Languages Chat Thread!!

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Languages Chat Thread!!

Languages Chat Thread!!

Talk about what you love about languages here!  It can be foreign languages, it can be "made-up" languages like Quenya, it could be what you love about English.  You can talk about what languages you know, what parts of languages are the hardest for you (the hardest part for me is remembering English words for learning Japanese- like I can never remember what a "clause" is, or (in)direct objects and sentence subjects and KSBGYKDBSGKSK) and what helps you be more efficient, and tricks you use to help you remember stuff, what languages you want to learn in the future

So yeah!

Languages amirite 

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(March 6, 2022 - 10:48 am)


I love languages so much! I like making up languages too! :3 

As for associations, basically everything is connected through synesthesia for me, so not much help there, since it's not applicable to everybody, sorry. :/

submitted by Jaybells, Lost in Language
(March 6, 2022 - 5:11 pm)

Ahhh same here. It's only when I try to explain to someone that I realize it doesn't make sense outside of my brain :/

Cool, but also very unhelpful for helping people. Ugh.

Elli says dyary, which I take to mean she is starting a diary. In a foreign language, presumably. 

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(March 7, 2022 - 7:01 pm)
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(March 7, 2022 - 9:06 am)

I speak Japanese (obviously) and German and English! I know some Korean but not a lot :3

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(March 7, 2022 - 11:51 am)

I am learning german. I do not know a lot of german right now, but I like it more than japanese because of the word order.

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(March 7, 2022 - 8:49 pm)

Hi! I'm learning Spanish right now and I love it! It helps me to learn when I speak it out loud. I also enjoy saying things in Spanish to my family and watching utter confusion fill their faces. ;)

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(March 7, 2022 - 2:11 pm)

Ahaha I do that too, except they're starting to catch on...

submitted by Jwyn, age 17, Rose Clouds
(March 7, 2022 - 7:06 pm)

Ha! I do that too with Japanese, but they mostly just get annoyed which is sad:'(

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(March 8, 2022 - 12:35 pm)

Hi. So... Languages. Urgh, why is that such a hard word to spell? Anyways, I know... English, Français (prononced FR-aun-sseh) (French in French), and עברית (prononced EE-vr-eet) (Hebrew in Hebrew) (@Admin(s), I know we can't write in other languages, but is it okay that I wrote just the name of the language in that language?). Um, i also know a tad bit of ASL, but I really want to learn more. I want to learn A LOT of languages, such as Spanish, Czech ('cause my mom knows it), whatever other languages I can so I can try to converse with people pretty much everywhere I go. And not just simple stuff like "where's the bathroom?" and "I don't speak [insert language here], but I do speak English". I mean actual stuff that I could use in conversation. It doesn't have to be perfect, of course, just enough to know the language. :) Oh! Technically, I know Piano, too.... :P And Pig Latin (why is it even called that, though?)! 

submitted by Rainbow, age 12, Midnight Gulch
(March 9, 2022 - 7:03 pm)

My sibling is the big language lover in our family (they learned Latin for a three years, have been taking Mandarin and Spanish for five I think, and this year are teaching themselves Cantonese). I only take Mandarin, but we like to talk to each other with it sometimes. We've tried making our own language a few times, and the most recent one gave every letter/sound a color sequence so that the language is easily integrated into art. You could use a bead string to spell out a sentence, or weave a tapestry that tells a story. We never finalized it, but the concept still excites me a lot! 

submitted by Cloudy, age 192 moons, Somewhere
(March 10, 2022 - 12:47 am)

That's really cool! I've never tried to make a language.

submitted by Blackfooted Bobcat
(March 10, 2022 - 1:10 pm)

That's so cool (the part about the color language)


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(March 10, 2022 - 3:04 pm)

I agree!

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(March 13, 2022 - 11:35 am)

I know English, and...

*flips through notes* *searches around brain* *Googles it*

...British Accentese (some).  BUT I am working very hard at Japanese, and I'm almost finished my first textbook, which I'm excited about!  I use Tofugu, WaniKani and Elementary Japanese as my main learning stuff, and I've bought Japanese manga and have a few go-to YouTube channels, plus HiNative for additional learning.  I definitely plan to achieve full fluency in Japanese one day.  I also want to never not be learning a language, I love this SO MUCH!!! Everyone's always like "oh, Japanese is a hard language because the grammar is so different" and I'm like "RIGHT ISN'T IT AWESOME"

When I get a solid foundation in Japanese, I want to start learning ASL and Chinese, and I'd eventually want to get to Gaelic (I'm Irish!), I want to learn Native American languages from my area, some that people still speak and some that are not spoken so I can help preserve them.  It'd be nice to learn Quenya Elvish, and I may totally steal the art-language idea.  Latin would be nice to know, especially if I roped a friend into learning with me and we could just speak Latin to each other and no one except like science bros or whatever would know what we're saying.  I'd also want to learn sign languages in other countries.  I wanna know it all>:D

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(March 11, 2022 - 8:47 am)

Ooooh, don't forget to put it into practical use! Of course, it's good to have a deep understanding of the language on paper, but if you can't fluently speak/understand it when spoken, it might be a little underwhelming!(The apps can only do so much, but listening and emerging yourself in media in that language is a good idea!) Good luck, though! I totally understand, and am rooting for your absolute adoration of language to go somewhere in the future!


Um yeah, basically I don't have to take a maths course next year since I was in accelerated classes, meaning I earned enough credits by tenth grade... So, yeah, I can fit 3 languages into my schedule next year. :>

I've been taking 2(languages) for the past 4 years, so I think it's manageable, and AWESOME!

*slinks into the shadowing whilst cackling lightly* 

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(March 13, 2022 - 8:57 am)