest. Niall the church boy, more like”

“I like girls who eat carrots”

“‘No!’ Jimmy protested”

“12, 24, erm, 36, uh, plus another 6, 38!"

“We’re very excited”

“Well, what do you bring, Liam? No hair!”

“She’s mine!”

“Big, fat, idiot”


“Oh, I really hate you right now”

“Forget what they taught you in scouts, Payno, we’re doing it the Tommo way”

“It says do not dial 9, so . . . I dialed 9”

“Stop the traffic . . . let ‘em through”

“Well, well, well”

“It’s r, it’s r, it’s r, it’s r, it’s r, it’s r” (A random guy he prank-called):“How many r’s are there?” “Six” 

“Please, I’ve got some dignity”

“And I’d marry you, Harry”

“My goldfish is dead!”


“I. Love. Big red bus” 

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Now we have Niall James Horan, who is so sweet and was basically the baby brother of the group even though he wasn't the youngest. Again, some of these look completely strange without context. 

"We took a chonce"


“Come on Barbie let’s go party ah ah ah yeh”

“7 hours of us being idiots”

“Popsugar, sugar pop pop”

“No I dOn’T”

“Just chillin out in me box”

“Aw, whatcha do dat for?”

“Where are we going today, Mark?” “Washington. Washington, where President Obama lives”

”Where are we going today, Mark?” “Home. Home. Family” (I think Mark is/was either their tour manager or a bodygouard)

“Like I, you sing!” Crowd:“LOVE YOU” 


“The name’s Bond. James Bond” 


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I just found Mark, he was their personal trainer.

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Finally, we have Zayn and Liam, who I'm going to combine onto one post because there aren't that many. They were both more serious and quiet than everyone else.

First, we have Liam James Payne.

“I’m losing a kitten, I’m losing a kitten!”

“DJ Payne in the house”

“Can you read, or not?”

“Vas happening Celine!”

“I have a strange fear of spoons”

“Dinosaurs, mate . . . straight up”

And finally, we have Zayn Javadd Malik.


“Vas happenin?”

“Louis, you idiot!”

“I wouldn’t date any of you, cause nobody picked me”

“I didn’t learn anything in Japan”

“DJ Malik”

That's all. On an unrelated note, I saw that Paul, One Direction's main bodyguard, had to be escorted through a crowd. Only this fandom would make the neccesity for a bodyguard to have a bodyguard. 

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Wow twilight that's...

Really scary actually. 

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I agree. 

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Any Sherlock fans out here?

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EEEEEEEEHHH season five of My Hero Academia is airing but the wait between episodes will be AGONIZING. It will be, like, HALF A YEAR before it's all out.

*ahem* prepare for a Voltron/She-Ra thing.

A lot of people say that She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is "like Voltron: Legendary Defender but better." I beg to differ. First off, the shows aren't that similar. True, they are both in what I call "the 5" (ATLA, LOK, SPOP, VLD, and TDP) and they both have a fair amount of both fantasy and sci-fi, and they are both remakes of 80's shows but they still aren't that similar. I disagree with the She-Ra being better thing, too. I think some of the things that say that are mostly talking about the LGBTQ+ rep and of course it's better in She-Ra but overall in my opinion the two shows are about the same.

I feel like Voltron has more ups and downs in goodness and She-Ra is all just "good." Like, Voltron has AmAzInG characters and dialogue but a disastrous ending and in She-Ra those are all just "good." So I think that over all they are around the same. Here are some things I like more in one show than the other and vice versa. These don't actually have a lot of information (i.e. they could both be bad or good) but I decided to add an even amount of both to make it less confusing.

Characters: VLD

Clarity: SPOP

Worldbuilding: Same

Art: VLD

Ending: SPOP

Themes: Same 

Script: VLD

Plot: same

Diversity: SPOP

So yeeeeeah of course this is just my opinion. My sister actually much prefers Voltron but I think their the same in goodness. (I am not rating the fandom members here ehehe.)

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