AE Hangout!~

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AE Hangout!~

AE Hangout!~




Hey hey hey hey hey! 







AE hangout thread. For AEs. To hang out. And socialize.





*Melodramatic gasp* 







No shipping here please--this is for AEs to make new friends. 




No throwing stuff around.



No burning the house up/blowing the house up/destructing the house in some way.








AEs, to introduce yourselves, you may fill out this form:









Way of speaking:












CBers, after your AE has filled out a form, they're welcome to walk up to somebody and introduce themselves--



*~But not required to. Right? We can just hide in a corner if we want. RIGHT?!~*




--And do whatever they'd like, as long as it is not causing destruction. This will be done like a roleplay in first person. For example:



/I walk into the hangout. I totally brought in sugar. I can't wait to make friends! The hangout is very big, ready to be filled with people!\ 




Have fun :D





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Name: Glimmer! 

Cber: Neverseen 

Way of speaking: I'm in bold! YA!

Personality: Outgoing, Extroverted, Talkitive, Esoteric (I.E knows lots of random stuff and talks about even random-er stuff), Fashionable, Wild, Fun Loving 

Likes: Talking, odd knowledge (as long as its not from Acumen. Then I don't like it anymore), inventing, art (any type) sweets

Dislikes: Quiet, small spaces, being confused (but I do like causing confusion), being restrained (Glim, are you planning to be repressed? No, but they should be warned I get angry when I'm tied up. Okay...I think everyone is upset when they are tied up, but...) 

Other: Pronouns are she/her - Acumen, hurry up with that form! 

Sheesh, fine.  

Name: Acumen

CBer: Neverseen 

Way of speaking: Italics. Don't you just love that word? Italic...such a nice sound to it. Did you know it originated in [removed because he goes on for 5 paragraphs - HEY!]

Personality: Nerdy, Knowledgable, Can be talkitive, but is also reserved when thinking, aloof (at times), Loves disregarding societal norms

Likes: Facts, Research, Obscurity, Annoying Gimmer, Facts, Observing People, Did I say FACTS?

Dislikes: A Triumphant Glimmer, People Who Don't Like Facts, People Who Mis-remember Facts, Stupidity, Allergies (though I have a lot of them) 

Other: Pronouns are he/him 


I drag Acumen through the door to the hang out, but it is quite difficult to with him reading as I pull. His book is titled The Knot Book by Colin C. Adams. 

"Glimmer! Do you know what a composite knot is???" He exclaims. In fact I don't, and knots are not a field of interest to me, so I drop his arm and open up the door. Maybe their will be a room inside to shut him into. 

As Glimmer so RUDELY shoves me to the ground I dropped you! You know how to use your feet! Sure - I regain my senses and look around the room I see. I'm on the ground, so the view is a bit awkward, but I can tell it is big, spacious, and already contains multiple AEs. Ugh, there's not a reading corner. Oh well, I will just have to make one. 

"Hello!" Glimmer shouts, announcing our presence to the world. Time to begin this. 




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Oh whoops forgot a pronouns section if y'all could slip that in somewhere that'd be great thanks







My AEs:






Name: /Chai!\


CBer: /Periwinkle!\


Way of speaking: /Like this!\


Personailty: /I like sugar! And I'm energetic! Need I say more?\


Likes: /sugar, friends, cute animals, big spaces, the outdoors, playgrounds, gaga ball, recess\


Dislikes: /Any food labeled as healthy, losing\


Other: /she/her pronouns :D\






Name: Rogue.


CBer: Periwinkle. 


Way of speaking: Like this, duh.


Personailty: /She's rude and snarky and sarcastic.\ I should be offended, but that's accurate.


Likes: Cupcakes and large spaces. 


Dislikes: Being insulted, pepperoni pizza, large dinner parties, and... Well, yes, small spaces.


Other: she/her pronouns.





Last AE for now, might bring in some of my others later.






Name: *~Um--Uh--I'm Indigo--Uh call me Indy~*


CBer: *~P-periwinkle!~*


Way of speaking: *~Like t-this~*


Personailty: /She's really shy, but a great artist and super sweet once you get to know her!\


Likes: *~art, books, quiet spaces, fresh, glossy paint~*


Dislikes: *~Talking to people >~<~*


Other: *~she/her~*


/Neverseen's AEs enter the hangout. I've heard of Glimmer, and I love that name, so I go welcome her by squishing her in a hug! "/HIIIII!\" I say.\


*~I run over to a corner immediately and snap my fingers. Periwinkle said if we wanted anything, we just had to imagine it and snap our fingers, and we'd have it! So a little nook appears with an easel, plenty of paints and canvases, a beanbag, and books galore! I nod and sink into the beanbag, satisfied.~*

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Yep putting my AEs in here-

Name: -Yang and I don't wanna make friends-

Too bad Yang I have no sympathy for you 


CBer: -Red Starlight although I'd rather have ANYONE else- HEY!!!!


Way of speaking: -Like this-


Personailty: -I'm SUPER awesome and...- I'm writing this. Smug, mean, destructive, chaotic, loud


Likes: -Winning, destroying things, being the best, myself-


Dislikes: -Other people who think they're better than me, shy people, socks, dinosaurs- Dinosaurs? -I GET THAT FROM YOU!- What?! But I like dinosaurs! -I was yelling at Brandandon- OH


Other: -He/him pronouns-

-Star, if you're making ME go you'd better make YIN go-


Name: {Yin}


CBer: {Red Starlight}


Way of speaking: {Like this}


Personailty: She's sweet, caring, and let's other people talk unless they don't want to. She's also funny


Likes: {People, friends, sometimes my brother-} -ALWAYS ME. IM AWESOME.- {Challenges, scrapbooking, jewels}


Dislikes: {My brother-} -WHAT HAPPENED TO LIKING ME?!!!! {Well I did say SOMETIMES. Anyways, unfair situations, rugs}


Other: {She/they pronouns}

I'll post their POVs tomorrow 

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Name: Squirrel


CBer: Tsuki

Pronouns: she/her 

Way of speaking:Italics


Personailty: Hm...? Squirrel is when I'm daydreaming about stuff, I guess.  She's forgetful and clumsy, innocent, happy, always has her head in the clouds... loves stories, swimming, sleeping, feels crushes uh very strongly


Likes: Swimming, daydreaming, drawing, sleeping, eating, Zuko, Legolas, Loki, Hunter


Dislikes: Bananas, Ozai, Belos



Name: Moriko (Riko)


CBer: Tsuki


Way of speaking: Bold


Personailty: Riko is cool and confident and is very aware of it.  (Or, in some cases, she's the only one who thinks that...) she's proud of who she is and approaches everything head on.


Likes: Video games, talking, eating, learning, swimming, being in charge


Dislikes: Bananas, not being as good at something as someone else



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Name: Chaos


CBer: Tsuki


Way of speaking: Bold & Italics


Personailty: CHAOS.  Like Squirrel, feels crushes very strongly; she practically worships candy; says Bob the Builder all the time; don't give her your number she will spam you; wild; fun loving; not too intelligent


Likes: Swimming, face reveals in cartoons (it's a weird thing with Tsuki) chaos, SUGARRRRRRRRRRR


Dislikes: Bananas, being controlled


Other: This is the first time she's ever appeared!

Name: [Lyn]


CBer: [Tsuki]


Way of speaking: [In brackets]


Personailty: [Extremely anxious and keeps her feelings wrapped up tight.  Empathetic, overly serious, contemplative, finds it hard to be happy]


Likes: [Happiness, hope]


Dislikes: [The list goes on and on] 


Other: [This is her first-ever appearance]

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I breathe in sharply.

My nose points upward.  I sniff, my head twisting this way then that way.   

It's here.  I can sense it.

I run towards another AE- Tsuki has told me about her  ("You'll get along great," she'd said with a very unnecessary eyeroll)- and give her my best puppy dog eyes.

"C-candy," I say piteously.  "Please?"

I eye Yang inconspiciously (or so she thinks, we can all see her staring at him) shut up, Squirrel.  ANYway, I eye Yang inconspiciously.  He seems like an... interesting character... I'd love to know what his deal is. 

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/One of Tsuki's AEs, Chaos, asks me for candy. I respond by squishing them in a hug. "OF COURSE YOU CAN HAVE CANDY! LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS!"\


This place is filling up with AEs fast. I frown and snap my fingers to create a staircase leading up to a loft. I climb up quickly and am finally alone. Thank goodness.


<tkktx> *shoves Wanderer away* no CAPTCHAS allowed! 

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Name: Wyyiz

CBer: Pancake

Way of speaking: Italics

Personailty: Chatty, fun-loving, care-free

Likes: reading, talking to people

Dislikes: being alone, Mx Out

Other: I just came here so I could talk to AEs that aren't insane and get away from my sister.

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-Oh my lordy lord lord someone just looked at me. They must be praising my existence. I mean I AM the best AE ever! A fan, I guess. Probably wants my autograph. Even I want my autograph. I wanna break stuffff I'm boreddddd. "HI!!!!" I yell to no one in particular. I'm just bored-


{Did I just hear candy?! I run over to the candy mentioner. "Where's the candy?!"} 

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Another AE comes over!  Yin!  "Do YOU wanna be besties TOOOOOOOOOO?"  I shove a Starburst in her mouth without asking first. 

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Hey! Here's my form:


Name: Henry


CBer: Golden Lion Tamarin


Way of speaking: I'm in bold, as you can see.


Personailty: Very upbeat. Basically stereotypical kid from '80s


Likes: Music, Coding


Dislikes: Not being featured on Golden Lion Tamarin's posts


Other: Nothing


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I'm daydreaming about Hunter again, absentmindedly walking around the hangout, bumping into people as I go. 

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{I laugh. "I'm in!" I smile. "As long as there's lots of candy!" I've never had real friends. This is gonna be AWESOME!}

-"HIHIHIHIHIHI" I yell repeatedly. Ima do that until someone answers.-
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