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Back to School

Back to School Hype!!

Heyo guys, Here's your station to geek out about back-to-school season! Stuff like:

When do you start school? 

What grade are you in?

What classes do you have?

Which do you think will be hardest? Easiest?

What's that cool new thing you just bought for yourself that you didn't really need, but really really did?

[insert much more interesting discussion topics that I fail to think of] 

I know we all have stuff to rant about on the Random Thoughts Thread, so do your raving here. Not trying to be cheesy, but I'm kindaaa excited (!!!) and want to know what y'alls are excited for too! 

(I get that a lot of you have already started school so I apologize if I sound too *in the past*. I start school next week)

Have fun lizards(?)! (Is that a thing now?)

Jwyn <3 


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I haven't started school yet, but I will soon and I'm excited but kind of nervous. I think the easiest subject will probably be English, and the hardest will either be math or opening my locker.



I'm especially excited about this beautiful blue pencil case my mom bought me, and I love my backpack.  




Wanderer says iuiuh. I- u- I- Uh? Wanderer, what're you stammering about?

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I started school two-ish weeks ago, and I've been really enjoying it so far! This year, I'm in 9th grade, which means I'm in high school now :D Some of my classes are agricultural biology, 10th grade honors math, 9th grade english, and band. I definitely think math will be the hardest this year, but I've been really enjoying the class so far. My math teacher is very cool, so it's always interesting in there! The easiest class will probably be band, since it's mostly participation based. I play the clarinet, if anyone is curious! For the cool new thing I bought myself, I found a mini binder that matched my normal sized binder when I went school shopping, and I just had to have it XD (I'm surprised I actually had something that fit that category so perfectly) 

What do you guys think will be your favorite and least favorite classes?  

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