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@Fairytales! This is

@Fairytales! This is our chat thread. I think we should decorate the place. The house has two floors, a basement, a sun room, and a yard. We can add stuff to it. Is it fine if it's on a each? Also, what games do you play? I play a lot of games, ut mostly Stardew Valley, Among Us, and Minecraft.

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My correction: Is it fine if it's on a beach? 

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Of course!!! I love beaches. If it's really hot, you can just go snorkeling or swimming! And I love to swim! 

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Cool! I'm glad you made this! :)

Sorry I took a while to notice this, but decorating sounds fun!

I play roblox, minecraft, and website games. Also veeeeeery old games with an old nintendo! 

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I love Minecraft so much!!!! It is the best video game ever, in my opinion! I have heard of Roblox, but never played it myself. We used to have some older games stored on one of our computers, but the computer crashed or something and we lost them. My favorite game on it was Midtown Madness. Basically, you drive around in a car and you can sorta do whatever you want. Police will chase you, people will tell you to get off the road, you can attempt to run over people but it never works. What is your favorite video game?

I love to write stories, but only if I can make tem how I want to make them. If I can't, then I don't ike to. Like in school, sometimes I have to write a short story. But it's usually not fun because I have to write about a certain thing.

As for decorating, how about we put a huge TV in the living room with some of those really soft couches that also make you sink down a little bit? And we need some house plants as well.

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Minecraft is really fun! And those games sound fun! And my favorite video game is roblox.

And I feel the same about writing! My LA class lets you do a free write for the daily writing so i don't mind that writing assignment.

And that sounds great! I love those couches! Also, should we get a pet? And which one do you prefer? As for the living room walls, what color? I'm thinking a teal or a yellow. What do you think? 

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Personally, I would love a cat or hampster. I definitly don't want a dog. for some reason, I just don't like them. You know, I thought about asking if you wanted a pet! I didn't cause I thought it would seem really silly. I guess not!


For the living room walls, I kinda picture a light tan with a huge window with lacey curtains that are blowing in the wind... but really, I think it should be, sorta, fading? Like electronic or something and it fades into different colors? that would be cool. Also, a pale yellow would be good. Hmmm. I will make sure to have lots of gaming stuff, though. I mean, we both love gaming, so why not?

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It's not silly at all! I love animals, and I think we should get a cat, personally I love dogs, but it would be nice to change it up! What breed and color of cat should we have? I love the ragdoll cat breed, they're so cute and fluffy!

I think that sounds wonderful for the walls and stuff btw! Maybe some fairylights that change colors inside the curtains? And yes, some gaming stuff would be great! I haven't played any Kirby games other than smash bros yet, but I'm obsessed with Kirby... I know that might sound weird... but I would love to play a Kirby game.  

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OK, looking back through the Make A Friend, I found somethings we can talk about! don't get me wrong, decorating is fun, but we are also supposed to get to know each other and talk about what we like. I love listening to music when I'm reading, eating, doing chores, posting, drawing, rollerblading, etc. I have read the upside down magic series and it was really funny! Like, hilarious, not weird. However, it's one of the series that I wll read once, then probably won't read them again. I haven't watched Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, but I placed a hold on the book version. really, I need to stop reading new series because i am reading so many! Do you find the word "sus" annoying? Some people do, I don't. If you find it annoying, I just won't really get it, but that's mostly it.

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I can't believe we have so much in common! I like listening to music while I'm reading, too! Do you like audio books? I can't be in my room by myself without music or watching anime. I looooooooooooooooooooooove the upsidedown magic series! Have you read the new book Night Owl? It's really good! And I don't think word sus is that annoying... so ur fine. What's ur favorite food? Or your favorite animal?

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I do like listening to audio books, but usually oly in long car rides because I get a headache if I read in the car. I usually read manga or comics however, not much "actual" books. I have not heard of Night Owl, i might check it out though. My favorite food is pepporoni pizza! My favorite animal... hmm. that's hard! Probably cats or bunnies. Also, should we start decorating again?

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To be honest, I really need to start reading more chapter books, too. I usually read the babysitters club graphic novels, and I don't read that much sadly. I hope to start reading more. And night owl's really good, if you like the upsidedown magic series, you'd like it! And peporoni pizza is really good! I'm gluten-free so I can still have gluten-free pizza crust. Do you like pineapple pizza? Or olive pizza? And I love bunnies! They're so cute!! I actually made a drawing of one using a reference if you wanna see it. My favorite animals are foxes, raccoons, frogs, and opossums! And yes, we should get back to decorating, what would you like for the kitchen? 

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OK! I'll start from the top of your comment! I don't really like pinapple or olives, so I am pretty sure I wouldn't like them. I haven't tried them, so I can't say for sure. I would love to see your refrence! As for the kitchen, I already had the lastest appliences installed (stove, microwave, etc.) so we don't have to worry about tht, but I don't think we should have a checkered floor. Kitchens usually do, so I don't want one. Also, maybe we could have one room with white wall paper so we can draw our own wall paper!

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