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What is the most awe-inspiring, beautiful thing you have ever seen?

I think mine might be this time I was on vacation, and my family and I climbed a small mountain. The ground was actually sparkly, like someone put glitter in the dirt.

I remember getting to the top, and there was a view of other mountains, and the valley below, and it was so beautiful, like wow I can't describe it lol, like the landscape was made of emeralds and sapphires, but not even that... wowww I am bad at describing it. Wow. *awkwardly types again*

ok imma fill out CAPTCHA... bye 

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(June 2, 2022 - 8:59 pm)
That sounds neat, Dakvine! Where was that? @Admins, am I allowed to ask that? 
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That's a really interesting question, Darkvine. The mountain sounds amazing...

I can remember tons of beautiful places I've been to... in Mexico, for instance, we used to go to lots of beaches like Cancun. And where I live now there are lots of beautiful forests and lakes. But anyway, if I had to get to the point and just choose one, I think one of the most spectacular places I've been is a waterfall that my family and I visited once. It's almost like Niagara Falls, only not quite as big. There are one or two rainbows in the spray usually, and it's so amazing to stand there and look at this huge white sheet of water. It tumbles down into a deep gorge, which isn't as narrow as you might imagine, so instead of being just a little narrow spray of water, the falls are extremely wide. Anyway, it's beautiful!

Btw I think you described the mountains pretty well!

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