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Hi! I'm exited to be your partner! If you want to make a new thread with a different name that's fine, but I made this one because you weren't responding on the original thread. Have you read kotLC? I have I love it. Bye for now! 

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No, I haven't read kotLC. What's it 'bout?

Have you read Diary of An 8-Bit Warrior? It's REALLY funny!

Do you play Minecraft? They have bees! The bees are legit the size of the CHICKENS!!!!!!

You should check out The Monkees! Mike's the BEST singer by FAR!! The music is 100% family-friendly!

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Hi!!! kotLC is kinda hard to explain without giving away stuff, but the main jist is that there's a girl named sophie who has telepathic powers and then it turns out she acually belongs in this whole different world called the Lost Cities, which are made up of a bunch of elves. And then there is this evil organazation that they have to fight. Its WAAY more complicated than than but you find out bits and pieces as you go along so I can't spoil it. It's like Harry Potter, especially the first book is like, a LOOT like Harry Potter. But then it kind of diverts from the harry potter storyline. I dont think it's the best book I've read in terms of the way it's written (it's really good, buut not the best, like its known for its storyline not it's writing), but I just got super immersed in the world and the story and carachtars seem like they are real people. That was really long sorry.

I do play minecraft, I have seen the bees, also I haven't read Diary of An 8-Bit Warrior, what is it?

I searched up The Monkees, I didn't think I'd like them because I don't like bands very often. But they were really good! Thanks for telling me about them. 

We are painting our house right now, so the painters pushed all our furniture to the side and basically plastic wrapped it. Now, my cats found a whole in the plastic wrap and are walking around. It's like a whole world. Then I stuck my head through to try and find my cat, and I thought maybe my whole body would fit through, and it did! Then it was really weird because it is a mini little world and I was crawling around, I even sat on an armchair under the plastic wrap!! And my cat is never allowed to jump on the dining room table, but he was on top of it under the plastic. I wish you could have seen it.

I'm getting ready for school now. I already read both my summer reading books and annotaded 1 and 2/3rds of them, so I only have 1/3 of a book to go!!! I have oreintation on monday, which is weird because I'm in 7th grade, but it makes sense since I didn't get an in-person orientation last year when I started at my school. I have nothing on tuesday, something on wensday, and then school starts on thursday. When does your school start?

Okay and if you havent noticed I ramble on and on a lot, because i meant to make this post about 3 ines long and now its...that. 


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Diary of An 8-Bit Warrior is 'bout this 12 year old villager named Runt, who wants to be a warrior. In the second book, he meets a baby slime that dosen't attack Runt, so he keeps it and names it Jello. He goes in ALL sorts of crazy adventures, tryin' to defeat HEROBRINE!

Oh, guess what? I haven't moved yet! Phew! I really don't wanna move, 'cause I have people that I've known since I was, like, 6 years old, there's no Pet Supplies Plus where I'm gonna move to, and that's, like, where I was gonna work when I was 16, and also, I'm not even sure what the LIBRARY'S gonna be like!

The cats and the plastic thingy, is SO FUNNY!! That sounds like somethin' my cats would do!

Have you seen the music videos for the new DCOM (A.k.a Disney Channel Original Movie), "Spin"? As I'm typin' this, I'm listenin' to "It's All Music". IT'S THE BEST!!!!!!

What's the coolest thing you've built in Minecraft? I tried buildin' a second castle via instructions, and it said to "Make a 6x6 hole in the center of the castle roof. Surround it with a wall and build the wall 9 blocks high." Then it said to "Extend it to have a ten by ten overhang", but I did it, and it didn't look like the pictures in the book!

What's the WORST thing that happened to you in a Minecraft world? Mine was when I was lookin' for another village, and I got lost, and I did find a village, but my cat in the game, Nina, the first cat I tamed in that world, drowned, so I left, then went to another village, and my other cat drowned, and I had a horse, 2 dogs, and several cats with me, and I haven't played that world since. It's CURSED, I tell ya! CURSED!!!!

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I just wanted to say that I saw this, but I am really tired right now and have a busy day tommorow (Opening day at my school which has a whole ceromony!), but I'll try to say more when I have time!

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Hi! Sorry I haven't responded in so long! I started school, though! My classes seem good, but I miss my old teachers. They were really nice.

We have a "family" system at our school, where there's an 8th grader, 7th grader, and a 6th grader, and we all have our lockers next to each other. I already knew my 8th grade sister from next year, and guess who our new little sister was? Someone I had already met at camp! It was so crazy, becaue she was the only 6th grader I knew, and then she became my little sister!

Right now, I am at the beach with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle (aand my brother and mom)! I was looking forward to it all week! We are each staying in a hotel room, and there is a door beetween our room and my grandparents! Right now, we are on a family zoom, where we zoom my grandma's silbilings and all their families. My grandma has 5 other sibilings! It's funny to hear the family zoom because everyone doesn't know how to use zoom, and then they talk over each other and stuff. Also, its cool to hear all the crazy stuff my family is doing!

My uncle is asleep right now, which is funny because my aunt is jet-lagged but she's wide awake!  

I'm going to ask my Grandma if she wants to say anything to you, after she comes back because she's doing something right now. I'll make a new comment if she does.

I haven't seen Spin, but when we get home, i'm going to ask my parents if we can watch it. Speaking of music, me and my grandpa and my mom went to a record store yesterday. I got 3 CD's for my boombox: Hamilton act 1 and 2, Mary Poppins returns, and Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 and Romeo and Juliet. I actually haven't seen Mary Poppins returns, but I heard the music is really good.

I think the best thing I've attampted to build is this huge house which I never finished. I am expierementing with redstone more now, so I am going to try to make an elevator right after I finish writing this. I don't know what the worst would be, although on one of the worlds on my dad's old Ipad, it keeps randomly destroying blocks completly out of control and I can't stop it! AHHH! 

I've never moved before, except for when I was a baby and we moved into a bigger house in the same town, but I don't even remember that! Are you moving to a different state? One of my best freinds moved from Illinois, and she still goes back there every summer. Also, I moved schools this year, and I was really scared but now I've made some really good friends! I can't really stay in contact with my old ones, though, because I don't know their phone numbers, so that's sad. Also, I had to start my new school during distance learning.

That's all I have to say! Bye! 

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