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Group 7 - from the 'Make a Friend' thread

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Aww, yeah. Babies are adorable.

Picnic blankets it is!!!

Hey, I have to go now, but I will be back 2morrow...later! 

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In a clearing deep in the woods, lies a red gingham picnic blanket. A stream burbles off to the left, and squirrels disturb the foliage overhead. In the middle of the clearing sit to CBers.


Anyway, so I am posting this at the library right now. I like the library. No siblings bugging me and for all intents and purposes: infinite books.

Tomorrow I'll be here again for a kids/teens christmas party with secret santas, pizza and board games.

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Sorry I haven't been on lately I've been a little busy.

We had this HUGE storm. It was amazing!!! Like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. No thunder, but three days of rain and northwest winds, which blew everything right through our front windows so we had to put up a tarp!! The river by our house flash flooded--luckily we weren't close enough to be flooded too--and completely blew out the river mouth. The reason for all of this was that there was a cold front (a type of storm that brings cold air) followed by an upper level low (closed cyclonically circulating eddies in the middle an upper troposphere. I looked it up). So, there was lots of rain and then a bunch of freezing air followed by lots of rain and then a bunch of less-freezing air. Then--get this--the wind switched the other way so that it blew all the rain back IN!!!

(My dad's a bit of a weatherman which is why I know about this lol.) 

Anyways, it was a. w. e. s. o. m. e. And VERY wet! Our cat didn't even want to go outside it was pouring so hard. And even when he did, he'd pick his way through the damp grass so disdainfully--it was so cute and hilarious!

How's the weather where you are?

--Shining Star 


Thank you for the report, SS. I'd been wondering about you. I'm glad your house didn't flood, but sorry about the windows. It's cold but dry here in Illinois.


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I like listening to storms (not the destructive ones, of course).


Your cat! XD

Also, the weather over here is cold and dry. A little snow, but not enough to play in :( 

And lots of grey skies. Pretty, but I could do with some more blue. On the bright side, it's finally cold enough to wear the sweaters my mom knit me!


Random question: do you like bubble tea? (I'm getting some tomorrow, so I thought of this question) 

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(December 9, 2021 - 11:34 am)

Never tried it, is it good?

Thanks for thinking about me, Admin. 

You're welcome.

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(December 11, 2021 - 1:02 pm)

Yes, it's like fruit juice or iced tea with tapioca balls in it. I highly recommend it.

What's your favorite drink?

Mine is brewed cacao, which is like the Aztec drink chocolatl.

You take cacao beans and roast, grind, and brew like coffee, except it's chocolate beans.  


PS captcha says badgy 

Bad guy? 

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i will post 2morrow 

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(December 13, 2021 - 10:26 pm)

Ok, so hey! How have you been doing? Yesterday I went up to my aunty's house and did a bunch of gardening. We weeded a whole bed of false oregano! It took all morning. I also got to drive a Gator vehicle (look it up). It was awesome! The land up there is huge--there are houses, forests, a swimming pool and a fish pond, chickens, a pig, tons of gardens and an AWESOME hill for rolling down! It's high up the mountain so the view is incredible.

This morning my dad and I went walking down the shoreline, because the river was running and had made a beautiful pool. There was also sand (unusual because this is usually a rock beach) that stretched way down and then we could walk out and touch rocks that were generally way out in the ocean! It was amazing.

What have you been doing?

My favorite drink is coco Smile ;)

What's your favorite season? Mine's winter, because where we live it gets nice and cool and all the birds come back. I love birds. We get to watch them in their natural habitat all year, and we've noticed when they leave and come back. It's beautiful.

What kinds of creatures live around your home?

--Shining Star 

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(December 14, 2021 - 7:50 pm)

Oh, yes! Rolling down hills is awesome! 


Also, did you ever build a rock castle? Like a sand castle, but with rocks. They're fun and more sturdy than sand castles.


I'm doing well. Lately, I've been reading Marvel fanfiction and waiting to go to the library, which I get to do later today. I have to remember to ask the librarians about getting Artemis Fowl in Spanish to help me practice. I've read it before, so I won't be lost, and it's less boring than a picture book.


My favorite season is fall, because 1) the leaves are so pretty 2) most of the bugs are hiding [I mean, I appreciate bugs, I just don't want to touch them] 3) the weather isn't too hot or too cold [in general] and 4) jumping in leaf piles = yay!


Occasionally, I've seen garter snakes, rabbits, and possums around my house, but mostly, there are squirrels. So many squirrels. They come up to our sliding glass door and we'll sometimes give them acorns we collected at the park.


What is your favorite pen color?

I like black because it shows up well and is dramatic. 

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I have never built a rock castle. But one time we built a wall around a giant rock and called the rock a castle--and ever since then we've called it the "Castle Rock". 

Do you speak spanish? Laughing Or learning it? What kinds of things are you writing right now? I am writing a historical fiction story set in 1998. It's fun, but confusing since obviously I'm not old enough to remember 1998!!! 

Yeah, I also love Fall. Makes me want to run and jump and climb things and I can smell rain on the breeze. 

Black is also my favorite pen color! Dark, dark black. Like this: ~-------------~ 

Do you like to draw? If so, what do you like to draw? I like to draw people and landscapes. I also like photography.

I will post some pictures I took in a bit.

--Shining Star 


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While at the beach on a vacation, my siblings and I found lots of interesting things to build sandcastles with, like sea glass, driftwood, nice flat rocks, feathers, etc. AND a half of a brick. On one side of the brick were the letters P E R T, so that was the name of the sand village: Pert. During the few days we stayed, Pert was destroyed twice, thus new sand villages called: Pert Reborn and Port Pert. We actually brought the brick home so Pert could always be remade.


I am learning Spanish. I checked out Artemis Fowl, which I've read multiple times, in Spanish to practice.


Currently I am rewriting a silly and not very impressive story Shadowslayer and I wrote a while ago about why all the supervillains are evil, although it ended up mostly being about Loki. So, in No Turns for You, the new version, Loki plays a much larger role (plus he's my favorite character).


I mostly enjoy doodling symbols or writing by hand and trying to make different fonts. 

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