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@Tealeaf and maybe

@Tealeaf and maybe Firefly! Here is our chat group! 

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Yay! Thanks for making the thread :) how are you guys doing?

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Yay! Hiya! So, how are you guys? What do you do in your spare time? I can't wait to get to know you guys better! 

Also, clarification so I respect your pronouns Jaybells, do you prefer xe/xyr/xem or something else?

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I'm doing well, how about the both of you?

I like reading, writing, music, art, languages, gaming, etc. I'll get more specific if either of you share an interest! :)

Also, do you people have AEs? I have quite a few, some being semi-retired, and all of them basically being OCs that happen to represent slivers of my psyche... I literally have far-too-in-depth backstories for each if them, and have fleshed them out perhaps more than I should have. :/  


And @Firefly, I do use xe/xyr pronouns, but I don't really like using 'xem' for myself since it sounds too similar to the plural "them," so you can use either xir or (x/h)er, I don't really mind!


> Here (s)he is! = Here xe is!

> This is her/his book. = This is xyr book.

> And this is for her/him. = And this is for xir. = And this is for xer.)

Here, the bold ones are all fine to use for me! Thanks for asking! :>


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I'm doing very well! @Jaybells Thanks for the clarification! Honestly all of your interests sound like things I am into...lol I love all of those, what do you guys like to draw?

I do not have any AE's, I  probably could but I just consider them the multi facets of me! LOL

Fair warning, I use "lol" a LOT..... 

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I have two AEs (Oolong and Hibiscus), but neither are very developed :/

Some of my interests/hobbies are art, music, photography, ASL, reading, crochet,, so it seems we share a lot of interests! Jaybells, what video games have you played? I've pretty much only played minecraft and undertale (amazing game <3)

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Did you name your AE's after tea??

What kind of music do you like Tealeaf? Some of my hobbies are drawing, D&D, my violin, biking, reading, and writing poetry!

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That does make sense, considering the fact that your name's Tealeaf... XD

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Haha, minecraft is fun but I can never finish anything since there's so many things to do... TvT

My sister and cousins love Undertale too, so I hear about it a lot, even though I myself haven't played too much of it. I personally prefer stuff like Zelda (especially Breath of the Wild), Breath of Fire, Genshin Impact and stuff like that. I've been thinking about looking into Dark Souls and that style, but so far I've only heard of those titles. 

Only half related, do either of you read manga or comics? I read way too many Eastern ones, which then got me kinda hooked on the light novels, dramas and animated shows... Not too common interests for where I am now. :/

Any good books you've read recently, if not comics?  

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The only gaming I play is D&D but I recognize the titles. I haven't read any Manga, but I have read a comic series called Artemis, it's really good! Another good book I have been reading lately has been "A Kind Of Paradise." If you libraries and books, it's perfect LOL 

What about you? Any good books or comics? I'm always looking for recommendations!

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Firefly, yeah I did name my AEs after tea! originally I had named them something else but then changed it to teas because that makes more sense XD

I haven't read any comics or manga, but I have been reading an interesting book! it's called I work at a Public Library. It's like, a librarian wrote down all the weird things people have asked her in the library and then she turned it into a book (it's nonfiction btw). It's an easy but fun read!

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That sounds like a great book! I may have to research it! I have a question, what are your favorite colors? Both Jaybells and Tealeaf! Mine is yellow, I love the sunny brightness of it!

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