Hello Lost Dreamer,

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Hello Lost Dreamer,

Hello Lost Dreamer,

Going into 6th grade can be a really tough time. I had a rough time of it myself—my parents actually pulled me out of school and homeschooled me for a few years because of bullying. At the time, I felt like that was going to be my life. But now I'm a very happy grown-up, with several wonderful friends. I don't mean to be cliche, but it can and will get better.

Your writing shows me that you are a deep thinker and deep feeler, and in some ways that makes these times harder. You're starting to have to deal with intense, older-people problems. The CB can't discuss some of those things. But I hope you know that we admins care about you, and your fellow CBers care about you, too. You'll always have a community here.

I also very strongly urge you to talk to two adults you trust. It doesn't have to be your parents—it could also be your favorite cousin, aunt, or uncle; a teacher or counselor you trust; or even the adult sibling or parent of a friend that you know will listen well. It's tremendously important to let someone know how you feel, and how it's affecting you. Your new friends are proof that there are people who care about you. 



we're all hiding something. our little group of outcasts. 

we're hiding pain, not danger. 

and if there's one thing you learn from this , let it be: dont misjudge people. 

we're all misunderstood. 


love you all. if i disappear, remember me as the sagittarius with no dreams <3 ill prolly reveal myself in the future :/ 


lost dreamer 

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thank you! its completely alr, i just had to vent- anyhoo, my uncle and aunt are in san fransisco, my other uncle and aunt are in china, my family i cannot trust (trust issues are horrible) so yeah- 

- lost dreamer  

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