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AE/CAPTCHA diaries.

AE/CAPTCHA diaries.

This is like a thread Viola? made a while back. I don't have the link, but the thread has gone in the further pages so I'm making a new one!!!

Its pretty self explanatory, but it's just a diary for your AEs or CAPTCHAs. If you wanna write something when you're bored or something. I know, I'm oddly obsessed with AEs lol. So yeah! A diary for your AEs!

I'll post some of my AEs' diary enteries later, and YAY I'll finally be able to develop a personality for my CAPTCHA!!! 

See yuh guys later! Have fun!

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(December 27, 2021 - 6:04 pm)


Being the one in charge sucks. Yeah, sure, I'm not "technically in charge", but I should be! *blows rasberry* No one takes me seriously. They're all like, (high pitched voice) "Aliza, your only 8, you don't need chores!" (normal voice) But I'm like, "Well, I do everyone else's - exept Dawn's - ALREADY, why not pile more on?!?" Ugh.

At least Writing desided that we all take turns making dinner. Xe said it was "Home Ec". Like I care. I can make a good Mac n' Cheese. Microwaved Mac n' Cheese.



So. APPARENTLY. I have to help the OTHERS cook. I can't do it by myself. I gotta be their... their... MAID! AGH! *buries head in pillows* (muffled) Maybe I should run away.


>I got up early today, which suprised even myself. I was awake before anyone. So I went on an adventure.<

>I got a small bag of mine - a beige slouchy one with little multicolored hangdowns and pompoms - and packed it with things I might have needed; a water bottle, small notebook an pencil and a hoodie (off-white, of course). It's always a brisk spring feeling in Writing's mind... I desided not to get dressed before I left, leaving only in my nightgown, sandels and hoodie.<

>Whilst walking out the door I desided to bring Aria. I got her leash and collor and - eventually - managed to get her out the door. It isn't easy to get a physical cat on a leash, much less a nonphysical one. Luckily, she trusts me more than the others. If I was Tempest, or Aliza, she would have quickly bitten me or even... No. We're not going to think about that :')<

>We walked up to a hill right outside of our house. It overlooked the rest of Writing's mind - their OCs, past AEs, story ideas. I wonder where she is. She's probably not up yet. But maybe she is...? Not that it matters. She might not even know I exist.<

>I wrote down a few ideas of my own in my notebook and let Aria run around for a bit. We came back to the house once the sun was up all the way. By that time the rest of them were up. Tempest was watering the plants (too many Venus Flytraps, might I add). Aliza was pouring herself Lucky Charms (probably going to eat only the marshmellows). Writing was setting up our regular morning playlist, the calm music that wakes up all up. It was a nice and calm way to wake up.<

(If anyone's wondering who "she" is, it's my Nano OC, which I've begun shipping with Dawn)

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(January 6, 2022 - 4:43 pm)

A/N- I decided to change Rio's name to Jade, I feel like it fits better.

Jade, Day 1!

I am SO excited!  Why?  Because SNOW.  It almost never snows here, and I managed to get Sakura and Kei to go sledding with me!  I had to drag Kei out of bed and he complained half the way there, but it was so worth it.  The view from the hill was absolutely gourgeous, I'll have to paint it or something, and it was probably the most fun I've ever had.  Actually probably not, I forgot about the one time we played paintball. 

It was great to have a good time with the other AEs.  Sometimes I feel like I'm too different from them to do stuff with them.  If only there was someone more like me...

Sakura, Day One

I am sitting by the fireplace with a cup of tea, watching the snow fall.  Days like this make me appreciate the beauty in simple things.  What else could I need but the warmth of home and gently falling snow?  If it wasn't clear I'm in a very good mood, but also tired.  Who knew pulling sleds back up a hill was such a chore?  Not to say I didn't enjoy the experience.  I haven't gone sledding in a long time, and it was really wonderful!  Jade is currently making dinner, which is thoughtful of them, but I think I can smell something burning.  I'd better go help them.

Kei, Day 1

I know I don't like Jade, but... they're really not that bad.  Sure, they may be my polar opposite, and they talk too much, and they're obnoxious, but... I actually had fun today, even though I'm never waking up that early again.  Jade woke me up at like 8.  We had to search the very disorganized shed to find sleds and then walked for what felt like miles to a snowy hill and took turns sledding down for a while, until Jade decided to SURF down the hill.  Not surprisingly it didn't go well, but I had a streak of courage, or maybe just recklessness, and tried it too.  I crashed and burned, but it felt good to take a chance for once.  By the end all three of us were wet, cold, and tired, but I have to admit I'm happy.

...And now Jade and Sakura are both yelling about something.  Perfect mood ruined.

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(January 6, 2022 - 8:21 pm)


>You know that feeling when it's clear someone is hiding something? That's the… aura, for lack of a better term, that Alizabella is radiating recently. I'm quite worried for my sister. She has been quiet for some time now.<
>On another note, I had a dream last night. I was in a large and empty field, and it was about high noon, though I could see the moon. I was clad in a bare white dress that went to my knees and flowed in the wind; not unlike my nightgown. A ukulele was in my hands, and though I do not know how to play, I sat down and began strumming. My hair flowed around me like I was underwater. I started singing mxmtoon's "Feelings Are Fatal", the ukulele playing along.<
>I do not understand it yet. Perhaps I should consult Writing's book of dreams.<
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(January 8, 2022 - 11:41 am)


|Today was just normal. kinda boring. This morning, I went to Ellerie's room to help her learn guitar. She's a fast learner. But we ended practice early because she got frustrated.|

|After that, Jon, Scar, Yang, South, and I went outside and set up a surprise water balloon fight to prank Ellerie, Yin, Opal, and Lissa with. They had been who knows where. It was awesome. Of course we won, although if you ask them, you'll get a completely different story.|

|I'm honestly still wet from that, it was very chaotic. Yang's been freaking out about his ruined curls, because they're wet. I have to admit- I'm allowing myself to be a bit tricky- I haven't reminded him that he can shapeshift.|

|I just read for the rest of the afternoon. Opal's cooking dinner, so I'm just waiting for that. Here comes Yang. I should probably stop writing. Seeya.| 



{Hahahahhhahahahha, my brother is so overdramatic. His hair looks awful. Serves him right for pranking me with water balloons. Now he knows how good I am at it.}

{He asked Star for his own room after that, and kinda got my hopes up. We're the only ones of Star's AEs who share a room. It's... interesting. He puts weird posters on the walls}

{Lissa took Opal, Ellerie and I to a movie today. It was pretty good. The four of us have been getting pretty close lately. I like it. I don't know why we weren't really friends before.}

{OH! And Star's AEs are starting a band. I'm going to play piano. I'm also the songwriter. I've written a few good songs so far, I hope everyone likes them!}

{Yang is going to complain to Sun. I guess I'll go save him the torture. Until next time!} 

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(January 9, 2022 - 4:24 pm)

Moriko, day Ichi

Squirrel and Chaos have not shut up.  All.  Day.

We recently finished The Owl House, and the two of them have not said anything unrelated to Hunter.  I've complained about it to Tsuki, but she's just as bad!  Even now, Chaos is outside my door, screaming "Golden Guard!  Golden Guard!" for the sole purpose of annoying me.

I'm really bored right now.  My group chat's been quiet, so I can't socialize.  Tsuki banned us from video gaming-- "If I can't play, none of my AE's can" was her exact words-- so I can't play anything.  Lyn's sleeping- like usual- and I will not have anything to do with Squirrel and Chaos right now.  I'm just in a general bad mood, which displeases me very much.

Squirrel, day Ichi

Today is fun-fun-fun...

I'm watching Owl House clips!  Like I have been for hours, me and Chaos, and I... and I...

I saw a butterfly... butterfly wings, they're so interesting, right?  I think I want some, but I don't know how to get any. 

Turns out... there's only so much content on YouTube, and it gets a bit boring after awhile.  Our house, it just... has a general cloud of boredom on it right now.

How I wish I could go swimming... it would feel rejuvinating.  

Chaos, day Ichi


This is a JOURNAL.

I am SAD.

All I want is candy.  That's it.  Chocolate chocolate chocolate.  Fun fact: Tsuki almost made my name be Choko (for chocolate.) 

Everyone but Squirrel is being BORING and NO FUN.  Tsuki has to clean her room, and her stink is invading this entire house.

[Lyn, day Ichi]

[So... I'm writing in a journal, I guess.]

[Probably won't write often.  Journaling... it makes me really sad.  Makes me just think, really.  It... scares me.

[I'm sleepy.]

[I don't know how often I'll be able to write.]

[Good night...] 

"Confetti, day Ichi"


#Festive, day Ichi#




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(January 9, 2022 - 7:23 pm)

~-- fireflye --~ 

i think storm doesn't like me anymore. kinda miss his cuddles tho..i accidently broke a stack of plates and he's mad. ): 

i think he's also jealous. he's just that type, kinda grumpy and mad all the time. i mean it's really not my fault that i'm the side of cherry when she's crushing people at video games...but i'm also kinda clumsy so that gives people more to yell about. ))): 

i don't want to be this side of cherry...cherry if you're reading this please change who i am, i just want storm to like me ))): 

ofc fireflye <3 he alr likes you dw dw ~ cherry

waIT WHAT? oh shoot i forgot you can access our mental diaries )): 

awhh im sorry i wont do it but just type cherry in caps of you do need me!! ~ cherry

ty <3 

<3 bye now~ ~ cherry 


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(January 9, 2022 - 11:01 pm)

[Day 0 — Jinx] 

[So technically I don't exist yet, Hex hasn't really created me completely, but I live in her mind and she's thinking about me. It's the thought that counts, right? Anyway, kinda boring here, I want a twin sister. It's Hex's mind is really chaotic and—oh no she's coming gotta go]


[Of course I'm yelling, I'm bored!!!!! hurry up and make me a sister]

Jinx STOP or I'll make sure you don't ever exist and you won't get a sister that way.

[Well THATS nice I feel SO GRATEFUL.]

Jinx shut up.


Okay, so day zero for Jinx is a nightmare, I'll try to make him behave next time. 

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(January 10, 2022 - 2:44 pm)

Chaos, day Ni--

So, I met my bestie who likes candy and I ATE candy and candy was yummy and I looooooove candy, and Riko says my eyes are spinning in rainbow circles but THAT'S SILLY, ONLY COMPUTER LOADY THINGS DO THAT, and I spun around in a circle over and over and over and over again and danced on top of Lyn while she was sleeping and I threw up all the candy, so I drank some SODA and energy.  I.  Sugar.  I.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Squirrel, day Ni-

I'm helping Tsuki on a project she's doing!  She's making a PowerPoint about Japanese for the CAS test she's taking, me and Riko get to help!  I get to choose all the colors and the layout and everything else.  She won't put pictures of Hunter in there though like I told her to, and it's not fair. I also have to complete a buuuunch of boring school assignments for Tsuki, because we do stuff together in her head and never actually get anything done.

Moriko, day Ni--

Tsuki and U are working on a project together, and... Squirrel's... sort of helping?  She's setting up the layout.  I'm helping her combine sentences so it's a bit less simplistic, organize data and citations and whatnot.  It's not the most fun I've ever had, but I'm enjoying it somewhat.

[Lyn, day Ni--]

[Today was... stressful.  I learned a lot about JFK and his assassination, which was not a fun topic for me.  Other than that, I sort of just hung around and slept.]

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(January 11, 2022 - 6:02 pm)

[Day 1 — Jinx]

[Well I have a twin sister now, which is SO MUCH better, but Hex has been doing school ALL DAY and is being REALLY BORING so yeah not much INTERESTING stuff to write about in the diary she’s MAKING me do even though I PROTESTED LOTS and threatened to only write INSULTS about her but she just said she’d delete me from her mind if I did sooooo… not much I could do against THAT. It’s annoying she gets such and ADVANTAGE over me NOT FAIR.]

[My sister’s name is Nyx and she’s awesome, but kinda quiet. She’s Hex’s side that likes reading and stuff and I like reading too but not THAT much. She’s really good at soccer though, she BEAT me GRRR I’ll get her back tomorrow.]

[Oh, I’ve actually written some humph now Hex will be all I TOLD YOU SO JINX BLAH BLAH so I’d better stop writing or she’ll rub it in MORE so bye.]


[Day 1 — Nyx]

[So I’m new to this, I’ve never had a diary before (I’ve never had ANYTHING before as I was just created, but that’s beyond the point). Hex told me to write about my day, and Jinx told me to not write at all because diaries were boring and I should come play soccer with him instead. But I’m doing it anyway because why not. Siblings are meant for teasing, right?]

[So, for today. I crushed Jinx in soccer, although Hex beat both of us. I read Septimus Heap book 1, Magyk by Angie Sage. Hex recommended it and it’s REALLY good. Maybe I have to like what she does by default as I’m in HER head? … anyway, really good. I told Jinx to read it but he was busy making some kind of booby trap… I’m sure I don’t want to know any more. Hex can get mad at Jinx for it, but I’m innocent. Mostly.]

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(January 11, 2022 - 9:43 pm)

Cordelia Grace, Day 1


Dear Diary,

It feels so good to use a diary again. I havn't had one since last winter when Sunray and Cody found my diary and read it before buring it in the snow when I came by. I've been mortified ever since! But Cranberry understands- she says that her brother did that once-it's just what brothers do. But Cody isn't evan my brother! He only talks nonsense. I mean, whats up with that? Today I asked him if he wanted some tea and this is what he said: cptzG. I mean whaaaaaat? I find it very unsophisticated and uncivlized. I greatly believe that if one is to speak english, one should speak it to it's potential- that is if English is one's first language. I completly understand if someone is learining english for the first tine. Anyway, I have eclairs in the oven- thier rather hard to make. Oh! I want to tell you something diary. Please don't tell anyone! I have a crush on another AE! I'm not saying though, in case Cody and Sunray find my diary again. ANYway, my tea waters boiling- it's tea party time!

Sincerely, Codelia Grace 

/Sunray, Day 1/


/Sunray here. Cordelia has forced me to write a diary. So I am. It's getting boring around here. We need more siblings (AEs). It snowed the other day but Cranberry wouldnt take us sledding. I'm hundry and Cordelia has eclairs for me to steal. Bye bye!/



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(January 12, 2022 - 6:26 pm)


Today was peaceful. I pretty much stayed in my room the entire day, doing stuff like practicing guitar and listening to music and writing.

I'm a little worried about South. He's so quiet. And he always looks sad. I'm quiet, too, but he's different. It's... intense. I don't even know what side of Star's personality he is, but Im guessing lonely. He always seems lonely. Sometimes I read with him, but it's kinda awkward.

Anyways, I'm gonna check on Jon. He's my best friend, and we usually hang out every day. He hasn't talked to me for two days. I'm really worried he's mad at me. Well, we'll see.



|Oh. My. Gosh. Today was so.... well, it was something. And not something good.|

|Yin and Yang got into a fight at breakfast. It got... physical. I've talked to Yang and Lissa talked to Yin but it's gone nowhere.|

|Jon's... interesting. He's mad at Opal. None of us know why, Opal's so quiet and sweet it seems impossible she could upset someone. She's been in her room all day.|

|Scar freaked out at South. He wouldn't verbally talk to her so she screamed and yelled and hurt South's feelings. He was crying. Nobody's seen him since.|

|As if to make matters worse, Ellerie freaked out. It was an anxiety attack. It was intense, though. She was crying, hard. And trying to hide it. Yin and I helped her into her room and Yin's still with her now. I hope she's okay.|

|So... yeah. I have nothing else to say. I just hope everyone's ok|

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(January 12, 2022 - 8:09 pm)

#*gets nervous and wants to hug Ellie*#

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[Day 2 — Jinx]

[Hi, second entry time ARGH BORING. Hex had school all day, so BLECH. She had Japanese class and it gave me a headache. Nyx liked it but she’s WIERD that way. Hex and her worked on math homework all afternoon so ALSO REALLY BORING and I had to “go do something Jinx, you’re being annoying”]

[Hex brought home a CAPTCHA today who we named Nox (Nyx went on for HOURS about how Nox was LATIN for light or something like that). Nox’s kind of mischevious, so I like her. We hid behind the couch and when Hex and Nyx finished homework (EEW) we jumped out and TOTALLY SCARED THEM even if they don’t admit it.]


[Day 2 — Nyx]

[I learned some fascinating Japanese conversations today. Hex had class today and it was so interesting! I memorized it faster than she did, too. We did her trigonometry homework in the afternoon, while Jinx hung around and drove us crazy. Hex is better at trig than I am. I just can’t wrap my head around all the formulas.]

[Jinx probably said this already, but Hex brought a CAPTCHA home today after school. We named it Nox. I think Jinx likes it and it likes him. Kindred mischievious souls, I guess.]


Nox says:

{schrb xxyli NOXWM.}

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(January 12, 2022 - 9:13 pm)



ARGH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Mx Out has been driving us insane! She literally tired to burn down the house on PURPOSE! Not to mention when she SMASHED A HOLE IN OUR BEDROOM!


Mx Out!


Wyyiz is being soooo annoying! She thinks it was my fault I almost exploded our house!

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(January 12, 2022 - 9:36 pm)


>Today Aliza and I explored the rest of Writing's mind. We found a cafe, one that served only the best. I ordered a hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie; it was still warm from the oven when I got it. Aliza got coffee, instantly regretted it, and so just got lemonade instead. Why a cafe had lemonade, I have no idea. But I'm not complaining.<
>I sang. Sad songs. I felt a bit dysphoric today, but I could sense we all did. Near the end of the day, Tempest and I both sang "You Will Be Found" together. It felt refreshing. I'm glad to have my siblings.<
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