Hello! I have

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Hello! I have

Hello! I have returned from my short unplanned hiatus. I've been inactive for about a week and a half, the reason being that my town was hit by a tornado.

My state never gets tornadoes, so this was very unexpected, and it's been quite a week. We got hit on September 1st around 6:30 pm by an EF3 tornado, which is very bad. Thankfully, my family was in the basement with the dogs (all families were, actually, there were no casualties in my town), so we were safe. We got really lucky, too--you can see the path of the tornado on my street, and it circled right around my house. I live in the woods, though, and almost all of our trees are down. My entire street is literally unrecognizable, and there are chainsaws going day and night. There's no major damage to my house, but our fence, the shed, the chicken run, and my dad's car were all crushed. The power box was ripped off the house, so we had no electricity for four days, and we just got internet back about an hour ago.

So yeah! That's what my week has been like. I'm glad to be back on the CB, and things are starting to look up again. I have pictures of the damage if anyone's interested in seeing it (and if it's okay with the admins). <3


 I think that would be OK, as long as there's no address or people in the photos. We're thankful that you and your family are safe!


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Yikes! That sounds REALLY bad!

I'm glad you, your family, your dogs, and your neighbors are all safe! I'm prayin' for y'all.

I hope that a tornado NEVER EVER EVER hits your state again.

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Hey! This is kinda late, but that sounds so scary! A lot of stuff like that have been happening recently because of climate change. :( I'm glad you're okay though! Have a cup of positivitea <3

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