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Hi! I'm excited to get to you guys - I don't think I've had a conversation with either of you before! I'm kinda bad at starting threads but here's our place to chat I guess? Um what are some of your main interests? 
P.S I love both of your names :)
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Hi!  Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I've been kind of busy.  My main interests... probably art, music, stories (books, tv, etc), writing, and video games.  How are you?

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I'm good, it was finally sunny out today so that's nice :) I made another thread for us since this one disappeared for me but we can talk on either one. Those are most of my main interests too. I saw on your form that you like Of Monsters and Men - what other music do you like? I love Of Monsters and Men too and am always looking for new music suggestions.  

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Hi! I'm excited to get to know you both too! I'm so sorry for not being around, I must have missed this in all the threads.

I read, write, and draw mostly. I don't have any cool/weird hobbies, but my Dad does! He's an entomologist, which basically means he collects insects for research and as a hobby. I like reading fantasy, and right now I'm watching Lord of the Rings. I'm also watching All Creatures Great and Small, which is a series about a vet in Britain.

I'm so glad it's getting warmer outside! I can't wait to be released from school into summer soon! 

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Hi Flamarestii! I saw that you like the Penderwicks - it's one of my favorite series too! Fantasy and realistic fiction are my favorite genres but I haven't watched Lord of the Rings yet. Also I love All Creatures Great and Small! I just finished season two. I'm homeschooled but super excited for summer too. We have a lot of trips planned- in three weeks we're going to Mexico! I can't wait. Also that's cool about your dad, I've never heard of a entomologist before! 

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Hi! I was homeschooled last year, which was wonderful for an introvert like me. Unfortunately, I'm back at school this year, but my siblings are still at home having the best read-aloud books. Which All Creatures Great and Small are you watching? There's an older one, and a newer one that our library is just getting. I'm watching the newer one, but I've seen several seasons of the old one. In the older one, at the end of one of the seasons, they changed who played Helen Alderson, which was really annoying :/

Mexico sounds fun! I've never been there, but I would love to go! I'm learning Spanish in school, and it's really fun to learn! I'm Canadian, but we moved to the USA in third grade, so we plan to go to Canada this summer. We also go to Minnesota to a cabin by a lake every year with my Mom's family.

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I started homeschooling when schools shut down and we decided to stick with it. I really enjoy it too except that most of my friends go to school so I can only see them on the weekends. But it is nice not to have to wake up at 7 every morning! I'm watching the newer All Creatures Great and Small. I've heard of the older one but haven't seen any of it. It is so annoying when they change actors in shows and you just have to pretend that there the same. 


I'm learning Spanish too in preparation of the trip! Mexico is really fun, I bet you'd love it there. I haven't been to Canada or Minnesota but I do love traveling. 


Also I saw on your form the you like Lin Manuel Miranda! I'm obsessed with all of his projects and songs especially Hamilton. 

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That's exactly what my family did with homeschooling! It was hard not seeing all my friends all the time too. Talking on the phone or emailing just isn't the same as hanging out with them. I still have a friend in Canada that I write to. It's nice having a pen pal. 

Yes, Lin Manuel Miranda is awesome! I haven't listened to tons of Hamilton songs, but I think I will look into them now! My band played one of them a few years ago, I forget which one though. I love how his songs are fun, yet really meaningful too.

I noticed that you put Narnia as your location, so I'm assuming you like the books? They are so good, but I haven't read the last one yet- that's one of my series for this summer. So many books, and so little time . . . Which is your favourite? I've also seen The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie. 

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Hi, Sterling! I'm excited to get to know you. How has your week been? You said on your form that you like books- what kind of books are you reading right now? I'm always open to suggestions to add to my never-ending summer reading list!

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Hi!  my week has been ok so far.  I got a job and this is my first week working, and so far it's been exausting!

I'm not reading anything right now, but I recently finished The House of the Scorpion.  I'm not sure if it's very well-known, but it was pretty good!  I've also been into mysteries lately so I want to read Agatha Cristie.  Do you know any good mystery books?

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What's your job? I don't have a real job yet, except working for my Dad in some greenhouses, but one of my friends stocks shelves and bags groceries at a store. 

I'm tired too, but from school. I only have the rest of this week, next week, and exam week, but my teachers are trying to cram units in. I have a choir concert tonight, and our choir is far from ready. As in, not ready at all. Oops. 

Agatha Christie is excellent: she's not called the Queen of Crime [novels] for no reason! I've only read one of her books, And Then There Were None, but it was very suspenseful, with a completely surprising ending. I've heard that Murder on the Orient Express is a good one too.

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Hi! Yes I do like Narnia, the first three are my favorites and those are the ones they made into movies too. I haven't read The House of Scorpion but I'll look into it! Also Flamarestii, your in a band? That's so cool! Also what's your job, Sterling? I don't have a job but I turn 13 this summer and then I can volunteer at our local animal shelter! 

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Well, I'm not in a band currently, but I will be next year, and I have been in the past. I play clarinet. Do any of you play any instruments? I also play piano. Actually, I used to play piano. I don't really practice anymore. Oops.

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(May 12, 2022 - 7:45 pm)

Yeah I have the same problem with the piano. I used to play a lot more than I do now but I'm getting back into it again. I don't play any other instruments but I'd love to learn more. I've always wanted to play violin or viola and also ukulele. Do you sing? I like singing but I'm not very good at it... 

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