Favorite Sport!

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Favorite Sport!

Favorite Sport!

What's your favorite sport? Do you play anything? I LOVE to swim, and I've sometimes wanted to join a swim team, but I do dance (and some gymnastics), and I can't do them both.

So I'd say my top three favorite sports are:




I know that some people don't consider dance a sport, but I do, even though I don't compete. 

Also, I'm so sorry--I haven't posted in like a week! But now that schools out I'm spending a lot of time at pool parties and beach parties and... yeah. Basically, that's what my life revolves around now. So I might become a lot less active during summer. 


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Hm, I'd say my favorite sports are...




I love swimming too, though I sort of swim however I want to. I don't really do real strokes unless for some reason I have the urge to. Basketball is probably my number one favorite, I started doing it back in 4th grade. I wasn't quite a huge fan of it then, but in 5th I grew to love it. Put of course, then COVID hit, and our school team got shut down. I am hoping our school will open it up next year! And tennis I took with a team at one of the local parks. I had just passed the test to enter the level two tennis (my two friends didn't so...that was kinda akward) and started learning more advanced stuff and then - you guessed it - COVID hit. 

But yeah, I think sports are great! I might not be all that good at all of them, but I do think they are fun and a great way to get moving. 

You never mention Knattleikr!

Glimmer - What?

You know Knattleikr! The Viking Game! 

Glim, I don't play that. 

Welllllll, I might have stolen one of your books and read about Knatteikr. 

Oh, your talking about The Last Shadow Warrior, Chapter 17. 

So, I found out about it last night and decided to start the Eternali Knattleikr Team!

Great Glimmer...

So, Knatttleikr is my favortite sport. 

Okay...I guess Glimmer has started a Knattleikr Team. Not sure what to say to that. Well, all sports are good sports! I can't wait to hear about everyone elses favorites!  

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I took an ice skating class a few years ago, but sadly haven't gotten to go in a while. And I just recently started learning tennis! I really like both. I also used to play softball, but now for my age group it's just really competetive and I don't play it any more.

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My top three favorites (in no particular order) are: 




@Clementine, I'd definitely consiter dance a sport! I don't do dance, but my sister does and she really likes it!

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My top 5 is:


1. Swimming

2. Tae Kwon Do

3. Soccer

4. Track and field

5.  Baseball


Also did you know that breakdancing will be a sport in the Paris2024 Summer olympics? 


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Changed my fave-now it's scootering. You 

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Dancing is one million billion trillion percent a sport. It's my favorite. i guess my second favorite is swimming, and i do a little bit of competitive swimming. i don't really have a third one, as I don't do a lot of sports, and also dance takes up a lot of time(i do ballet by th way). Clementine, what kind of dance do you do?

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