AE/CAPTCHA diaries.

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AE/CAPTCHA diaries.

AE/CAPTCHA diaries.

This is like a thread Viola? made a while back. I don't have the link, but the thread has gone in the further pages so I'm making a new one!!!

Its pretty self explanatory, but it's just a diary for your AEs or CAPTCHAs. If you wanna write something when you're bored or something. I know, I'm oddly obsessed with AEs lol. So yeah! A diary for your AEs!

I'll post some of my AEs' diary enteries later, and YAY I'll finally be able to develop a personality for my CAPTCHA!!! 

See yuh guys later! Have fun!

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This cool! I'll get Yuki to do it!

~this is so dumb.~


Interesting. I bet Hana would love this.

{oehhu} {Whatt doess yuuki meaan?}

Read it Hana!

{Okkay!} {bgcof} Hana, I hope you are not sick. {Mxout cough} Oh, Mx Out xoughed? {Uhhuh} 

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Here's the original thread by Viola? 

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Yeah, Kitty kinda needs to rant a little... Mike's givin' her a REALLY hard time, and she's kinda insane at the moment......


Sorry but it's true...


Kitty, day 1:

Mike's drivin' me insane, Em has a shirt with what's-his-name on it, her guitar recently got tuned, she sounds better than a few days ago, and Mike's tryin' to eat my Texas Toast, aka, garlic bread, but Em over there INSISTS on callin' it Texas Toast.


Ok, I'm calm now...

Ok, I gotta go, Mike's gonna-- OH NO NOW HE'S GOT A CREEPER BRB IN A FEW DAYS!!!!!!!!

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Ellerie day 1-

:Today was normal-ish, I guess. I'm a little tired, and kind of confused. I ran 3 miles today, that was pretty fun and energizing, but I got home and I couldn't get away from Yang. I'm so sick of him bullying me, in a way. I'm the only person who tells him he's not the best person in existence and he hates me for it... ah. If Star let him casually use weapons he would've killed me by now, no doubt. Good thing we don't get weapons! I also cleaned my room, and that's basically it! I mean other than going shopping with Yin (at the mall! There was an indoor rollercoaster! I love those things!!!) ok, Seeya later!: 


Jon day 1-

Ok so today  I climbed a lot of trees! :) Of course, I brought Opal. I had to get her away from her books. She's becoming more interested in them than spending time with her best friend! Ok so anyways! I climbed 20 trees and then I went back home and played board games with Opal and South and Sun! It was really fun! I won one game, so that was cool! I also got a cool fadora! It's pink! Bright pink, of course. K gotta go Byeee! 

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NOTE: Yes, Never is me, Neverseen. I thought I'd test out my self-given name appreviation - and also, Acumen is new - I posted a thread in CaC for him, though I don't think it has loaded yet.


Glimmer, Day Uno ('Cause Spanish is Fun) 

So. This new AE Neverseen has, Acumen, he texted me this today at, like 6:00 in the morning:

Did you know that the Milky Way is 100,000 light years in diameter? 

No, I did not know that, Acu. I mean seriously, where does this new guy come up with this stuff? Right now I'm brainstorming comeback facts. I think 'Did you know that there is a place you can sell flying blycycles' sounds good, but I'm not totally sure how reliable a website called '65 crazies facts' is, so I'm still working on that. The number one fact is morbid! 

On a less braniac-y tone, I changed my calendar today! Yes, I know it is still the 31st, but I was so excited for my Cats in Literature pictures, I couldn't wait another day! Neverseen's been giving me a hard time about it, but she has flying umbrella people on her calendar, so I don't think she has the right to critize me. Also, I'm going to a New Years Eve party! It's hosted by an OC named 'A', which is a strange name but how could I decline the invite!

Oh oop - Neverseen says that A is the villian...Uh, still going though! I'll just wear a plague mask. That should disguise me. And, I won't get any plagues! Double bonus! Just don't tell Never! ;)



Acumen, Being The First Entry in Acumen's diary

Before I get to far ahead of myself, Neverseen made me write in this. Okay. Good. Now that that is settled, let me tell you that Google has a weird confetti cannon on it today, and every time I search for KNOWLEDGABLE and USEFUL information, it showers with sparkles! Who's idea was that?!? Can a lizard do a little researching every once in awhile? Ugh. Google. 

Glimmer never responded to my text about the Milky Way, either. I guess that means she didn't know how larde the Milky Way was, then, but if she doesn't respond I can't rub it in her face without possibly being wrong about the fact that she didn't know it! I'm giving her until tomorrow to answer, and then I'm bringing it up in person. Ooh, I'll wake her up early and bring it up! Then I will be sure to get the truth! Physcology! The real jewel of the universe! 

For New Years Eve, I'm going to stay up all night reading the encyclopedia! I know, devilish, right? Glimmer is going to be so jealous when she learns I stayed up reading all night, and she went off to some stupid villians party. BORING, am I right? 



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{Itsso Harrd ttooo onnly talkk iiinn ffive lette rword s.}

Translation: It's so hard to only talk in five letter words.

{Anywa s,Iamw orkin goonn aaaaa nneew proje ctttt!}

Translation: Anyways, I am working on a new project!

{Itsss purpo seist omake icecr eammm forrr every onewh owant ssome.}

Translation: Its purpose is to make ice cream for everyone who wants some.

{Itist aking along timee tocom plete iiitt.}

Translation: It's taking a long time to complete.

{weell, Ihave togow orkon it,sob yyeee!}

Translation: Well, I have to go work on it, so bye!




Today, I will go to the beach. I already have plans to lounge on the beach and drink some lemonade. I brought along Wyyiz who is really sulky right now. I am not sure why, so hopefully Wyyiz tells you.




I am on a beach with Yuki. French Toast is reading in the library. Waffle is being annoying. Hana is working on a ice cream machine. It is awful.

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Scar Day 1--

^~ Everyone here is so annoying. I may not know them well, but I despise them all. Yang made fun of my cat tail so he's roped, zip tied, and duct taped to a chair. I already know I hate him. Everyone here is annoyingly arrogant and loud and can't take sarcasm. Even the quiet ones hate me because I have negative energy. Being able to hear anything I want is both a blessing and a curse. Only my brother can deal with me. He's the worst. Ugh. Someone just get me out of this.~^


Sun Day 1--

|Scar is officially a part of CB. That's pretty cool, if you ask me. Not many people are going to like them, due to their.... antisocial and manipulative ways. He can be intense sometimes, but I'm so used to it. It's odd how many people I know are intense. I mean it's only two, but they're both really cool. I hope Scar doesn't start too many problems. She's so lazy, and people might not like her habits because of that.|

|I've been helping Scar get settled all day. All of Star's AEs live in a mansion, and we all get three rooms- a bedroom, a bathroom, and a hobby room. I have the smallest bedroom, and it's teal and yellow. None of Star's AEs have been inside of it yet, well actually no one has. I have one window looking over the ocean next to the mansion. And my bed's headboard is a sun. In my hobbies room, there's a lot of surfing stuff, and woodcutting things. Also my bass guitar.|

|I helped decorate Scar's room, and it's pretty cool. The walls are black and it's huge. They have a navy blue wardrobe and midnight purple bedsheets. The ceiling is decorated with tiny lights that look like Stars. Scar's preferences are night-themed and mine are day-themed. No wonder we're related. Anyways, Scar's hobbies room is basically an indoor forest. There are hammocks everywhere and bird-watching things. There's also a dartboard and a tiny bookshelf.|

|I gotta go, Scar needs me to help finishing up the decorating. Bye!| 



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Glimmer, Day Dos

Neverseen got a New Years card and she keeps getting distracted and looking at it. It is very annoying, and it is even more annoying because I am trying to sleep. I stayed up (almost) all night, and now I am exhausted. That Villian Named A that hosted the OC/AE party also tried to turn us all into their minions, so I had to very boldly escape and, y'know, be so scarred I couldn't sleep. Mhm, the normal New Years Party, am I right? Still feel bad about Pragma and Chey: I think A got to them. Maybe I'll go rescue them. After a nap. Okay, my fingers are falling asleep, so I think I'm going to stop now. 

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Sun, Day 2

|So today I helped Ellerie bake, you guessed it, cupcakes. I don't know why she loves them, I would say she loves them more than anything but I suppose she loves some things more. After that, I realized I don't really have a best friend. I want one. Jon and Opal are super tight and so are Yin and Yang. Scar and I may be related but I don't think he's the greatest option for a best friend. And then there's South, who seems nice but he's so shy, I haven't heard him speak once since he got here. Ellerie doesn't have a best friend, but she seems happy enough without one. And then theres Lissa. I don't talk to Lissa very much. Maybe I should start doing that. Maybe I'll finally get a best friend. Well, I gotta go, all of Star's AEs are meeting in Opal's hobbies room to watch a movie tonight. Bye :)| 

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dear diary, 

fireflye isn't calming down and it's annoying me. i really want some peace and quiet and it's hard to get here. i went to the gardens earlier today, they got some cecilias, which is really nice...i wish they would add windwheel asters. they're pretty. so are lilies, especially lilies of the valley. i wonder how lily is doing...

i also did a bit of gardening in our own garden, in the sterling woods! i planted some lilies of the valley, maybe lily will visit...oh dear, i think fireflye just broke a dish. now i can hear stormflye yelling at her... 

but overall today was a successful day. 


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#I didn't do much today. I listened to lots of music and made a few playlists. Lots of times Aliza tried to get me to work on the MCU. But I didn't. Because it's our last day of winter break, here in Writing's mind, and therefore my last day being able to do stuff I want all day.#

#Earlier I tried some new forms. A few people I know. A few characters I like. At one point, I accedentally fused my regular form and Dawn, and it was. Messed up.# 

#I wonder what Dawn's been doing. Ae've been really quiet. But I geuss that's what aer ment to be; shy. Maybe I'll cheack on aer, cuz, hey, I can be nice when I want to.#

#But I think I'll be a bit tricky too. *Laughs* *shifts into a orange stripped cat, sauntering away*#


>I realized earlier that Tempest and I resemble, in a way, Viola?'s AEs named Nymph and Sea Glass. I asked Writing if that was intentional. Xe said that it wasn't quite, but they had wanted a shapeshifter AE after xe had learned of Nymph. Eventually, that rose to Tempest, they said. I just evolved from Koi, naturally, Apperantly.<

>Oh, look, a cat :) *pets cat* *cat purrs* Aw, your just a little- OW! *cat has bit aer* *cat begins to make a weird sound* Oh, oh, are you ok, buddy? Wait-<

#*unshifts into himself* *laughing* I got yooooouu~#

>*Is shocked* ... What?<

#I bit you! As a cat-#

>Gross, Tempest<

#I- *is frustrated* Whatever. *shifts into a falcon and flys away*#

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Dragonfly, Day 1

I'm in the living room, scribbling in this journal, enjoying the cool, crisp winter air from the open window. Firefly complains that it's too cold to have a window open on January 3rd, but it's way too stuffy in here without it. Five AEs, a CAPTCHA, and a CBer crowding a tiny treehouse? I don't know how I live with it all. My therapist suggested I try writing in a journal. I guess we'll see if it helps. 

Anyway, Forest Nymph is in the kitchen making breakfast. Avocado toast, or something. I prefer waffles, but Forest is never on my side for these sorts of things. She'll threaten to delete me from existance or something, and I do not need to be banished from the CB on a Monday morning. Firefly is trying to calm down Gnat. The CAPTCHA is flying all over, knocking into things and causing general chaos. Alderfly's lecturing us about...actually, I don't even know. We kind of make it a point to ignore Forest's most annoying know-it-all AE. Caddisfly is in faer room, nowhere to be seen. Butterfly has also vanished.

I try to enjoy the quiet of two less AEs, but, of course, it doesn't last. Butterfly barges in, screaming something about a ghost in the attic. Their large black-and-orange wings beat as they fly around the living room. (We have unusually large ceilings for a treehouse.) 

"Lizards! Who wants to go ghost-hunting with me?" shrieks Butterfly. "Hey, Dragon, whatcha writing?" 

I turn red. "It's nothing! I-"  

Forest barges into the living room. 

"What is going on here?" she asks, glaring at us. For an eleven-year-old, she is very scary. Even Gnat freezes in his tracks. "Firefly, take Gnat for a walk. Butterfly, go ghost-hunting or do whatever, but leave Dragonfly out of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, the toast has popped up." Turning sharply on her heel, Forest exits the living room. 


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[Star gave me this... book, or journal I guess, to write my thoughts and feelings in. I don't know about writing my feelings, there's no reason anyone, even a journal, would want to hear about them. So I suppose I'll just talk about my day.]

[It was... okay, I guess. I read 3 books, played music, and started writing a story. It's not like anyone's going to read it, though. It's about Star's other AEs. I'm not being a creepy stalker or anything, but they're just who the characters are based off of. It's a half time travel half dystopian story.]

[I talked a little to Ellerie today. She kind of stresses me out, she's so hyper. I know she's Star's hyper, daredevil, fun, adventurous, gryffindor side, but even then, I'd rather sit quietly and read. Well I don't see the point in having had written this, but, um, bye I guess]


Annndddd let's do.... Ellerie :)

:Today was great! This morning, I started learning guitar. Star's other AEs want to start a band, and they want me to do guitar and some vocals. Personally, I don't think I sing very good but I'll do it anyways.:

:After that, I wandered around the forest and climbed some trees. That was super fun, except for the part where I literally fell asleep in a tree... some random kid around my age found me and had to wake me up. That was embarrassing.:

:Then I talked to South. I learned I shouldn't really do that, I made him super nervous. I'm probably too hyper or loud or something. By then I was already sorta bored, so Lissa, Yin, Opal, and I went swimming. We invited Scar but she didn't wanna come. It was sorta a pool party for us. Yin, of course, HAD to make us bathing suits. Mine was a purple tankini, which I liked.:

:Gotta go. I'm helping Yang make dinner. And quite possibly pranking him in the process. Wish me luck!: 

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