Chat thread! :D

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Chat thread! :D

Chat thread! :D

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Ahg, I hope I have a chance to post a comment responding to yours' today, but I may not.  I won't be posting all week; so if I am very silent don't worry, I'll be back!  I look forward to chatting with you.

I am very glad you are feeling better, Blackfooted Bobcat.
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My orchestra's concert was a few days ago and it went fairly well! The hard sections all went well, although I made other mistakes, like messy tremolo in parts of the Orchestral March and getting ahead of the orchestra in the Haydn (by the way, we only played the Finale). As I was going through backstage afterwards, the conductor said I did a good job! I just wanted to say that : ) 

And (I keep forgetting to say this) you can call me Bobcat for short. And Lupine, I might say more about the chocolate later, but yes, there is a lot of child/forced labor and horrible treatment of the workers, and environmental destruction, and... lots of bad things. Which is why I'm working on flyers to raise awareness about palm oil, which is also sourced horribly and is in almost everything, and a letter protest. 

How are you guys doing? 

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Congratulations on your orchestra concert! Don't worry about making mistakes, no one can hear an individual mistake and I'm sure you played great! There's a ricochet part on one of my orchestra songs that's like five lines long and that I canNOT do. The concert's next week so I've just given up on that part since it's basically just an effect anyway. 

Good job with the flyers too, that's a great idea! There was an endangered species awareness club at my school for a while (it fell apart during the pandemic) and we made posters about Pygmy elephants and palm oil, because their habitat is affected by it. I think a lot of shampoo brands use palm oil, but Trader Joe's shampoo is one of the ones that I've found that doesn't. I think. Sometimes you can't tell.
Im doing fine. I'm on thanksgiving break right now, so get to sleep in!!  @Peregrine, how are you doing?
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(November 24, 2021 - 5:05 pm)

I'm doing well!  I went on vacation, and it was very nice.

Congrats on a good concert, Bobcat!  One of the nice things about playing in an orchestra is that you can hide behind other people when you make mistakes . . . just joking.  I find a lot of the time what seems like a huge mistake to me during the performance hardly sounds like anything when I listen back to a recording.  That's great your condutor said you played well!

So many things are produced in horrible ways: clothes, shoes, chocolate, phones, and the list just goes on and on.  I try to buy used when possible, and research for sustainably sourced things when buying used isn't an option, or buy strait from the maker and not through another website which sometimes supports other companies who don't follow my critieria.

Keep up your work on making flyers and letters, Bobcat!  I think even small things can make a difference, and small things put together can make a big difference.  Even something as simple as raising awareness about something can make a difference.  I can totally understand being frustrated when all people talk about is one animal/species.  Something never effects just one species, it effects the whole eco-system in a chain reaction way.  I think that sometimes it can be hard for poeple to focus on a bunch of things at once, so only one species gets attention.  But then, wihle it would be better if people were aware of the whole eco-system, being aware of one species is better than being aware of none.  After all, if the eco-system can be effected badly with just one thing, then it can be effected for good in one way.  Though it could be effected more quickly and largely if more than one thing was done, of course.

If you are looking for a good chocolate brand that makes good tasting chocolate in a good way, check out K'UL.  They have a website with all their information about what they do.  Most of the chocolate I eat is made by them, 1) because it's good,  and 2) because I know it is made well.

Thank you for your tip on making a pros and cons list about a violin career.  I plan on trying that, I hope it will help at least a little!

I recently found an old book titled Jottings from a Cruise.  I haven't started it yet, but from what I have glanced through it looks good and I am looking forward to reading it.  It is a collection of a sea captain's letters/journals from a sailng trip.  I am slowly reading some of John Muir's writings.  Currently I am reading his essay about how wild sheep wool is better than cultivated; and how it doesn't matter if the wild wool is good for human clothing because it wasn't made for humans, it was made for sheep!

Part of today's agenda: make a sweet potato pie.  I will let you know how it goes.  I hope you both have a good day!  


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The sweet potato pie was successful!  So succesful my family said another should be made, which I did willingly.  It was delicious!

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Sorry I haven't posted! My cat died, so. I don't know what to say. I'm not very good at feelings. But don't think she wasn't loved or anything - she was the most loved cat in the world. I just don't know what I'm supposed to say. It was super sudden, too - she was doing great, and then her kidneys stopeed working. We had even had her on special food so her kidneys wouldn't fail, so I don't know what happened. She was kind of old, though. Sixteen? I always found it funny that I called her a little kittyfluff or such but she's older than me. For the first few days I thought I was dreaming because I have nightmares a lot, but it was true.

I'll post more later, when this is out of the way.  

We're so sorry to hear about your cat, BB. Death is a part of life, a part of having a beloved pet. Sixteen is old for a cat, and going rather suddenly may be better than suffering for a longer time. As time passes, you will feel less sad and be able to remember the good times you had together and smile about them.


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(December 4, 2021 - 2:18 pm)

Bobcat, I'm so sorry! Losing a pet can be really hard. But it's nice that she lived as long as she did. I hope that you can get a new cat when you're ready. My cat passed away (we had to put her down) a long time ago, but we got two new cats about a year later which was really nice. I agree with Admin: try to focus on the good parts and happy parts of her life rather than the sad.

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(December 5, 2021 - 4:11 pm)

I am so sorry, Bobcat.  I know that sorry isn't ever enough when having lost someone loved, and I wish I could find words to describe what I am feeling because 'sorry' doesn't even scratch the surface.  Everything you have said about your cat indicates to me how much she is loved, and I am so glad she had a good home with lots of love.  I'm sending you a virtual hug and lots of support.

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