SCREECH It's fall!!!!

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SCREECH It's fall!!!!

SCREECH It's fall!!!!!!

I'm so excited! It's finally my favorite season and the weather is SO GOOD WHERE I AM

it's 70 degrees right now and PERFECT

also I'm going to the Grand Canyon for fall break! What are you guys doing on your fall break (even if it's at a different time than mine)? 

Well anyways bye, I just wanted to share my EXTREME HAPPINESS *screeches in delight*

ahem. My apologies. Have an amazing day/week/fall break!!!

-Fallen :D 


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yesterday it rained all day, but the temperature was actually cold for the first time in weeks!! :D My pinterest homepage is full of autumnal photography because I've been eagerly awaiting for fall since july or something lol. sadly i dont get a fall break because i'm homeschooled. I might get a thanksgiving break, but by then it's pretty much winter for me :( ANyway happy autumn y'all!! *sips chai tea*

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Same on the weather front! On Wednesday, it rained practically all day! Our class always has lunch outside, so it was a shock to have to eat in doors for once. We got 15 minutes of recess in before the skies opened up on us, and I'd just like to say to any of you volleyball fans out there - don't play it in the rain - please, puddle balls are not fun. 

But back to fall. FALL! AH I'VE BEEN AWAITING YOU! My parents, grandparents, classmates, and friends probably though I had gone insane, I had been talking about fall for the past two/three weeks. And, even if the leaves at my house are still green, the ones at my school are changing! E, L, and I were trying to estimate how many were on one of the giant ones durring lunch yesterday. That was a fruitless effort, but still, it was fun. It is in the low-mid 70's here (I'm in NC) and it is wonderful. Just wonderful. 

Thank you, nature. You fufilled my wish. :) 

Happy fall everyone!  

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Yay, fall season! Here's a playlist of some of my favorite songs that just give me a fall-ish vibe:

Hollfron - Mythrodak

Pumpkins - Mythrodak

I Do Love You - Kill Paris

Shine - Pentagon

Ignore Me - Betty Who

Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato 

Can't Sleep Love - Pentatonix

Silence - Marshmello

If we Never Met - John K

Gone Days - Stray Kids

Since I Saw Vienna - Wilbur Soot

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I LOVE FALL! I'm so sad because I just moved to a place where the coldest it gets is 50 degrees. New York is literally heaven in fall. I was born in October and fall is my one true love. (Side note: softball is horrible and sweaty in the spring but softball in the fall is amazing and fun and cool and just wow) 

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I loooove fall so much!! The weather today is literally perfect, around 70 degrees <333 Plus, the best kind of tea is this one that my friend makes for me sometimes, and it just tastes like fall, you know?

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Happy fall everyone!! I'm am VERY excited for the weather to start cooling down because running the mile during P.E. is not fun when it's over ninety degrees outside. Also, our local coffee shop has brought back the pumpkin spice latte in honor of fall! I barely ever drink coffee (I'm more of a tea person), but I'll make an exception for the pumpkin latte. It's funny how hyped my town gets over this drink XD My dad and I are planning on making pumpkin pie soon, too, because the pumpkin I've been growing in our garden is finally ripe! Hopefully, it turns out good since that pumpkin has been growing for months.

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Ah, I love how it's cool, but not too chily, and the wind- fall wind is just heaven.  And the leaves are turning just so many colors of red and orange and yellow, and!  We make applesauce and turkey and pie and pumpkin bread and everything just feels so crisp, cozy and beautiful... fall is such a happy season! 

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