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@Skip - this is Neverseen here!

Ello Skip (an anyone else who happens to open this thread to see what is going on) - this is our thread for the group get-to-know-other-CBers! Group Purple (If I remember correctly)!

My first question for you - how did you find out about the Inheritence Games book? I love it, but I didn't think many people had heard about it. Who is your favorite character? Mine is Alexander - he reminds me of one of my best friends, and, I mean, only one character can say "You look like you could use a robotic dragon" and get away with it. :) 


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(August 13, 2021 - 3:47 pm)

AH okay I absolutley freaked out when I saw that you @'d me so yea I love you so much! <3 I hope you're having an amazing day!!

to answer your first question: my mom found it at our like local book store, read the description, and thought that I would absolutley love it (which was correct). 

To answer your second character: Alexander as well! he is kinda underratd I think. I also think that my friends are similar to him as well! 

My question to you: Have you read the westing games?  

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(August 13, 2021 - 7:42 pm)

YES! The Westing Games are great! I read it awhile ago and don't remember it too well, but I do know it was a good read. Personally, I love pretty much any murder mysteries. I would love to read some Agatha Christy books, but I haven't gotten the chance. Maybe I will once I finish the three books I am currently reading :P

Now...: Have you heard of/watched/played Clue before?  

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(August 14, 2021 - 12:52 pm)

YES! I love clue so much! I watched the movie and I saw a play adaptation of it which was hilarious! I love playing it and it is quite possibly my favorite game!!

Also I love Agatha Christie books. There are many different characters that she has and my personal favorite is Hercule Poirot which is pronounced completely different than how it looks. 

I'm also in the middle of a couple books which are all very good it just takes time to get through them. It is always unfortunate when you have multiple good books in progress. 

What books are you currently reading?

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(August 14, 2021 - 10:26 pm)

The books I am currently reading:

~The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (though I just finished that one - figers crossed I can get my hands on the next one! Used this for my location too)

~Cathching Fire (The second book in the Hunger Games!)

~The Artifact Hunters (This one hasn't hooked me yet, but I'm not giving up on it) 

Hm - those books together look kind of weird...An example of my strange tastes! Also, what books are you reading? Oh, and I ment to say, did you hear than the second book in the Inheritence game comes out in Semptember? It's called the Hawthorne Legacy! I also read there would be a third book, so that is good news. A month seems like forever though...

Do you ever try to remember authors names?  


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(August 15, 2021 - 1:23 pm)

Well, currently I am reading the Shadow and Bone triolgy and I am on the second one! I also really want to read six of crows really badly. Also I just finished reading a book called the Quantum Weirdness of the Almost Kiss which was very good. I do reccomend. Also They Both Die at the End is very good. sad but good.

Catching Fire is quite good! That series as a whole is good but it's not the best thing I've ever read. Have you read Divergent? It is similar with the whole dystopian vibe. Also Maze Runner.  

YES I HEARD ABOUT THE NEXT BOOK! I have already pre-ordered it and I am so excited for it to get here! A third book? yes please! 

I never really try to remember authors names. Some of them are memorable like Agatha Christie and Shanon Messenger but besides that names don't really stick. I assume you are a Kotlc fan based off of your name?

Have you watched Knives Out? It falls into the realm of muder mysteries quite nicely. 


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(August 15, 2021 - 5:02 pm)

Yes, I am a BIG Keeper fan :). I mean, I might convinced three friends, two grandparents, one aunt, and one uncle to read the book. So yeah...

And Knifes Out! Yes, I did watch that! It was good! I'm not sure my parents liked it, but I did. The ending wsa quite unexpected, if I remember correctly. Oh, and have you heard of A Murder Most Unladylike? It is a series of murder mysteries! I feel bad for the two main characters (who are kids) that they have to go through like, seven deaths. Or more. I haven't finished the series yet because it is hard to read (written by a very British author). 

I also should explain my question about the authors' names. So it starts with my grandmother (or great grandmother). She was taking a test about a book, and the question was who is the author? And she didn't know! She felt awful, and has, through generation, told everyone to remember there authors. And now, the author-remembering trait has been sent down to me:

Nevermoor: Jessica Townsend

Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins

Mysterious Benedict Society: Trenton Lee Steward

Where the Red Fern Grows (School Book): Urgh...something Wilson.

Number the Stars (School): Lowis Lowry

Amari and the Night Brothers: B. B. Alston 

Few! Okay - I didn't even like Where the Red Fern Grows! Does your school make you read certain books? Mine does and I'm just gonna say...don't EVER read Call of the Wild unless you have to...it takes dog deaths to the sad and meloncholy (err...not sure that is how you spell it) extreme. 

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(August 16, 2021 - 1:30 pm)

Yea in my Literature class we are currently reading a Greek MYthology book which is pretty good! We will also be reading Macbeth and The Scarlet Letter! I will take heed of your warning, as I do not like dog deaths. 

Kind of off topic, but I have discovered that I'm more of a cat person even though I have a dog? I'm not really sure but that is a discovery I have made! how about you? Are you more of a cat person or dog person?  

That's really cool that you remember all of the author's names! I probably should try and do that but my memory is not the best!

I have not heard of a Murder Most Unladylike but now I am intrigued! Oh my. seven deaths? that's quite a lot!

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(August 19, 2021 - 4:37 pm)

You know, I've always said I'm a dog person, but I've never had a cat either, so I can't really know. My mom is alergic to cats so...yeah. But my dog is super sweet, if not a bit, well, not-so-smart. She jumped in a lake one time and was totally confused when she couldn't stand on the water...That is my dog for ya! 

My class just started reading the Hobbit (yay? I've read it before, but the beginning i kinda slow. I think it gets better though!)! I wish we would read some greek Mythology! I haven't read any of that in forever! We also are supposed to read Diary of a Young Girl, Role of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and A Christmas Carol at some point. One of those books has a character with my name in it (And no, I thankfully am not named Scrooge), so I can't wait to see how my class reacts to that. 

Oh! And I went to the library today, and I checked out two Agatha Christie Books! I can't wait to start them! 

Besides reading and writing, do you have any other hobbies? 

And also, just because I'm curious and random, what is the weather like where you are?  

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(August 22, 2021 - 3:13 pm)
See, my dog does not like water because one time we were trying to get him to go in and then he fell in and it was not fun for anyone! He is very energenic though and loves people a little too much.
Also, coincidentally, my dad is terribly allergic to cats so we cannot get a cat either but like one day I want to live in an apartment and have a cat. one day.
I read the hobbit for oe of my classes a little bit ago and it ruined it for me. So unfortunately I've never actually read the Lord of the Rings but maybe one day I'll have the time to do that! 
Well, I play the ukulele and I've kinda been working on song writing a bit but it's wayyyy harder than I thought. It's still pretty fun though! I'm also trying to get into skateboarding which requires balance. I do not have balance. Also I'm a theater nerd. Entirely. In fact, the auditions for our fall play are this Wednesday which I am excited for! what are your hobbies besides the obvious?
Well today the weather is extremely hot. Like terribly sweaty and disgustingly hot. it's only in like the 80s but it feels like the 90s. I can't wait for fall weather! It's my favorite season. What's your favorite season? And what is your handy dandy weather wherver you are?
I LOVE fall because all of my clothes are basically meant for fall weather. I also just got some new clothes and I cannot wait to wear them I just need it to be a little chilly. Like in the 60s and upper 50s preferably. It's also so pretty!
Hmm random question: do you live in the United States? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to and I completely understand if you do not want to.  
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(August 22, 2021 - 4:57 pm)

Oh gosh Skip, I am so sorry it is taking me to long to respond! I just started school, and have been working on homework until close to five (my family is crazy and eats at 5:45pm), so I haven't had a lot of spare time. But I am here now! Some of my hobbies are playing the drumset and piano, drums which I started in fourth grade and piano which I started in 2nd (I am in 7th now). I really enjoy it, and last year I started playing piano for school events with a few other students. It is sooo stressful, but I love it anyway. As for theater, I haven't really done much yet, but I have drama class this year in school and it is quickly becoming on of my favorite specials (specials is what my school calls art, music, p.e, and that kind of thing. I don't know if other schools do that...?). The weather here now is...hot. The weather app says it is 90 degrees, and jut being outside makes you sweat. One of the downfalls of living in NC. And that answers your question about living in the U.S. I do! 

Oh wait...I was supposed to be talking about hobbies :). I really enjoy STEM and engineering projects. This year in school, we have elective classes in which you get to pick 3 from 9 classes to take in the period before lunch on Wednesday-Friday, and I choice a STEM class. I am *hoping* it goes well. I also love tech, but haven't done too much with it yet. I took a tech elective too though, so hopefully I will learn! As for that third elelctive - it is for the school newspaper and demonstrates my obvious hobby, writing! 


What is your favorite subject in school? Do you enjoy/do art?  

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(August 26, 2021 - 4:09 pm)

Whoops. Sorry about the long wait. school is picking up for me too. Ah stupid high school. I just realized that I am like older than you by a bit. Like a good 3 years. huh.

I also enjoy STEM! I like the term STEAM more but it's not commonly used. At my school we have four different "institutes" that you can go into there's one for Engineering, one for Science and Math, one for Fine Arts, and one for International affairs. I want to go intot he Science and Math one because I can't go into the Fine Arts institute for many reasons....

But yea! My favorite subject is a combination of math and english which is a funky combination but I love my teachers for them and I just love them in general. Also Chemistry is getting higher on the list. It's basically math but easier and sciency. I'm glad you like STEM though! I think it's pretty fascinating. 

I don't really do art like drawing so yea. but I like the musical/choir/acting stuff!

Do you have any pets?

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Yay! I'm glad somebody likes STEM (And STEAM) on the CB! Wow - that was a lot of capital letters - anyhow yeah! I am a bit younger than you, but, I'm used to having friends different ages. I'm 12 myself, and some of my best IRL friends are 11 (like 3/4 of a year younger), 11 (1.25 years younger) and 13 ( a year and one month older). My class is pretty diverse on ages actually...huh! 

As for pets, I have a sweet, kinda-not-so-smart mix dog, who is mostly Coonhound. Her name is Dolly, and she loves food, walks, food, pets, food, and more food. She might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but she is still as kind as can be - even if she really only likes people who feed her XD

Chemistry class sounds really fun! I love science class this year (and math), so I think I would really enjoy it! I also am desperately wishing for some real labs, because so far we have only thrown cotton balls at each other and sorted leaves. 

I'm like, really [Insert Science Teacher's Name]? 

Still, throwing cottonballs at your classmates is kinda satisfying - I definitely recommend :) 

What has been your favorite STEM/STEAM activity that you have participated it?  

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(September 6, 2021 - 12:08 pm)

oooh hm I guess there's this one camp that I help out in every year. It's STEM based and really fun. I help little childrens with engineering projects and stuff like that. That is the only time that I like to interact with young children and even then it's a little iffy.

TODAY THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY CAME!!!! I'm so excited to read it but my mom called first dibs. So i'll have to wait. It looks amazingggg. hehehehe. I hope you get it soon! Then we can discuss it like proper individuals. *In terrible australian accent* How bout it mate?

Don't you worry, once you get into high school the real fun begins! I just hope that your biology teacher is good. Mine was not. It was unfortunate. I did not do very well in that class. 

Also slight pronoun change! I'm gonna go by they/them for now. Gender is a funky thing.

I successfully baked cupcakes yesterday! I should've prefaced that by saying that one time I was making muffins and baking powder and baking soda are very different you know? Well I did not know and wasted three batches of muffins before I realized the problem. I have never forgotten since. 

Do you like baking? 

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Yeah, I'd say I like baking! I don't do it to often, but I really enjoy it when I do. 

And yes. The Hawthorne Legacy arrived yesterday! (EEE!) AND, to make that day even better - Cricket arrived on the same day! Of course, yesterday had to be my long day (I had percussion lessons at 7:15, and my teacher lives, like, fourty minutes away). So today, I am definatly gonna have to do some reading! 

This is pretty random, but my mom is making chicken soup tonight for dinner. In case you are wondering, it is 87 degrees outside and humid. Yeah - great day for soup. I also got some music-player-thingies-that-aren't speakers in my room now, so as soon as I figure out how they work, I will be able to listen to music! 

Do you have any favortie music/genre/song?  

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(September 8, 2021 - 3:19 pm)

I wish you luck with your music-player-thingies-that-aren't-speakers. I hope they work. I have no idea what you're talking about though. 

Hm I'd have to say that my favorite genre of music is any pop or rock? I don't really have a preference just not rap. or most rap. I have been listening to Change My Clothes by Dream and Alec Benjamin but yea. Any DSMP songs are good. And Lovejoy cause I don't know if they count for DSMP.

But, related to that, I'm in a band? I need a guitar cause I only have an old one but yea? It's a club at my school and only three people who want to sing for it have joined (me being one of them) so yea? For context I've been wanting to join a band for FOREVER. 

But percussion lessons? very nice, very nice. Is it just like snare or is it drum set? Or other things that I'm forgetting. I know that there's heavy overlap so it could just be all of them but yea. I used to play the clarinet in my school band so I have limited knowledge in that area. 

So, obviously you play percussion of some sort, do you play other instruments? 

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