Homeschool Thread!

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Homeschool Thread!

Homeschool Thread!

I'm homeschooled, more lifeschooled, altough my parents teach me. I'm doing the GED book for math, which is hard 'cause, hello, it's meant for 16-year-olds!! I just finished the mean, median, and mode lesson, which wasn't hard but it took so long. Undecided However, I love being homeschooled! It is wonderful, especially during the pandemic, and I get to spend lots of time with my parents & cat, as well as doing things I love (like writing and drawing!).

I'm excited to see who else is homeschooled. Thank you!

--Shining Star 

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*raises hand* 

I am!

I like being homeschooled because:

-flexible schedule

-my schoolwork is what would be homework if I went to school, so I spend less time doing school

-I learn lots of random useful life skills, like how taxes work and how to make chili from scratch. 

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I love being homeschooled because it is way more relaxed from what i read about. I don't have to get up early or have homework, plus I can take lots of breaks! It is wonderful!

How about we ask questions to get to know each other a little better?

I got the idea from the CBFF chat thread! 

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I have been homeschooled all my life. Except now. This is my first year in school and I really dislike it. Homeschooling was so much more fun and I learned a lot more. I used Singapore for math every year. I used Sonlight for history, literature, science, and occasionally grammar. I used Latin for Children for Latin.  I am in the process of convincing my mom to let me homeschool next year. Right now I think she will let me. Homeschooling was almost always so easy and I was learning so much. But now there is just so many people. It has been fine for the most part because I haven't had to learn anything yet. I have been ninety-nine point repeating nine percent certain that I have ADHD for a while and so I am a little bit scared for the rest of the year. I am going to try to link my introductory thread because I put all my curriculums on it because I realized that there are a lot of people on here that are homeschooled. (or there used to be at least)

One reason I loved homeschooling is because I could spend extra time doing my favorite subjects and do like extra acivities for them and spend less time on my least favorite. 

Another thing I enjoyed was the ability to go ahead. That way I would finish my school year a couple weeks early and then my amazing mom would take me and whichever of my siblings were also done. (I was the first one done every year except once where my YOUNGER brother finished a day before me.) (That did mean that if you weren't done you would not get to go but like I said I was always done.)

Yet another reason was that I would call some days where I just really did not want to do work FAX days. (I was only allowed to do this if I was at least two weeks ahead in every subject) Basically I would just spend the entire day cooking. I would make dinner and dessert for my family but it would be complicated enough that it would take the whole day. (I did clean.......sometimes LOL) 

My last reason is that where I live the public schools are not great. This mean that homeschooling is the better option if you want to get a good education. There are some good teachers in our district. (I got extremely lucky this year according to my older siblings)

There are so many other reasons but those are just a few. 

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Yay! I used to be, and long for my own pace again :' )

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I like being homeschooled because of, basically, everything you said, AND I get to edit my Parents' annual homeschool report. *wicked grin* I am BRUTAL! Example: "You said Indeed exactly 15 times. I counted." Or, "When used in this fashion, 'Grandmother' should not be capitalized." AAAUGH IT IS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm homeschooled too! It's really fun. Especially once you get into higher grades, it might be nicer to have different teachers for different subjects... but, yes, it is much more flexible, and I get to study things that I personally am interested in. Besides that, I think I can learn things more quickly because I listen to my elder sister's class, so I already know about things once I get to them.

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I'm homeschooled! More life-schooled too though like Shining Star said. I love being homeschooled as well though most of my friends go to public school so we can only hang out on weekends. 

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*raises hand* honestly though, i sometimes imagine fake scenarios in which i am some kind of dramatic hero that haunts a school and stops fights and that kind of fun stuff...

ive read too many books hehe 

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I've been homeschooled my whole life. It's honestly great, some days we go on a bike ride, other days we hang out with other homeschool friends. I love it!

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I love homeschooling! I meet up with other homeschoolers once a week, and it is great that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. And I only have to do two hours of school a day!

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I like being homeschooled because I don't get any homework (except every once in a while) and I can learn things much more thoroughly than in a school where they rush you all the time. And we get to do lots of fun activities. Also, I honestly think it gives me a better education than I could get in the public schools. It's also really great during Covid times.

On the negative side, I have no friennnnds :( I used to go to a real school, where I had a couple of friends, but when I started homeschooling I lost touch with them. And trying to make friends with other homeschoolers never really worked out, for some reason. So I just have one friend, who's basically my pen pal. And it tends to get boring when I'm homeschooling - I don't have any fun interaction with classmates or any variety of activities. Real school can be so funnnn.

Well, anyway. Homeschooling has bad things and good things about it, I guess. Mostly good things!

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