The Owl House!!

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The Owl House!!

The Owl House!!



I started this show on Saturday and I'm already on season 2! I love it! King is my favorite character, but I find most of the characters likeable. Also *squeal* Luz and Amity! 



So yeah, uh, if anyone else knows this show (I think there are a few of you) this is just a place to, I dunno, talk about how awesome it is :D make sure to put a warning if you're writing spoilers, thanks!

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I.  LOVE.  OWL HOUSE.  That is one of my FAVORITE shows OF ALL TIME and it is amazing and i was so happy when i saw the thread...

I've seen every episode, including the new ones, but my favorite are the ones with HUNTER IN IT (he's adorableeeeee) and in the episode he was especially amazing

sooooooo *stares intently* what part are you at?  which episode is your favorite one?  is hunter the best? 

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[(Minor Spoilers ahead, for anyone who is not on season 2)]

I'm on season two, episode seven--so I just met Raine Whispers (who's also awesome). I met Hunter I think... One or two episodes ago? So I haven't really got to know him but I do think his character will be interesting. Argh, I have SO many favorite episodes! I like season 2 episode 3, where King finds out he's not a king, though if you ask me why I like it, I will be unable to tell you. I also like the episode where Hunter appears, because I find it very exciting. Which episode is your favorite? 

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*stares back just as intently* I've gotten to the latest episode, hard to say but I think either knocknock knocking on hootys door or Edna's requiem, and yeah, hunter's pretty great.

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Oh god yes

I have found my people

i love the owl house so much! The background art is great and so is the world building. The fandom/community is the best, and I love all the fan theories. I wish we could see Raine more cuz their my favorite character and I love their relationship with eda. I was also a bit of a late bloomer with TOH as I joined the fandom at the beginning of season 2.

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my favorite episodes gotta be... hunters second episode, where he meets Amity?  (who is great too btw.). Lumity is the best ship EVER and it's SOOOO cute

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I love the owl house so much! I've been a fan for around two months, and it's so good. 

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