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Hey Writing! I don't know if you saw, but we were grouped together in Periwinkle's Make a Friend thread. 

I would have posted this sooner, but I had afterschool clubs today (Student Government - right now we're organizing a food drive).

Anyway, on both our forms we said we usually preferred drawing. I've seen some of your artwork around - you're an incredible artist! What would you say your favorite thing to draw at the moment is? We're doing a graffiti unit in Art at school, so my most recent drawings in my sketchbook are mostly practicing my name in different graffiti styles. I'd love to post them but unfortunately, they are my real name. Other than that, I like to draw people. I'm still trying to experimenting with my ~style~ but it's sort of a semi-cartoony sort of thing right now.

I can't wait to get to know you!

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Ah, HI :D I would've posted sooner too, but whenever I noticed, I was doing stuff and then I forgot and- Yeah.

First of all, I'm so excited to get to know you, too! You seem like a REALLY interesting person. I've sort of thought you were cool, for... well, idk how long but you just seem AWESOME

As for drawing, ig I really like drawing fanart of PJO/HoO or Steven Universe (honestly I'm obbsessed w/ both of those too much XD). I'm trying to learn how to draw a lot of Riordanverse charries; I've done Percy and have drawn Hazel once. I also really like drawing this oc I recently thought of, her name's Jester (spesificaly *ugh spelling* Black Jester) and she's... a bit insane tbh XD

OH AND ALSO I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T DONE YOUR (or Sparkling Rainbow's) PICTURING YET D: I've been procrationating a bit, honestly, but I'm kinda stuck on how to execute them?? So I'll get it to you soon, I PROMISE-

And wow! It's so cool you're in Student Government! I've never been in a club before (unless you count Girl Scouts and that one time I did a "Reading Club" in 2nd grade bc you just got to read for like an hour. in school.) and it's amazing how you're actually making a change in your comunity!


Alright, looks like my time here is up. I've got some things to do, and I still need to basicly eat dinner. So, I'll see you next time, ig (wow I'm bad at ending posts :\) 

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Hi Writing!

I, too, am very excited to get to know you! 

It's so cool that you're into Riordanverse fanart. I read the first...2? 3 and a half? books of the Percy Jackson series when I was in 4th grade, but never finished. I should really start those up again. ...I just realized I said pretty much those exact words to a friend of mine when she showed me a cover she redesigned for one of the Heros of Olympus books. *deja vu* And Black Jester is a super cool name, slightly insane OCs are always the funnest to write XD

As for the picturing, take your time. I get stuck a lot when I have an idea for a drawing in my head but I just don't know how to do it. It can be very frustrating. What's your prefered medium for drawing/artwork? Most of the time I just use pencil because I'm too lAzY to ink it, but once I ink it, I like to use colored pencil or marker. My mom has these really nice watercolor markers and they're so amazing oh my cod. 

So...how was your day? 

Today, we took a math LFLB which is basically a practice state test that my school makes us do every 4? months. It was torturous, because despite me being good at math I hate it. Luckily, for reasons only my teacher knows, we're allowed to use calculators. Having never memorized my times tables for reasons nobody including my teacher knows, this was quite a help. 

Since the rest of the day was pretty laid back, that left me and some of my friends enough time to finish up the slideshow we're creating to persuade the school leaders to change the schedule to include snack time. We drafted an email to the school leaders about a time we could meet to present our slideshow and got the ELA teacher (who is the BEST by the way) to check it for grammar. 

Well, I should probably go work on my NaNo story right now *sees word count goal for today* *sees current word count for today* I'm only down by like 1,000 words, I'll be fine *panic*

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You really should read it! It's really interesting (myself, I haven't even finished it all, I've only read 2 series ((which seems like a lot but mmmmm not really :\))). And thanks! What are some of your OCs like?

I usually use pencil, too, no color. But if I ink it's usually these fancy markers I got for my birthday. I'd love to learn how to make digital art though. My dad's an artist, too, so he'll be able to help me with that. Have you ever tried digital art?

Uh... my day was pretty good. Math was hard, as always. Plus, I'm homeschooling this year and no one in my family knows WhAt ThE hEcK iS gOiNg On XD so it's always a bit stressful. Oh, I never learned my times table either! ~We must be platonically meant for each other~

Good luck on your slideshow! Um… yeah. The rest of my day was uneventful…

Don’t feel bad about your NaNo! I’m just… 2,000 words behind schedule :,)

Uh- I feel like I’m not writing much rn; this week has been horrible for writing for me, so. I’m gonna think of ten things I want to say right after I post this-

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Ahhh, sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth for a few days. I had my birthday, and then my friends came over, and then I had to go visit my cousins, and then I had a lot of homework. I ~probably~ could have found time to write this out but oh well what's past is past. 

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for more books to read. We're about to go on a trip for Thanksgiving break so I'll see if I can order them from the library when we get back. Hmm maybe I can order them from my grandma's library. 

I honestly don't have a lot of developed OCs. My most developed is an orphan-turned-theif when her orphanage burned down but she's ACTUALLY a fallen angle with supernatural powers...name to be determined. 

Your dad's an artist? That's soooo cool :o! I have experimented with digital art, but I've no where near mastered it. I'm trying to make a comic digitally for my parents for Christmas, and so far it's going alright. ~shh, don't tell, it's a secret~

You're homeschooling this year? That sounds like it might be frustrating at times. One of my friends is doing that too since they're not comfortable going to school in person since their school is very lax about being three feet apart and wearing masks and stuff :\ My school's good about it though so I'm going in person this year.

And thanks! We actually presented to the school leaders yesterday morning, and they said it was very well put-together and researched. We came up with a lot of possible problems and arguments against it, and found solutions (like how to add the block to our schedule, how it could work with social distancing, that sort of thing). They said they'll bring it up to the other teachers but we should get it by next week! 

Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving? I'm going to sit in a car for 8 million hours tomorrow (...okay, so maybe it's only like 7 but I get carsick very easily *dread*) when we go visit my grandmother and great-grandmother in Rochester NY (is it okay if I say this @admins? otherwise can you replace it with upstate NY) and I'm super excited since I haven't seen her much since the pandemic. 

Okay, this is getting rather long and I need to go finish my SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT-- So, until next time Writing! 

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*angel, not angle

My bad!

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First of all, hi~ NEXTLY...



Alright. I'm calm.

Speaking of library, I recently went to one for the first time in freaking YEARS. I got three books; The Demigod Files, Six of Crows, and Aroura Rising. The last one is REALLY good, but has a... fair amount of bad words... I'm really excited to try Six of Crows! It's one of your favorite books, correct?

That OC seems really cool! How about you name them something meaning demon or something? The name Akumu means "darkness"...

Yeah, my dad's an artist! I'd tell you his professional name, but... y'know. Safety. XD Um... I don't really know much at all about digital art...

Homescooling is really stressful in the way that I think I'm doing everything wrong XD Like, I'm barely doing anything, really...

Ah, good luck!!! Hopefully soon you'll be able to get foods wen you need them~

My family isn't really doing anything extravagent for Thanksgiving... I mean, we're having Tamales and mashed potatos and vegitarian fried chicken... just a mish-mash of SCHTUFF. We're going to my grandparents for dessert (AKA probably too much pie). I'm also thinking I might come out to them while I'm there? idk though, so we'll see :D

Alright, this is short, but I'm just tired of looking at a screen XD Talk to you soon!

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Really?! That's crazy! I come up here a lot, imagine being at the park, say, or wherever, with another CBer and not even knowing. Is it snowing where you are? It started snowing this evening and it was wonderful. On Tuesday before we drove up here, it was still warm near my house. I didn't even have to wear a jacket to school. I prefer colder weather so I was very excited. What about you, do you prefer cold or warm weather?

Yes, Six of Crows is one of my favorite books! I really want to read the second one, Crooked Kingdom, but it's taking forever to arrive at my library. I just googled Aurora Rising, and I think I'll have to read it! It looks really good. 

Thanks! Akumu's a cool name. I'll have to search up some more names for her later.

Yeah, last year during 6th grade when my school was all still remote, I was practically homeschooling and I got pretty much all 2s and 3s, especially in Science and Math. Actually, I think ELA is the only subject I got a 4 in (my school grades us on a 4 point rubric). In 5th grade I got all 4s (I think, there might have been a few 3s in there somewhere), so it was quiet a drop. But yeah, I can understand how stressful that is.

That sounds fun! I always enjoy spending time with my family on holidays. Vegetarian fried chicken sounds very good! I try to be a vegetarian but the rest of my family loves meat so I don't think I'll be able to fully remove meat from my diet. 

And I hope things went well with your grandparents, whether you decided to come out to them or not. I want to come out to my family as demiromantic and genderfluid but idk how to do it. :/ 

Well, I look forward to talking to you soon! 

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pls TOP :D

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