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advice column!

advice column!


hey besties! my name is char, and i'm bored, so i am starting a free advice column <3333 . if you're having any problems in life and you need some advice, this is the perfect spot for you. this is a completely judgement-free zone, and you can even comment anonymously if you'd like. here's an example:

hey char, my sister keeps stealing my stuff. what should i do without seeming like a jerk?

and then i would say something like...

you should have a conversation with her. gently ask her to stop stealing your stuff, and if she continues, put your stuff in a more secret spot or inform a parent.

that wasn't the greatest example but, you get what i mean. just be sure to not put anything suuuuper personal so you don't break any cb rules.

(admins, this is okay right? or are advice columns not allowed? i don't mean to break any guidelines or anything.)

ask away besties! 

submitted by char !
(April 27, 2021 - 4:37 pm)