Hey! I'm Kinka.

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Hey! I'm Kinka.

Hey! I'm Kinka. I'm a young kinkajou. I'm super cute! I have a little sister, too. Her name is Gwendolyn, but she's super annoying and I just ignore her. I live in the rainforests of South America.

My favorite food to eat is honey. It's so sticky and sweet! Lately, though, there've been a lot less bees, and a lot less honey. Gwen, my super annoying sister, says a lot of mumbo-jumbo about glowball warring? And Carboon Dyockside affecting the bees and the flowers? I dunno. She's weird.  

But I do agree with her on one point- you humans have something to do with it. I've seen a lot more of you in my few years. And it's getting harder and harder for my parents to find a good tree for us to nest in each night, 'cause you keep taking them away! I don't understand what you're doing, but please, please, bring my honey and my home back! 

Thanks, and byeeeeeee!


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Hey Kinka.

Oh, I wish I could!  I watch so many videos on global warming and deforestation and stuff and I want to, but I have no idea how, to help!  I know what would reduce it: less factories, more electric cars (but solar electric, not the electric they're doing now)  less people saying "what if we cut down some forest and built a parking lot?  Lol I'm brilliant," but I'm not a company CEO and I can't drive and I haven't ever cut down a tree- and I'm pretty sure if the people doing that stuff aren't listening to the planet melting, they're not gonna listen to me.  

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Hey Tsuki!! You seem like a nice person, so I'm gonna trust you even though my mama says I should stay away.

Please don't give up on yourself! You are powerful. I believe you can make a change, if you really want to. Of course, you could always give up and eat honey, but think of those less lucky than you who can't! (Me.) *goes off into irrelevant tangent* Honnneeeyyyy!!!!!!!!! WoooooooO!!!! Shiny, sparkly, sticky honey!!!!!!! Yeeeeee!!!!


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you can reduce your carbon footprint. maybe you're already doign these things, but recycle! reuse! don't use plastic bags at the grocery store! turn off the lights when you leave the house! DON'T LEAVE THE WATER ON WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH! As a Californian, where drought is pretty much constant and fire season progressively gets worse, it really annoys me to no end when people leave the water on and brush their teeth. it's not necessary??

take shorter showers, because it uses less energy. hot water uses energy, by the way. when it's cold, put on a sweater before you turn on the heater. eat less meat, especially beef. use less plastic.

you could do more creative things too, like using newspaper as wrapping paper. buy halloween costume supplies at goodwill or another thrift shop to reuse fabrics. there are lots of things you can do! they may not be big, but you're still making a difference. 

talk to your friends about what they can do, and your parents.  there are truly

a lot of options. 

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I am no mere human! (I am, but I don't think we're superior to everyone) But yeah people need to stop global warming-

and sToP kIlLiNg ThE aNiMaLs FoR fUn YoU mOnStErs

wow that took a long time to type. But stop hunting for sport! People say that deer will be overpopulated, but before humans came along it was perfectly balanced, because things like wolves were eating the deer. But guess what! HUMANS came along and started killing the wolves so then the wolves couldn't eat the deer and then used it as an excuse. So instead of this

No kill wolf --> no kill deer

It's become

kill wolf --> kill deer

So more things are dying. Seriously, people? 

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Kinka, thank you for posting this thread to raise awareness about global warming and humans affecting the environment.


I honestly have no idea why people try to cut down trees. It is really bad. People claim that animals are hurting them, yet animals are the ones who enjoy the simple things in life while humans want power, money, and way more than they do need. And the humans are the ones who kill and/or hurt animals.


There are ways to help:

1. Plant a tree. If you don't have any room for a tree, do some kind of plant with leaves. They soak up the carbon dioxide and release more oxygen for animals to breathe.

2. Try to produce less waste. Don't use too much water, and unplug the cord for charging when nothing is charging, because nowdays most electricity is produced using fossil fuels.

3. Write a letter to your state or regional representative or organize some kind of sponsored walk or bike ride or whatever then donate the profits to a climate change charity.

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Hi Kinka! I wish I could  help you get your honey and home back! Your sister Gwen's right: we are releasing more carboon dyockside (CO2). When we cut down trees, we release the CO2 that has been trapped in the trees, because they take in carbon dioxide. They only release it when they're dead (cut down). It's like a whole cycle. When we cut down trees, we take away your home, but we also release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can hold heat, so when it's in the atmosphere, the earth can hold more of the sun's heat, so our planet get hotter as a whole. This affects other weather patterns. It can increase rain. This might not affect you, but another species, the whooping crane, is affected by this. Their eggs can get pneumonia and die because of too much rain. There are lots of ways to make sure this doesn't happen anymore. One way to not to release as much carbon dioxide and have less of a carbon footprint. Small ways to do this are to turning off the lights when you are the last person to leave a room, or turning off the water when you brush your teeth until you need to rinse your mouth. Some bigger ways to do this are getting more sustainable energy, like solar or wind power. You could also go vegetarian or vegan, so you don't have as much of an impact on the environment. 

Anyways, the big takeaway is that we can all do something to get your home back Kinka! Hopefully the next time I hear from you your situation has improved!!! 

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Also, more ways to help reverse climate change: 

- Plant a tree! They take in carbon dioxide and keep it there for a really long time. 

- Use sustainable transportation. Bike, walk, skate, carpool, or use public transport. Even one less car on the road makes a difference!

- Recycle your plastic bottles

- Bring your bags when you go grocery shopping: don't buy plastic bags!

- Use LED lightbulbs instead of incandescent or flourescent lighting

- Stop wasting food! 

- Taking shorter showers conserves water, just like turning off the water when brushing teeth

- Unplugging you chargers when they aren't charging anything. 

- Cut down on plastic use: like I said above with not using plastic bags. You could also get your own water bottle that you can refill instead of using a plastic bottle everytime. 


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