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Since I didn't see anyone else start this thread, I though I would! What do you guys like to draw/read/write/craft? 

Looking forward to this!


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Hi Firefly and Avara!


I like to draw everything except realistic eyes, because they always end up really mismatched. Do you know how to draw eyes? And noses and ears, for that matter? I love to read fantasy, poetry, and historical fiction, but when I write I usually do fantasy. What types of books do you like to read?

Also, my name is not FerventWinter. It is FerventWriter. But I am changing it to Lyric because it is a little too long to type out, especially if you are using the "@" sign. Lyric is not my real name but one of the definitions for it is "relating to or characteristic of poetry that expresses the writer's emotions" so I thought that it fits because I like writing poetry. Please call me Lyric. 

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Hey Lyric! I like to read fluffly (slightly romantic) books and/or fantasy! I LOVE to write poetry! I do it ALL the time LOL

Facial details are hard! I am currently procrastinating on a drawing because I don't want to do the facial details so sorry, no help here

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Hi Lyric and Firefly!

I accidentally made a thread to Lyric and didn't see this one...oops...you can just ignore that.

I like crafts, online art, playing viola(still kind of new though), and reading. 

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What type of fantasy books do you like to read, Firefly? Currently my favorite fantasy series is the City Trilogy by Laurence Yep. 

Avara, when you said online art do you mean art apps like Procreate and Adobe Fresco? I like to use Procreate for something called marbling. Marbling is basically when you put paint on a piece of paper and then tilt it to make the paint run different directions. On Procreate you select the liquify tool and the paint is more cooperative.


I've never heard of viola. Did you mean to say violin? 

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I go to google drawings, look for a picture, then use polyline to make little shapes over each field of color. They usually take an uninteruppted hour or two, depending on what you're making.

Viola is a different instrument than a violin, but it's kind of like a violin. A violin has four strings. G is lowest, then D, then A, and E. A viola has no E string, which for violins is highest, but it has another string on the lower end, C. The four strings on a viola are C, G, D, and A. This is the same names of strings as on a cello, but I think those are an octave lower than a viola. A viola is held and played in pretty much the same way as a violin, but violas are bigger, and can't be made in very small sizes like violins.

Sorry for the rant there. 

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*me the violinist who was about to explain that* XD

My current favorite fantasy books have been the Dragonlance Trilogy and The Water and The Wild trilogy! What about you, Avara? 

For digital drawing, I use Clip Art Studio. I digitally draw too LOL 

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My favorite books right now are on how people's way of thinking has changed over time. I also like Wendell Berry. For fantasy, I like Wings of Fire and Fablehaven. 

@Lyric and Firefly, have you ever read or participated in a completed ski lodge? I'm in four ski lodges right now, and I have another one that is waiting on joiners.


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Firefly, what are the fantasy trilogies you mentioned about? I'm always on the lookout for new fantasy, because I finish books really quickly.


Avara, I read Wings of Fire too! I'm only on Moon Rising, though, because whenever I go to the library someone has already taken the book I was looking for. What is Fablehaven about?


I read a Ski Lodge before, but I haven't been in one yet. I think a Ski Lodge is basically a story the organizer writes and the participants try to guess the person who is killing people?


Do either of you have an AE? I have a Captcha called Paige the Bookworm but no AE yet. Paige says <gfyxr> I think she took those letters randomly from a book she was eating??? 

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I have never participated in a ski lodge, but I have watched some from afar. @Lyric The first one I mentioned is called exactly that, "Dragonlance Trilogy" buuut it's first book is Dragons of Autumn Twilight. And the second one I mentioned, I don't know what it is referred to collectively but the first book is "The Water and the Wild."

I don't have any AE's or CAPTCHA'S just because I feel like they are all just the multi facets of me!

How are you guys doing? 

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I have two AEs, Leotea and Cora. My CAPTCHA is Rielin, who says <zdcaw>. Caw? 

I think you're right about the ski lodge, and I kind of made the ski lodge before I knew about that...oops. Oh well.

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@Firefly Thank you for asking! I am doing very well, although I’m reading Great Expectations for school. It’s a little boring, and also occupies a significant portion of my day. @Avara and Firefly Have you ever read Great Expectations?


@Avara, how did you come up with the name Leotea? I’m not very good at coming up with names! I actually took a really long time before deciding on my CB name. What is Leotea’s personality like?


@Firefly What do you like to draw? I already said that I like to draw everything, but sometimes I like to sketch animals more. I copied the dragon below from a book (I really hope the picture goes through) because I liked the wings and how powerful and strong it looked.

I don't see a picture attached to your post, Lyric. You can try uploading it as a comment in reply to this one. - Admin 

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I've actually never read Great Expectations, but I have heard of it! My apologies, I hope it goes by quickly for you :)


I took FOREVER to decide on my CB name, I once posted under Lilith (not my real name) which is a name of one if my OC's


I like to draw people! I draw my characters and occasionally I draw anthropomorphic cats as characters from a show I watch (Critical Role)! Currently I am drawing a group picture of my D&D party and procrastinating Agent Winter's picturing

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